31 May 2013

My May Wishlist


( top left to bottom right)
Arwen Dress- Black Milk Clothing
Glow  Highlighter in polish- Topshop ( currently sold out)
Stripe Bardot Crop- Topshop
Orange Jersey Dress- Miss Selfridge (sale)
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet- Selfridges
BLONDE & BLONDE Frayed Denim Short- Bank
Summer Beauty Box- Selfridges
Sweet Lord O'Mighty Batman Backpack- O'Mighty Clothing
ARABELLA Floral Crown Fascinator- Rock n Rose
Glenn Coco Long Sleeve Crop- Doll Boutique
Glenn Coco T-shirt- Doll Boutique
Rose Cropped Tank Top- Topshop
Hair Chalk-  Topshop (currently sold out)
Arabel Cut out Boots- Topshop
So today I have been feeling rather sorry for myself after a series of unfortunate events leading to me being a rather poorly girl.
Laid in bed all day with nothing to do except watch insane amounts of 'Hannibal' possibly one of my new favourite TV programmes. Anybody else have a weird crush on Hannibal? Anybody...no just me then.
Needless to say I've had a lot of extra time on my hands. What's a girl to do in moments like this. Why online shop of course! Or in my poor girl state should i say online browse.
Anyway I thought instead of mopping about the place I would share with you beautiful people a few of the pieces I've been lusting after recently.
I hope you enjoy. Let me know if there's any items you've been lusting after yourself?
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28 May 2013

Best of Three

Day 1- Sunny Stripes and Popsicle Lips

Let me start this post once again with an apology, I feel like I've been neglecting all you beautiful readers recently and once again made you wait quite a while for this post. I promise I'm working on making my posts more regular. Unfortunately at the moment I have been working every day and rushing from work to other commitment's (I know this really isn't an excuse and it's not trying to be so do not fret little ones I am not excusing myself).

Now seen as the apologies have been sincerely noted let the catch up commence, so go grab yourself a brew and some popcorn (don't worry I'll wait for you) and join me in not one but three days worth of outfits. 

I've had quite an eventful week aside from the working and completely missing the sunny weather we've been having recently.It has been a very close friend of mines birthday, so out came the outfit idea's and nail varnishes and the birthday bonanza began...

Stripe Crop - Primark, Sunglasses- Primark,  Jeans - Topshop , Cardigan- Vintage ( my Grandma's), Studded Ballet pumps- Asda (similar), Bag- Topshop (sale)

Studded ballet pumps- Asda, Bag- Topshop (sale)

This First outfit is definitely one of my throw on and run out of the house staples. On this specific occasion I had just finished work and run to said birthday girls house to eat brownies, drink wine and discuss what we would wear for the next days festivities.

The day I wore this look was one of the very few and far between sunny days in the famously gloomy Manchester City and although by the time I had been released from work it was getting quite chilly, i was still determined to dress for the weather and not wear a coat. I mean in England there's rarely a chance a girl gets to strut around without a coat of some sort ruining a perfectly good outfit.

As you all may have guessed by now I'm a sucker for a crop top and some high waisted jeans. This monochrome striped crop from Primark is so versatile that it is fastly becoming a wardrobe staple of mine. Still in my rebellious no coat mood I just threw on this over sized black cardigan and my studded ballet pumps and ran out the door. Obviously grabbing my sunglasses on the way (any excuse.)

Earrings- Primark, Lipstick- MUA ( shade 15 Juicy?)

For my make-up I just had on what I had worn to work that morning. With the weather being so nice and dreaming of ice pops I grabbed this MUA lipstick in a beautiful peachy, orange colour.


Day 2- Party Time, Princess Pant's

And so ladies and Gentleman the day of the BBQ/ Birthday party arrived and with it so did the rain (of course it did).

Now it was going to be an all day event and seen as I was meeting my friend mid afternoonish I'd have to be ready early but also be wearing to the BBQ what I would later wear on the dance floor.

I wanted to keep it casual but also nighttime appropriate and well let's just get this out there...I may have been channelling my inner Rhianna after witnessing her pretty epic 2nd collection for River island. I have no shame i tell you, no shame. That woman is fierce!
T-shirt- Topshop, Lace Skort- Lipsy, Biker Jacket- Topshop, Tights- House of Holland for Pretty Polly @ Republic sale, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell @ Office
To keep to the transitional BBQ to Party vibe I threw on this over sized t-shirt from Topshop and as well as pulling it off the shoulders, tied a knot in the side to create a crop. (because we all know I just can't help myself) 

These lace shorts/skort from Lipsy are easily wearable for both day and night depending on how you pair them, I chose them as not only are they perfect for spring but also I must admit I'm slowly trying to add more colour into my wardrobe as we get closer to summer. 

To dress up the shorts even more I picked out my new as I lovingly call them 'claw' tights from House of Holland, and surprise suprise I paired it all with my trusty Lita's. No other shoe can hit the dance floor all night and still leave you able to walk to your front door quite like these bad boys.

Cross hand brace- Primark, Nail Varnish- Asda, Cross necklace- my Grandma's, Bag-also my Grandma's

I piled on quite a bit of jewellery (for me personally) to prevent this outfit from feeling too plain. I wear my cross necklace on a daily basis (for sentimental reasons) and as soon as it peeked out of my top I knew I would centre the rest of my jewellery around it. 

Sticking with the theme I added my much loved cross hand brace from Primark and piled on some gold and silver bangles.

The real cherry on the cake though were my new favourite chunky gold 'spiked chav hoops' as they will ever be adoringly refered to. I felt this really pulled the dare I say it 90's 'grungey' vibe of this outfit together. And again I felt ever increasingly like Rhianna (as I showed later in the evening on the dance floor)

Earrings- Republic sale, Lipstick- Barry M (Palest Lavender)

For make-up I did something a little bit unusual for me and placed (OK fought) on some rather large fake eyelashes and picked one of my all time favourite purple lipsticks by Barry M in this beautiful pale lavender shade.

Day 3- Hungover Homeless Look

As every girl knows all too well the day after a night out you have to convene together with your girlfriends (preferably somewhere there's coffee and chocolate and some sort of chick flick) to discuss the event's of the previous night.

You all know what I mean, who danced like an idiot (I hold up my hands to this one), who kissed who, who did something embarrassing, the list goes on.

Today it was the turn of my beautiful friend Rose to do the Honor's complete with free yogurts, hot chocolates and the Friends box set. (that girl does not let you down)

Camo Jacket- Topshop (similar), Hoody- Primark, Wolf top- The Mountain @ ASOS, Jeans- Primark, Shoes- Converse

Now I'm not going to lie after only a few hours sleep I wasn't feeling to spectacular this morning and one look outside told me it would not be a day for fancy outfits.

So out came the comfy jeans and giant t-shirt, on went the hoody and converse and I was ready to face the (still rather blurry) world. 

Frilly Socks- Topshop  
Lipstick- Rimmel London ( 175 Signature Red)

Right so I know what your all thinking...if you felt so bad and just threw on your comfies why may I ask are you wearing make-up, especially a red lip? 

 Well my observant, clever friends I have something to tell you. If ever I'm feeling a little down or poorly (and i mean a little) I think walking around with no make-up on and showing all my imperfections to the world is just going to make me feel worse.

I'd much prefer to dive into the deep end, crawl out of bed, clean myself off, brush my teeth, moisturise my dehydrated skin and just overall make myself feel fresh again. And sometimes I find that simply popping on a bright lip will make you feel so much better. A bit of colour is always guaranteed to cherp you up.

I'm not saying however that I don't have those hangover days where I cocoon into my bed covers and fester away the day watching Netflix and drinking full fat coke (best hangover cure ever).

So those are my three ootd's ladies and gents. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy putting them together for you. Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for future posts, I'd love to hear your feedback. Thank you once again for stopping by and supporting me, you guy's are amazing.

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Now I just have to let you all know that I am very aware of the fact that for some of these pictures there's a rather intoxicated lady in the background passed out on a bed, I assure you we recovered her from the bed and she is doing fine. 

Also I am aware that in others you can see my toilet seat. Unfortunately I do not own a camera ATM let alone a decent camera so I'm having to use my Iphone which can be rather tricky, especially when the only full length mirror is in your communal bathroom. Turst me that has sparks some rather amusing conversations.

 I promise you I'm working on sorting this ASAP! Please stick with me as this is all very new and I'm still learning. :D


19 May 2013

OOTN- Pretty Floral Party Time

Floral Corset, Topshop (no longer available, sorry),Kristen skinny jean, Topshop, Frilly socks, Topshop,
Leather Jacket, Topshop , Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, Office

Why hello again, back here so soon? 
Well let me start off by saying that I'm very glad to have you back. 

Now I've been meaning to post OOTD style posts as a sort of weekly segment to this blog for quite a while now however recently I've just been at work non stop and I'm pretty sure no one wants to see several pictures of me in my uniform.(trust me it's a little more dinner lady then high fashion)

So when the opportunity came last night to pull my old floral Topshop corset out of retirement and boogie the night away i accepted it with open arms and instantly decided on an OOTN post.

  The only problem with this otherwise perfect plan, I had to go out practically straight after work. No worries however as i was a woman on a mission, so out came the outfit (embarrassingly early, please tell me I'm not the only one that plans their outfit the night before?) so i could just pick it up and pop it on as soon as i came home. Well as quickly as you can pop on a corset.

And as soon as i had decided on this floral corset from Topshop as the main focus of my outfit i knew that i wanted to toughen it up slightly to juxtapose the girly,flirty (slightly sexual what with being a corset) vibe that floral can create by mixing it with tougher materials. Such as these high waisted kristen jeans and my leather jacket both also from Topshop(I'm sensing a theme here). 
It was also a given that i would be wearing my much loved Lita's by Jeffrey Campbell as not only are they my babies but there also like little cushions that cradle my toes on a long night out (yes i may have a bit of a crush on my shoes, don't judge) So to carry on with the masculine meets feminine vibe i added my white frilly socks from you guessed it Topshop, to add a hint of the unexpected. I then threw on some jewellery mainly an arm brace, a few bracelets and a studded ear cuff and walla i was ready to hit the town.

My make-up like the outfit was decided on the night before thanks to the wonderful Samantha Chapman over at Pixiwoo and her Lana Del Rey tutorial and put on loosely before work so i could easily accentuate it at home to transition from day to night.

Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (001 Nude Attitude)

So face and outfit sorted,I was ready to get my boogie on. I have a slight confession to make ever since my 1st year of uni ended I've gone from 18 to 21 to apparently 80 in the space of three years and can now no longer in the words of Bridesmaid 'party with the best of them'. Last night however propelled by the power of Jack Daniels and the company of rather amazing friends i managed to stay out until 2AM and i am very proud of myself indeed. 

Now to the problem at hand, with all that getting ready and  Jack Daniels drinking it may have momentarily slipped my mind to take any pictures of my outfit. Luckily though after explaining to the entire taxi just how much i loved my Lita's (i believe i may have requested to marry them) a light bulb went off and i quickly grabbed my also rather squiggly friend and made him take pictures of my outfit before he even had chance to take off his shoes (sorry Mike)this ladies and gentleman is why i must ask you to forgive both my look of utter exhaustion in the pictures and the rather shaky quality, surely your not going to deny a hard working girl a Jack Daniels and Diet Coke?
I hope you enjoyed this OOTN post, let me know in the comments if you want them to become a weekly part of my blog.

Again thank you for reading, i really appreciate all the support.
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17 May 2013

"I'm Certainly Glad to See You Again"

Hello lovelies, and how glad I am to see you again... 

So let me start off by apologising for my rather infrequent blogging of late. Unfortunately my laptop has started asking itself the age old question 'to die or not to die' at the moment and therefore is being a royal pain in the backside! As such I am now more likely to be witnessing the blue screen of death then actually managing to do anything productive.

So what have you been doing with all that spare time I hear you say. Well fear not I have been spending incredibly large amounts of time obsessing over my ever encroaching viewing of The Great Gatsby. Now if you follow me on twitter you will know that I've been more then a little excited about this film and if you know me in real life you will know that I LOVE (yes so much love it needed capitals)anything Baz Luhrmann touches, could that be because it turns to gold? Well we will just have to wait and see. (watch this space people)

So what's a girl meant to do to pass the time whilst staring at an ageing computer screen and blasting The Great Gatsby soundtrack out of her phone on repeat, all the while high off the fumes of her rather potent nail varnish remover. AHA! Paint her nails to match the theme of course. (God I love a good theme)
Therefore in the early hours of the morning armed with limited supplies also known as a cocktail umbrella and with a lack of some rather important black nail varnish i set off on my mission. 

Left to right: Maxfactor Max Effect  ( 01 Ivory ) , Maybelline Forever Strong Pro ( 05 Extreme Blackcurrent), Jessica Reward Base Coat and the ever trusty cocktail umbrella.

I hope you guys enjoy the final result (just ignore the rather epic fail on my pinkie finger, I believe it was meant to be some sort of diamond shape?) Make sure you follow my blog either via Google or over at the rather spectacular bloglovin for lots more Gatsby inspired goodness (spoiler alert!)

Also if your interested in any of my other nail art designs (pictured below) don't forget to follow me on instagram where I post many a picture of my nails for your viewing pleasure. If you want a tutorial on either this look or any of my other looks then just comment below and I will endeavour to cater to your every need.
Thank you for your support in reading this it really means a lot, I promise I will have more frequent posts soon and *coughs* did someone mention a You-Tube video? 

More nail art Designs via my instagram:

(Left to right) Leopard print,  Dr.Who, Halloween, Peacock

Metalic triangle accent, Floral accent. Glitter tips, Plait effect.

13 May 2013

"I Wish I Could Bake a Cake Filled With Rainbows And Smiles And Everyone Would Eat And Be Happy.”

How i Style: Glenn Coco Crop

How i Style: Glenn Coco Crop by stonesgotstyle featuring jelly shoes

As soon as i spotted this pretty awesome 'Mean Girls' logo top at Doll Boutique i just knew i HAD to have it. So needless to say that started a lot of planning to purchase it as soon as i next get paid (in true shopaholic fashion of spending money before i have it). Next i had to style it because i also enjoy planning outfits in eager anticipation to own them.

Here's how i would style it. 
Including a few more must haves that are firmly placed in my 'to buy' list as well as some old favourites such as 'my baby/pride and joy' my Tom Ford black orchid lipstick. If any of you know me then you will know i have an obsession with Tom and plan to marry him in future (in my head of course. The man is a genius and this lipstick is the perfect way to instantly vamp up any outfit. With such a bold lip i like to keep the rest of my make-up look subtle, however the vampire lover in me can't resist pairing it with super defined glossy cheekbones using TopShops beautiful glow highlighter in Polish.

Top it off with grungy studded shorts by Ragged Priest,and the much lusted after Ju Ju jelly sandals and this beautifully Gothic floral crown by Rock n Rose  and your ready to rock the day/night away.

Let me know how you'd style this epic crop? 


11 May 2013

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Why hi there and welcome back :)
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(I'm in stitched every time i look at this! Happy Saturday)

8 May 2013

Met Ball 2013- My Best Dressed


Cara Delvingne (Burberry)

Mary-Kate Olsen (Vintage Chanel Couture-Dress Balmain- Fur Trimmed Coat)

Left to Right: Sienna Miller (Burberry) , Anja Rubik (Anthony Vaccarello), Christina Ricci (Vivienne Westwood), Miley Cyrus (Marc Jacobs).
And now for the dresses i love but felt had played it too safe and perhaps missed the punk theme:

Left to Right: Rooney Mara (Custom made Givenchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci), Blake Lively (Gucci Premiere), Olivia Wilde (Calvin Klein)

So once again the elite of the worlds of film, music and fashion came dressed to the nine's to celebrate the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. Hosted by Vogue this night is seen as one of the highlights of the fashion social calender and as expected the question on every ones lips was 'What will they wear?' Well this year was no exception and to add to the already excessive levels of excitement, this years theme- PUNK! 

Now as you all may have guessed i have a special place in my heart for all things studded and dangerous, and well lets face it...a bit in your face, (i repeat fashion is about fun). I am also a girl that's loves a theme and a good old fashioned dress up (seriously any excuse to run around in something a bit out of the ordinary and I'm there.) So since i first heard about the punk theme i have waited with bated breath to see what some of my favourite faces would wear. And trust me they did not let me down. 

Although I feel the whole 'dress to the theme' was lost on some celebrities who turned up in the same usual red carpet look, I must say that I was not disappointed by the overall style of the night. However saying that some of my favourite looks were the ones that dared to really stick to the theme. My overall being the extraordinary beauty that is Cara Delvingne and I'm not just talking about those exquisitely bushy eyebrows but the stunning studded Burberry dress and punky Dominic Jones Jewellery she wore so well to the event. 

Now let me tell you that Mary-Kate Olsen is one of my ultimate style (and lets face it life) icons I honestly love that woman and for me she was a vision of beauty choosing a 20's style vintage Chanel drop hem dress and Balmain fur coat to strut (Does Mary-Kate Olsen Strut?)her way down the red carpet.

So there you go guys there are my favourite looks of the night,they may be controversial (Miley in that Marc Jacobs dress complete with Jedward hair) but with the theme in mind these really are my favourites. 

So now let me know yours? Did you hate the leather jacket, floor length dress look on Sienna? Did Miley's hair get a little too high? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

Thanks again for reading...it means a lot especially with me just starting out. And on that note please feel free to leave me any suggestions on how you think i can improve.(I promise I wont take it to heart)


3 May 2013

Fashion Flashback- Clueless

Add caption

Just a quick post to show the epic 90's fashion choices of the fabulous Cher Horowitz (aka Alicia Silverstone). Man that woman has some fancy tartan. Think I'm going to try create a few OOTD's in the style of this fashion queen. As you can tell i may have a bit of a girl crush (you know you all have them!).

Let me know what your favourite Cher outfit is?

Also let me know if you want me to keep doing this short fashion flashback type posts.


2 May 2013

How I Style- Crop Tops

Crop Top- Topshop, Lipstick- Barry M (129), Tie Dye Leggings- Topshop, Necklace- Topshop, Ring- Primark, Lita's- Jeffrey Campbell (Office)

Shirt- Vintage, Crop Top- Primark, Disco Pants- Topshop, Creepers- New Look.

Floral Top- Love Label (Very.co.uk),  Jeans- Primark, Frilly Socks- Topshop, Sandals- Love Label (Very.co.uk)

Bra- H&M, Lace Crop- H&M, Socks- Primark, Skirt- New Look, Shoes- Vintage

Stripped Crop- Primark, Ring- Topshop (sale), Lace Skirt- Primark, Frilly Socks- Topshop, Creepers- New Look 

Lipstick- Revlon (Nude Attitude), Creepers- New Look, Earrings- Primark.


So i have been completely sucked into the crop top trend recently and after spending a considerable amount of time in Primark the other day browsing and lets face it buying far too many a crop top I decided I would do a how i style for you all. Crop tops are a staple of my everyday wardrobe at the moment and have been for a while. They are perfect for all seasons, simply throw on an oversize shirt and jacket for those colder days and pop on some shorts for the rare occasion (in England at least) that the sun comes out. This is my first how I style/look book and I would love to know what you guys think. I wanted to include outfits for everyone from everyday looks to more dressed up looks, throwing in a twist every now and again to keep outfits exciting. After all isn't fashion meant to be about fun? And let me tell you I fell head over heels in love with these unicorn socks from Primark..yes I've gone a tad unicorn mad.

Would just like to apologise for the lack of complete head to toe outfit pictures. Unfortunately i wasn't completely happy with how those pictures turned out and I wouldn't feel comfortable posting them on here. I hope you all understand, I'm still learning and everyday is a chance to improve.However i hope you stay around and grow with me... any suggestions will be welcome.

Let me know how you guys style crop tops and if any of you are as obsessed with unicorns (just so i know I'm not alone in this). Also let me know if you would like more look books/ How i style or if you would be interested in seeing this on film.


Would like to thank my amazingly beautiful friend Ashleigh for taking pictures of me in the boiling sun with no food. I appreciate it greatly.