30 April 2013

Lazy Days and Princess Ways:

Crop top- Evil Twin,  Necklace-Argento (ASOS) , Beanie- ASOS,  Satchel- Missguided, Shorts- Levi ( Urban Outfitters), Socks-ASOS, Sandals- Missguided,

Maybe its the heat, maybe its my new obsession with unicorns, but im loving all things cropped and girly ATM. Including some more edgy pieces like this amazing lip print crop from Evil Twin and neon pink ASOS beanie to keep with my style.
Let me know what trends you guys are wearing this spring.

28 April 2013

Inside My Everyday Make-Up Bag...

Why hello there and welcome back...

So I thought I would start my actual posts by doing something that I know I find really interesting myself, having a good old nosey into someone else's make-up bag. Finding out what products they swear so much by that they commit to wearing them on a daily basis.  So I welcome you to delve into the dark and lets face it fairly grimmey contents of my everyday make-up bag.
Step 1: Prep...

So technically not part of my make-up bag (not sure it would fit) but morning and night before I put any make-up on my face I make sure that I at least moisturise my face with my Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser and moisturise my lips with Daintydoll miraclebalm.

Step 2: Base...
So lets face it finding the perfect foundation is like finding the perfect prince charming. Practically impossible and you have to kiss a hell of a lot of frogs on the way. I think we all remember the orange Oompa Loompa days of our early teens (just me?)
I will be the first to admit that I have the skin of a long since dead snow white, so pale that in certain light (and temperatures) it becomes almost translucent. OK so i may have taken that a bit far but I'm sure that if you have pale skin you will understand that finding a foundation in a shade light enough to avoid said Oompa Loompa moments is darn hard work. Now if requested I can do an entire post on pale foundations however I feel I may have already strayed off topic enough for one moment.
My holy grail foundation that I feel I could not live without is Revlon's Colorstay (150 buff) not only am I the second shade of this genius foundation (a small triumph i may add) but it also does what it says on the packet, its stays put. Something I desperately need in my hectic work schedule. Its full coverage so covers all flaws however that does mean that the formulation is quite thick so if you don't like heavy make-up I wouldn't recommend you get this.
To hide any blemished that decide to come and join the party I use Revlon Colorstay concealer (001 fair) and to set my base  Asda's (yes Asda's) pressed powder (001 Translucent). Remember ladies (and gents) that its not just food you can get from your favourite supermarket, perfect if your on a budget. 

  Step 3: Contour...
When it comes to contouring i have two new loves, first my Real Techniques contour brush created by the wonderfully talented Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo (check out their You-Tube for brilliant beauty advice) and Sleek cosmetics.
Now ever since the You-Tube world was set abuzz by the UK based brand I've been dying to get my hands on a couple of items. No1 the Sleek contour kit in 884 light. I've heard so much about this contour/highlight duo and trust me it has not let me down. The colour is quite light but for someone like me that's relatively new to the world of contouring I believe that's probably a bonus. There's nothing worse then a dark brown cakey line stuck on the side of ones face.  And No2 was one of their blushes. I'd heard so many things about the amazing pigmentation and colour pay off on these bad boys and trust me they do not disappoint. After literally an hour of swatching the many epic possibilities on my arm I decided on shade 936 Pixie Pink a beautiful bright Barbie pink that looks beautiful on pale complexions.
Now an old love of mine that's still going strong in my make-up bag (if not a little worst for wear) is Benefits Hula Bronzer, a shade a very nice lady at the Benefit counter told me to stay away from. However like a true pale skinned rebel i decided to rebel. Hell if darker skin tones can wear it why can't I ?
Step 4: Eyebrows...
Another relatively new thing to me is eyebrows. Lets just say that before keira knightley and Cara Delvigne came along with their gloriously bushy brows I was roaming around with what can only be described as absolute corkers above my iris's. No I wasn't forward thinking, as much as I like to pretend that was the reason. I just could not pluck my own eyebrows, embarrassingly my two older sisters have always taken responsibility to do that ever seemingly impossible task for me.
However not that long ago my pretty amazing friend decided we should all get our eyebrows HD'd so a lady came to our house inflicted small amounts of pain and left leaving me with well defined eyebrows and a forehead like a babies bottom. I must admit that even though they were way to thin (I will always be an advocate for the slightly fuller brow) they did improve my face overall. Ever since I have tried to take better care of the beasts. Like most jobs I don't always keep on top of them but I try to at least wrestle them into some sort of acceptable shape before running out the door.
For this task I use either my Benefit Brow Kit in Light or more recently my 2true Expert Eyebrow Pencil in shade No1 set in place quite nicely with a clear brow gel by FrontCover. 

Step 5: Eyes...
The first thing i got into when it comes to beauty was eye make-up so I like to wear some sort of eye look on a daily basis. At the moment I've been using my Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow in 505 Decadent. The palette consists of 4 colours a beautiful light shimmery pinky champagne, a gold, a slightly darker less glittery pink and a dark brown. The colours themselves are all quite shimmery instead of matt but I don't mind that.
Like most Revlon products the quality is very high especially for drugstore make-up. All colours are well pigmented with the light pink being the least pigmented but still overall have good colour pay off.  On the back of the palette they have a small diagram that shows you were to put the different shades which is normally what I follow if I'm feeling especially festive of a morning. However if not I tend to either wear just the golf colour all over my lid with the light pink in the inner corner to highlight or a mixture of the two pink shades, the light all over with the darker pink in the crease.
As a base I've currently been using just a small light bronzey, gold cream eyeshadow that I received one Christmas in a kit which i believe was from Argos.
Now my current mascara I'm kind of undecided about. I find the formula quite thick and the brush rather large. I should tell you I'm the sort of person that either nearly blinds herself or gets mascara everywhere! Either way I have a mascara based nightmare at least three days of the week. The mascara in question is Revlon's Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara (001 blackest black). A random buy thanks to the current irresistible 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug.
Step 5: Lips...
Fact. I am lipstick obsessive I have 15 red lipsticks to state just a few (I'm not entirely sure how that happened). I am not, I repeat am not a lip gloss person, I get my hair stuck in it and I just generally do not like how it feels on my lips. It doesn't mean i will never wear it but if i do I will probably be complaining non stop till it rubs off. 
I have and will always love the classic red lip however I find that I have to concentrate rather hard to put it on and keep it on and at work that's just not a possibility so I need something I can just shove on without looking in a mirror and go. And as much as I love a dark lipstick i decided recently to take the plunge and try a nude. I must add my entire being cringed at the memory of a rather disgusting trend when I was at school of girls slapping concealer on their lips, whacking on some thick gloopy lip gloss and calling it a day. If there's one thing I have nightmares about its concealer lips. However after much musing on the Internet for the perfect, affordable nude lipstick I decided on Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (001 nude attitude). I must admit it took some getting used to and i do find it rather awkward sometimes to work with but I am slowly falling in love with this lipstick. 
A product I have been in love with for a while after waiting for what seems like forever for them to be released in the UK is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lipbalm (001 Honey Dolce). Which for me is the perfect your own lips but better shade. I cannot praise these lipsticks enough and will definitely be running out for more shades.
Finished Look:  
And that's me done and looking all pretty ready to face the world. I really hope you enjoyed this post, it is quite long I'm still finding my feet with this blog but would love it if you could be patient and find them along with me. Just think of all the marvellous fun we can have!
Thanks for taking the time to read, let me know if you liked this post or have any requests/ use any of these products yourself. Whats your favourite products?  Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@stonesgotstyle) and Instagram (victoriaelizabethstone). Links are on my page. And don't forget to pop back for lots more beauty and fashion related posts got some exciting projects coming up. Until next time. :)
Disclaimer: I am not a professional when it comes to make-up its just something that i am very passionate about. Also i am not affiliated with any companies all opinions are my own based on my experiences with a brand/product.





24 April 2013

Why hello there...and welcome.

So I've been meaning to start this blog for a while now however I have a confession to make, I am one of life's procrastinators and it has taken far too long for me to stop planning and actually sit down and write something. The procrastination I admit is something I have to work on so before I let it delay me further lets start as we mean to go on and actually write something.

I should probably start with introducing myself. My name is Victoria,or Vickie for short I am 21 years old and I am an actress/shop assistant (there always has to be a slash right?) I currently reside in the beautiful city of Manchester in the wonderful United Kingdom. Up until 9 months ago I was prancing around playing make believe at Drama School and loving every minute of it. So I eventually graduated and got my degree, a 2:1 thank you very much and was thrust rather shakily into the real world. I don't know if anyone’s ever told you this but the real world sucks.

OK,So I hear you... what does this have to do with a fashion/beautyblog? (again with the slashes I really can't resist!) Well my friend here comes the clich├ęs, I have always had an interest in fashion from a very young age and although I’ve always known I wanted to act I also used to dream of becoming a fashion designer, took all the right classes and realised I cannot sew anything without attaching some part of my body to it. Needless to say I gave up on that dream but I like to think I never gave up on the part of me that loved dressing up in my sisters clothes or the playful I don't give a f*ck aspect of wearing something that you feel amazing in regardless of what anybody else thinks (que many a bad outfit probably most memorably a bright orange number from Laura Ashley...my church wear for an entire year).I suppose what I'm trying to say is that fashion to me, like acting has always been about playing. I've always loved that I can put together an outfit and feel like a completely different person. And even though I have moved on to bigger things in the city its nice to know that back home my rather large Vogue collection is still there collecting dust in my cupboard.

Now on to my reasoning behind this blog about five years ago I discovered You tube and just as many other's before me as soon as I pressed the play button on my first ever beauty tutorial I was hooked. Now I am what can only be described as a You tube addict and cannot wait to get home from work and watch the recent uploads of my favourite guru's. They along with my favourite bloggers on many different networks inspire me daily and I hope that one day this blog may inspire some of you in the same way.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this I hope you pop back again soon for more...Hopefully less word vomited posts.


The Day that this post will be published marks the two year anniversary of the loss of someone so amazing that the gap she left behing will never be replaced. She inspires me every day and it's because of her that I have the strength to follow my dreams. Therefore I would like to dedicate this blog to my amazing grandma Joan Stone, without her i don't know where i would be today. I love you x