24 April 2013

Why hello there...and welcome.

So I've been meaning to start this blog for a while now however I have a confession to make, I am one of life's procrastinators and it has taken far too long for me to stop planning and actually sit down and write something. The procrastination I admit is something I have to work on so before I let it delay me further lets start as we mean to go on and actually write something.

I should probably start with introducing myself. My name is Victoria,or Vickie for short I am 21 years old and I am an actress/shop assistant (there always has to be a slash right?) I currently reside in the beautiful city of Manchester in the wonderful United Kingdom. Up until 9 months ago I was prancing around playing make believe at Drama School and loving every minute of it. So I eventually graduated and got my degree, a 2:1 thank you very much and was thrust rather shakily into the real world. I don't know if anyone’s ever told you this but the real world sucks.

OK,So I hear you... what does this have to do with a fashion/beautyblog? (again with the slashes I really can't resist!) Well my friend here comes the clich├ęs, I have always had an interest in fashion from a very young age and although I’ve always known I wanted to act I also used to dream of becoming a fashion designer, took all the right classes and realised I cannot sew anything without attaching some part of my body to it. Needless to say I gave up on that dream but I like to think I never gave up on the part of me that loved dressing up in my sisters clothes or the playful I don't give a f*ck aspect of wearing something that you feel amazing in regardless of what anybody else thinks (que many a bad outfit probably most memorably a bright orange number from Laura Ashley...my church wear for an entire year).I suppose what I'm trying to say is that fashion to me, like acting has always been about playing. I've always loved that I can put together an outfit and feel like a completely different person. And even though I have moved on to bigger things in the city its nice to know that back home my rather large Vogue collection is still there collecting dust in my cupboard.

Now on to my reasoning behind this blog about five years ago I discovered You tube and just as many other's before me as soon as I pressed the play button on my first ever beauty tutorial I was hooked. Now I am what can only be described as a You tube addict and cannot wait to get home from work and watch the recent uploads of my favourite guru's. They along with my favourite bloggers on many different networks inspire me daily and I hope that one day this blog may inspire some of you in the same way.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this I hope you pop back again soon for more...Hopefully less word vomited posts.


The Day that this post will be published marks the two year anniversary of the loss of someone so amazing that the gap she left behing will never be replaced. She inspires me every day and it's because of her that I have the strength to follow my dreams. Therefore I would like to dedicate this blog to my amazing grandma Joan Stone, without her i don't know where i would be today. I love you x

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