30 December 2013

New Year Sparkle

It's nearly that time again...

New Year Sparkle

Rose Feather Shawl- Topshop (sale)
Pink Silk Bralet - T by Alexander Wang via Jades24
Glitter Lip Transfer- Violent Lips
Antique Moonstone Ring- Regal Rose (sale)
Trio of Silver Rings- GUESS
Rose Princess 18K White Gold Plated Ring- Amazon (sale)
Full Sequin Maxi Skirt- Missguided (sale)
 Rose Quartz Unicorn Horn Necklace- Regal Rose
Unicorn Clutch Bag- The Whitepepper
Silver Hologram Lita Boot- Jeffrey Campbell via Motel Rocks

So guys and girls today I have a story for you all, a story about a girl and a magic glass skirt (see what I did there). So settle in, grab yourselves something sparkling (possibly alcoholic) and let me transport you back to childhood's past.

Once upon a time their was a girl, a tired, overworked girl who never really bothered about the upcoming year. While people went to party the new year in with friends she would be found asleep on the sofa by 11pm. That was until the day arrived that, that tepid girl found a beautiful glass maxi skirt, full to the brim with stunning silver sequins that glittered in the lights. She no longer felt, tired and overworked...she felt like a princess.   And even though the new years ball was only in her mind, with the help of her fairy Godmother Miss Guided she created the PERFECT outfit, sure to capture any Princes heart this new year's eve, weather you be at the ball or lounging on the sofa sipping champers. 

The End...

So guys as you've probably guessed from my impromptu bedtime read my new years plans this year consist of a cosy girls night in, not a full blown party (how boring am I). However as soon as I saw this stunning full length sequin maxi skirt on Missguided I just had to come up with a new years outfit for you all....I hope you liked.

I hope all your dreams come true this new year.

Until next time.

(Princess) Vickie ;)

28 December 2013

Holiday Hair Rescue- A Review

Hello my lovelies...

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum for Dry and  Stressed Hair c/o - HQHair

So lets face it guys the holiday season is always mega stressful, what with all the Christmas shopping, endless celebrations and a certain lack of heat, all things that aren't exactly helpful to our hair! Now I don't know about you but I always find myself layering on the haircare in an attempt to keep my locks luscious and soft.

Now I think you are all aware by now that adding to this yearly winter woe I recently dyed my hair blonde, well in fact bleached my hair blonde and ever since my already winter brittled hair has become much more of a challenge. Imagine then, if you will my delight at receiving this Goldwell Dualsenses rich repair serum, which with it's title promises to relieve your 'dry and stressed' locks. 

I have been using this product every day for a good few weeks now all through this stressful festive period and today I thought I would share my impressions with you all. 

So I have used this product in many ways, in wet hair as a sort of detangler, in dry hair as a smoother and with curls as a reviver. Not surprising as the packaging promised '6 repair benefits: shine, smoothness, bounce, frizz-free hair, healthy ends and reduced hair-breakage'. I add a few pumps as directed to towel dried hair to help me brush through my horrifically tangled bird nest of a do, I find that this way I am not only reducing frizz but also locking in shine and smoothness once my hair is dried. Another way I have been using this product especially over the Christmas period when my hair was curly was to add a few pumps to my dry and decrepid curls to revive their natural bounce and  bring them back to life! I actually lasted a good 4 days without brushing out my curls this way (not that I recommend you do that). So yes as far as the promised shine, smoothness bounce and frizz free hair goes this serum really does do all it says on the box! Isn't that what a girl always wants, a product that actually does what it says it does? 

Now as for the healthy ends and reduced breakage, well I think I'm going to have to give it a few more weeks to decide on this one. All I can say is that I have certainly noticed a difference in my let's face it pretty frazzled ends (they had previously been bleached so are practically white blonde). I will be sure to update you all in the future with my full opinion.

Overall I give this product a pretty big 4 out of 5 stars and I will definitely be re-purchasing this in the future. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know it's something a little different but I just had to let you all know about this little lifesaver! Let me know your hair remedies in the comments below. 

until next time.


26 December 2013

Countdown To Christmas- What I Wore!

And it is all over...

  So Christmas
has been and gone guys. I cannot actually believe it, It's honestly gone by so fast this year, so fast that I haven't even had chance to watch Elf! I know right, it's a travesty. Anyhow I certainly hope you all enjoyed you day and got everything your hearts desired (unfortunately David Tennant wasn't under my tree this year, however here's to hoping for next year!)

Velvet, Burn Out Crop- Primark (current)
Fur Collar with Brooch- Florence & Fred at Tesco (sale)
Acid Wash Mom Jeans- Daisy Street
Fuzzy Socks- Christmas Present
Black and Silver Wrap Bracelet- Christmas Present
Studded Creepers- New Look (old)
Lipstick- Jenny Packham Via Boots (part of a Christmas set)
Scrunchie- Primark (set of 3)

Today I wanted to share what I ended up wearing on the big day with you all. Now it's not going to be the best quality picture wise and TBH with the fuzzy Christmas socks it's hardly my most fashionable moment however I just HAD to instantly throw on everything I received that day at once (anybody else do this) and I really wanted to share this with you guys.
So for starters I will let you all know a little about my amazing new mom jeans from Daisystreet(check out my previous Daisy Street post here) . If you've been here a while then you will know that I have been lusting over the acid wash, Topshop version for quite a while now, however you will also know that they were a little out of my price range! Que then one of my favourite online stores who I just KNEW would have some lovely copies for me to chose from. Now these bad boys are an amazing £29.99 and Daisy street are always offering amazing deals so I knew I would be getting them for a steal compared to the £40 Topshop version. And that is exactly what I ended up doing as I bought these when they had a whopping 30% off making them a steal at £20!!! They also happened to be a Christmas present off the mama and I am in LOVE!!! I cannot wait to style these bad boys up! Thanks mama!
Now I had planned on wearing these with my all time favourite fluffy cropped jumper from Ette Clothing in Light blue however my sister just so happens to not only know me far too well but to also be pretty epic as she bought me this stunningly gothic beauty from Primark. Now you all know of my love/weakness for anything Primark so you can imagine how many times I've walked into the store and had to try real hard to resist the temptation to buy this. I don't actually know why I never did as it is so beautiful and so totally a me top, so thanks kate for finally making me the proud owner of this baby!
If you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed a new obsession for anything fur creeping into my life as of late so when I saw this black faux fur collar in the Florence & Fred sale you know that I just HAD to have it. The black and silver diamante brooch also happens to go perfectly with the stunning new bracelet my Mum and Step Dad got me, don't you just love it in all it's vintage glory! 
I of course topped this 90's style outfit off with my studded creepers from New Look, a simple black belt my fuzzy purple Christmas socks that totally do not go but keep your feet so, so very cosy and a vampy deep red/pink lip (well it was Christmas) this one is another of my presents and is a shade from a Jenny Packham gift set I received.

So there it is guys, just a quick little post to show you what I wore Christmas day as well as to wish you all the love and happiness you deserve this Christmas period. I love you all so much and cannot wait to share this next year with you all. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you'd like to see a what I got for Christmas post.
Merry Christmas lovelies!

23 December 2013

Countdown Till Christmas Day 3 - How I'd style chunky knits.

Hello my lovelies

How I'd style Chunky Knits

Chunky Jumper- Havren 
Statement Necklace- Zara
Studded Fedora- Pretty Little Thing
Black Sheepskin Ankle Boots- Wholesale7
Lipstick- Marc Jacobs
Feather Bag- Sugar + Style
PVC Panel Leggings- Asos

So yes, I officially fail at life ATM! Things have been so hectic/chaotic here ATM that I'm afraid even my love of our little blog has not been enough to get me here as often as I'd like. For this again I am terribly sorry. I hope you can understand at this busy time of year!

So today I am here with a styling post all about how I'd personally style this absolutely stunning chunky knit Havren . Now for those of you who are new to Havren, they a womenswear brand, founded in 2012 with (in their own words) the aim to 'Launch a collection with a contemporary take on feminine dressing'. This to me seems like the perfect description of their designs, feminine but with a contemporary structure & tailoring.  The patterns and palettes are overtly feminine however the fabrics such as ' structured  grosgrain and printed silk' add a touch of class and sexuality that the collection as a whole screams contemporary. They honestly have some amazing tailored separates, I am in love with a pair of structured, cream Cigarette pants on their site.  

My ultimate love however lies with their delightfully luxurious knits. With bang on trend shades of pastel pinks, embellished necklines and slouchy fits all in luxurious fabrics, Havren is like a little haven (get the pun, oh she is a witty one indeed) for anybody looking for a luxury knit (or two!). 

Obviously I just fell head over heels with this chunky, over sized knit In my favourite shade of black, and obviously I just HAD to style it up for you all (with yet again more black). Therefore I paired it with these stunning PVC panel leggings (I do love me some PVC), black, cosy ankle boots, statement necklace, fedora (every fashionista's accessory of choice this AW), feather bag and of course to break the all black colour palette with a vibrant purple lip from the stunning Marc Jacobs beauty range.

You've all come to know by now about my love of clashing textures and I feel that with a big, chunky knit such as this texture is a key element in mixing it up a bit, hence the edition of both feathers and PVC. I wanted to also keep the look 'young' by the addition of the studded fedora and statement necklace, proof that with the edition of clever accessories you can take a simple knit and make it into a showstopping item in your wardrobe!

Once again I certainly hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know how you'd style this little stunner in the comments below or leave me a link to your own favourite item and I will be happy to check it out and maybe even style it up in the future!

Hope you are all having a lovely run up to Christmas.



20 December 2013

Countdown to Christmas, Day Two - Stocking Fillers For Her

Just Five more days guys!

Stocking Fillers for Her

 Pom Pom Ear Beanie- New Look
MUA Matte Lipstick in Shade Wild Berry- Superdrug
MUA Glitter Shadow Palette in shade Burlesque- Superdrug
Stacking Rings- Primark
Mini Pop Champagne- House of Fraser
Statement Gem Earrings- Primark
Velvet Ear Scrunchie- Topshop
Nail Rocks- B&M
Candy Canes- Supermarkets
Gem IPhone Case-  Miss Selfridge
Madonna Truth or Dare Perfume- B&M
Christmas Socks- Topshop
Yankee Candle- YankeeCandle.com
Bleach London Dye in Shade Awkward Peach- Boots
Chocolate Coins- Supermarkets

 I am so terribly sorry I missed a day on our countdown till Christmas, I had to go to work both jobs yesterday after a pretty sleepless night of babysitting, so safe to say I was pretty pooped when I finally got home last night. I certainly hope you can all forgive me in true holiday style. Today however I am back on the road to Christmas with my guide of stocking fillers for her. All of these items are gifts I would be/ hopefully will be (hint, hint) very happy to receive in my stocking Christmas morning.  I have included a rather eclectic mix of beauty, fashion and home ware to please even the most difficult of present receivers. 

So let's get cracking with the gifts...

..Starting with this amazing bejewelled phone case by Miss Selfridge (who actually have an incredible range ATM) which would make any girls Iphone the ultimate fashion accessory.  Now here in the UK it is getting pretty chilly and this adorable pom pom ear beanie from New Look is perfect to keep your loved ones ears nice and toasty. Another brilliant fashion filler is Primark jewellery. Everybody knows that a girls best friend is a big sparkly piece of jewellery and with stunning statement earrings and stacking rings starting from as little as £1 (top tip always check the sale section for £1 bargains) you can always buy one for the stocking and one for yourself! Now last but certainly not least I've included a few items from fashion Mecca aka Topshop. First is this amazing velvet ear scrunchie (can you sense a theme) and of course no stocking would be complete without some Christmas socks and at 3 pairs for £8 you really can't go wrong, especially if you have more than one stocking to buy for. 

A stocking also wouldn't be complete without a few bargain beauty buys and everyone knows that the best stop for bargain make-up is MUA. Their latest offering, the glitter eyeshadow palettes and Matte lipsticks are perfect for the holiday season and with prices starting at £1 they're hardly going to blow your budget (which means more treats for yourself).  Another brilliant bargain buy is celebrity perfume, I know what your thinking celebrity perfume, really? However I also know that Britney's Circus wasn't a best seller for no reason. Let's face it every girl has their favourite and honestly you can pick them up for a steal at bargain shops such as B&M and Savers. Another top tip is that you can also get your hands on these amazing nail wraps by Nail Rocks (and I've actually even seen Essie wraps to) for around the £1 mark at these shops too! Everyone on the look out!

These next items are bound to get you on the good list next year if you pop them in your stocking and that would be the Real Techniques make-up brush kits. The one I've included is the maker, the fabulous designer Sam from Pixiwoo's top picks and would make any beauty lover's Christmas extra special. Got a little fashionista on your hands? Look no further than the ultra cool and ultra fashionable London hair brand Bleach London who hit the fashion/beauty world by storm this year with the launch of their equally fabulous semi permanent crazy colour dye's. If you've been here a while you will know that I am a massive fan of the brand (check out my review here) and I think these would make a lovely stocking filler at just £5 each. 'Awkward Peach' is the next colour on my radar, which one will you pick?

Which leads us onto the food/drink items, everybody needs a few edible stocking fillers. Obviously the essentials in this category are chocolate coins and candy canes but how about going extra special this year with one of these adorable mini patterned bottles of champagne. 

And finally in a category of it's own are the Yankee Candles. Now I should just own a stock in Yankee Candle as every Christmas they are first on my 'Gift List' and the smaller sizes make incredible fillers. The one I have placed above 'Christmas Cookie' is one of my all time fav's too, it smells just like sweets! Delightful!

So that my lovely, lovely friends is that. I certainly hope you enjoyed this post and that it maybe helped you pick a few last minute gifts this Christmas. I went shopping today for stocking fillers so trust me when I say I understand how stressful it can be. 

Until tomorrow.



18 December 2013

Christmas Countdown- Party Hair and Make-up with Accessorize

Happy one week till Christmas guys!

So yes, I actually cannot believe it but my advent calender assured me this morning that it is indeed one week until Christmas! I seriously have no idea where the time has gone, anybody else feel like they maybe went to Narnia and forgot? 

Now the reason I am bringing this up (apart from my excitement that Dr.Who is creeping closer,hell yeah) is because I have had the fabulous idea of blogging a Christmas post every day this next week in the run up till Christmas. Ahhh this could end disastrously I certainly hope it doesn't as I would love to be here spreading Christmas joy every day for you guys. Starting with today's post, which is all about getting Christmas party glam with a little help from the lovely people at Accessorize.

This Christmas Accessorize have put together a selection of posts on 'How to Get Party Ready Hair' . There are four simple yet stunning styles to choose from so you can find one to match that perfect party outfit you have hanging in the wardrobe (you know you have one).  And these would be...drum roll please: 

The 1940's Rolls

 The 60's Ponytail

 The Top Bun

 The Plaited Bun

You may now be wondering why I am here with a big glamour shot of my make-up clad face yet harking on about hairstyles? Well wonder no more my Sherlock style friend for I am here today to show you all how I would match my make-up to one of the fabulous party styles and be Christmas party glam.  As you can probably tell by the picture above I went for the rather fabulous 1940's rolls, all them years on the stage really draw a girl to a victory roll.

What I used:

 Accessorize palette in ExposedCollection Lasting Colour Lipstick in shade Revenge       
 MUA Matte Lipstick in shade Wild Berry
Sleek Pout Paint in shade Pin Up

For my base I used my normal foundation (Revlon Colour Stay in shade 150 Buff) mixed with a pea size amount of Seventeen Wow Skin Highlighter , Concealing any imperfections with the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer  and powdering everything in place with W7 Loose Powder in shade fair.  I then used my Sleek Contour Kit in shade light to create perfect party ready cheek bones and filled in my brows using my now very tiny eyebrow pencil (must remember to pick up a new one) being sure to add some highlight under the brows to really make them pop.

For eyeshadow I went straight to my everyday palette that just happened to be the Accessorize palette in Exposed, oh the irony. However first I applied a thin coating of Tom Ford cream shadow in shade Illicit to give the shadows a base to stick too. First I mixed the two shimmery champagne colours together and added them to the corner of my eyes to make them seem bigger. I concentrated the bottom left shimmery bronze in the middle of my eyelid where the light would normally fall, blending this out with the equally beautiful gold above it. To finish off the shadow I blended a small amount of the insanely pigmented reddish pink shimmer (two to the left of the bronze)into my outer corner, focusing on the crease. I then simply added a small amount of eyeliner pencil to my waterline and finished my eyes off with a few coats of my new favourite bargain mascara, MUA Extreme Curl Mascara in Black (a complete bargain at £2). 

For my lips I decided to go for something a bit more Christmassy with an Ombre Red/Plum toned pout! To achieve this I simply lined my lips using a classic red liner focusing mainly on the outer corners and then going over this with a dark red/plum lipstick (Collection's Revenge).  I then went over all of my mouth using MUA newest Matter lipstick in shade Wild Berry.  As stunning as this looked I wanted to add a bit more of a party spin by adding a small amount of Sleek's Pout Paint in shade Pin Up, a stunning classic red to the very inner section to add a bit of shine to the matte lipstick.

And that my lovely people is the make-up finished! I then simply followed the instructions in the !940's roll tutorial, added some vintage inspired earrings from Primark and my ultimate Christmas essential....aka my fur collar from Matalan and voila, I was Christmas party ready!

Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below as well as your favourite party style!

Have a lovely week guys! See you tomorrow for more Christmas fun!


Disclaimer- Picture has been edited in brightness however colours have not been effected. I am also in no way a trained make-up artist just a girl that is passionate about make-up and beauty.

17 December 2013

A Christmas Disaster- December Glossybox

Hey there, good looking!

So it is that time again guys...Glossybox time, it also happens to be the wonderful month of December which can only mean one thing... the Christmas edition is here! Now I would love to tell you to hold onto your hats for this one however once again this months 'themed' Glossybox has been a rather large disappointment. Although the box which is so incredibly pretty promised such Christmas joy. I must have been more naughty than nice this year!

However before I crack on with my moan about the products seeming rather un-christmassy (yep a real word) and how I wish I'd been given other colours, blah blah blah. Let me first tell you what I received this month.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor
Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Nude Lip Gloss
 Seche Nail Lacquer
Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24hr Eye Shadow

Lipsy London Glam

 I feel I should first explain my reasons for not loving this box I mean at the end of the day three out of the five products in the box are full size. However my two main problem's are the two main problems that pop up time and time again. Number one, I feel that the theme of this months 'christmas' box has once again been completely missed. Yes, there are some loose connections to the Christmas period for example 'party ready legs' and 'Glam perfume' however I certainly know that when I think Xmas beauty I think rich reds and glitter not blue eyes and nude lips? Which actually leads onto number 2, (I will try and say this as un-spoilt as possible) why the hell do I seem to alway get the crappy colours? If anybody can answer this question for me I would be extremely grateful. Seriously blue eyeshadow? What do you guys think on this controversial subject Faux pas or total knock out?

Anyway with my mini rant over I shall tell you a little more about each product and my thoughts as usual. Starting with the lovely shaver we received from the Wilkinson Sword naturals range. Now let me know if this is TMI but I'm going to let you into a secret, until ironically the morning that my box arrived I had legit not shaved my legs in about 3 months. Yep, I may have been single for a tad too long, all I'm going to say is I'm lazy, it's cold and I always wear like 5 pairs of tights...who needs to shave their legs then hey! So yes, I will probably use this in another 3 months time and I am terribly sorry for the mental image I gave you all there.

Product is full size and costs £6.49 available at the Wilkinson sword website.

Now I must have said this like a million times and this quarm actually cannot be blamed on the Glossybox team it is just my own personal issues but I HATE lip gloss! To quote my favourite green Christmas personality, I 'loathe and dispise' it, just, just no! So yeah wasn't to pleased to see a gloss in my box especially not a nude gloss as I'm definitely more a fan of a vampy or bright lip. This however will be going to my older sister who has just purchased a stunning loreal lipstick which fab layered under this. So all in all not a complete fail.

This product is a luxury sample at 4m and costs £12 for the full 8ml available at beautifulmovementscosmetics.com. 

Next is the first of my love but just wish it was a different colour products. And that would be this Seche nail lacquer in the shade Audacious (good word) a bright fuschia pink. Hmmm now if you've been here a while then you will know that I am not really a pink fan and although I have indeed been pulled along by this pastel/dusty rose trend that we've been having lately (I'm actually blooming loving winter pastels) I just don't really like bright fuschia pink on my nails. I used to get my nails done at a salon and all they ever had was these shades of pink (which are apparently very popular) but I think just look so blah on the nails. However I have just received a stunning glitter polish that may be able to save this baby.

Product is again full size at 14ml, the RRP is £9.95 available at Liberty's and Love Forever.

Moving Swiftly on to the second of my big colour issues and actually this one is heartbreaking to me as I have a different colour in this product which I use on an almost daily basis and that would be the Maybelline Color Tattoo. I received the shade 20- turquoise forever which as you can see from the pictures is a bright,bright blue. I'm going to try and make this work, I promise, however I've never really been a fan of blue eyeshadow, I'd much prefer to leave it in the 80's thanks. The big issue here though is that everybody else seems to have received an amazing champagne colour that would be beautiful on the inner corner or as an amazing eyeshadow base. Safe to say I am feeling pretty woe is me about it (it's the Pout Paint issue all over again).

This is a full size product which retails at £4.99 available at boots stores.

And leaving the worst, absolute worst item for last (can you sense the drama student coming out there). The final product I received I do not class as a product, yep that's right it is a teeny, tiny can walk into my local store and receive for free perfume sample. Now you all know how I feel about receiving tiny perfume samples, it's OK if they are a relatively large 'duluxe' sample such as the Elizabeth Arden one we received not that long ago but this, this I just do not EVER want to see in my box, and I'm pretty sure I clicked that when filling in the subscription survey. However saying that this is probably the most christmassy item as it smells like 'sugarplums'.

This is obviously a sample product and retails at £25 for the 50ml size, available at Lipsy.co.uk. You can receive 10% off with the box. 

So, yes as you can probably tell I am not enthralled by this months box, in fact I am actually gutted. It's like opening a bad present on Christmas day. And because of this I have made quite a drastic decision...I'm thinking of moving to Birchbox. I'd really appreciate it if you guy's could leave your experiences/links to blogposts with Birchbox down below. And of course I hope you enjoyed this post and didn't think I was being too much like The Grinch. 


14 December 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- CAGECITY Press Day

Hello my lovelies!

Vintage & Handmade

So if you were super quick (and let's face it probably super confused) then you may have seen a post all about Cagecity (aka the most amazing brand) on my page a few days ago. You may also now be wondering where the hell it went, yes? Well my friends I had a very very blonde moment, which I am guessing is acceptable now as I am a legit blonde (well mostly). Basically to cut a long story short, I entered the wrong competition, yep let's all gets the laughs out right now and carry on as professionals!

Also let me apologise for confusing you all with a closed competition and also for my recent absence. As you can guess, with two jobs in retail around the Christmas period things are pretty hectic ATM. I cannot wait to get some semblance of normality back into my life so I can post more often for you all. I miss chatting to you guys! 
 Anyway formalities and mix ups out of the way let's commence with what we all really came here for...the CageCity press day. Now sadly I didn't actually attend the press day however the lovely people at CageCity have opened the competition to everyone to thank them for their continual support. How sweet right?

Now if you haven't heard about CageCity then you may have been living under a rock for the past few months as they have taken the fashion and especially the fashion blogger world by storm, working with many a notable name in the fblogger world. Not only do they stock some of the most lust worthy brands such as MinkPink, Finders Keepers and Stylestalker but they also stock a fantastic variety of vintage and hand made pieces that are simply to die for. Basically Cage City is a must stop place for all a fashion addicts dream items and guess what? They are UK based, hallelujah.

CageCity describe their customer as a girl that 'is laid-back,
and playful,who doesn't take herself to seriously. She has fun with style and is not a slave to "fashion". She wears what she likes, where she likes and just doesn't give a shit!' Basically she is just the girl I'd look up to, fashion wise. One of the main things I've always said I love about fashion is that it gives you the confidence to wear what the hell you like. I love clashing elements and fugly items that you maybe pick up in a sale or at a charity shop and that become your ultimate favourite item, staying with you for years. This is what I think when reading that quote....and it rules!

Something I also admire about the brand is their passion for what they do. I can just imagine them rummaging through endless vintage fairs and attending endless graduate shows all in the name of fashion. And guess what these carefully and I am imagining painstakingly discovered and crafted items are then styled, snapped, launched and delivered ready for you to wear and cherish!

The press day itself looked phenomenal and so fun! With a design your own beanie stand, free manicures and of course endless pick a mix (my god how I love a pick a mix). Now I may not have physically been at the press day but I definitely kept track of the event and the amazing clothes via my Instagram feed (stonesgotstyle if you fancy a cheeky follow). One Item that completely caught my eye was a holographic mini skirt that I am hoping and praying launches when I have the cash to make it mine. The collection looked like an eclectic yet bang on trend mass of contrasting colours, patterns and fabrics. Picture the wardrobe of just the perfect cool older sister and you've nailed it in one.

I would definitely recommend you all check Cagecity out (click here to go to the site) and if you do let me know or link me your favourite items below I'd love to know your picks. Also learn more about the competition and check out all the gossip from the press day and here.

Until next time.


2 December 2013

Week in Outfits- Instagram Edition

Hello again you lovely people.

Outfit 1:

Lace Crop- New Look (sale, similar)
Pleather Skater Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Fluffy Cardigan- Primark
Studded Belt- Primark (sale)
Studded Phone Case- Topshop (sale)
Lipstick- Vevo Cosmetics shade Deepest Plum

Outfit 2:

Cameo Choker- Claire's Accessories
Black Shirt Dress (worn as top)- River Island
Black Pleather Bralet (worn under shirt)- Cameo Rose via New Look (sale)
Black Velvet Skater Skirt*- Miss Behaver
Lipstick- Vevo Cosmetics shade Deepest Plum

Outfit 3:

Black Maxi Dress (worn as skirt)- Love Label
Tartan High Neck Crop- Primark
  Studded Belt- Primark
Lipstick- MUA Matte Lipstick in shade Scarlett Siren

Outfit 4:

Leopard High Neck Crop- Primark (sale)
PVC Midi Skater c/o - Retail Therapy Fashion
Gold & Pearl Chain Choker- Miss Selfridge (similar)
Gold Studded Satchel*- Pretty Little Thing

Outfit 5:

90's Print Mini Dress*- Gypsy Warrior Vintage
Black Long Sleeve Crop- DIY
Cameo Choker- Claire's Accessories
Purple Crocodile Print Bag- Topshop (sale)
Lipstick- Nivea Pure Diamond in shade Mauve Parure

Outfit 6:

Black Lace Sleeve Bardot Crop- Miss Selfridge
Dungarees*- Motel Rocks
Studded Belt- Primark (sale)
Gold & Pearl Chain Choker- Miss Selfridge
Gold Chunky Digital Watch- Miss Selfridge
Lipstick- Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 04

Outfit 7:

Black Maxi Dress- Love Label
Snake Print Kimono- Oh My Love via Topshop (sale)
Studded Belt- Primark (sale)
Gold & Pearl Chain Choker- Miss Selfridge
A* Print Beanie- Primark
Lipstick- Nivea Pure Diamond shade Mauve Parure

Outfit 8:

 Long Sleeve Black Crop- DIY
Floral Corset- Topshop (old)
Pleather Skater Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Cameo Choker- Claires Accessories

So you've probably guessed by the title that today's post is another instalment in my week in outfits, Instagram edition series. Technically it is (once again) not an actual week but more of a group of outfits from my days off or at job number one. However I have been posting many an OOTD on my Instagram page as of late so I thought, why not group them together for a "week" in outfits post. 

This week I have been layering to help keep in heat, England has got preeetty chilly all of a sudden which means I have consequently been layering up the tights, my current number is 4. Yep 4 pairs of tights, as I said it's been getting pretty chilly!

Now I understand that I tend to wear things over and over again, I'm easily obsessed with things, I'm working on it! I do hope however that you still enjoy this post. Let me know in the comments what your favourite outfit is and I will try put together a full OOTD post for you all.


28 November 2013

It's Love- The Cult Label Wishlist

Hello you little beauties!

I <3 The Cultlabel

Machine Gun Stockings
Silver Spiked Bra
3D Skeleton Skirt
Black Visage Tights

Today it is wishlist time once again (woo woo) and in the spotlight this week is the absolutely fabulous online brand The CultLabel! Oh my how can I even begin to explain the love I have for this brand. Well let me just say that it's reasonably priced, gothic and includes a hell of a lot of black and studs, if you've been here a while then you will know that obviously this is the clothing site for me. I only wish that it was a UK based brand :( wahhhhhh, well you can't have everything right. 

Now I thought I'd share a little about the brand with you, well as previously stated it is a non UK brand, actually like a few of my favourite shops it is Singapore based but will be setting up shop in Germany in 2014. It described itself (rather spot on to be honest) as distinctivly dark, wild, fun and girly all at the same time. They stock a range of hand picked items from around the globe as well as their own pretty awesome exclusive label of clothing and accessories. I seriously recommend you giving them a gander, trust me you'll thank me later.

A Few of My Favourite The CultLabel Items

So there you have a few (well as much as I could cut them down) of my ultimate favourite pieces from the site. I literally think I need to win the lottery now ( pretty please) so I can add them all to my wardrobe! I certainly hope you enjoyed my little wishlist, let me know what your favourite item/items are in the comments.