28 May 2013

Best of Three

Day 1- Sunny Stripes and Popsicle Lips

Let me start this post once again with an apology, I feel like I've been neglecting all you beautiful readers recently and once again made you wait quite a while for this post. I promise I'm working on making my posts more regular. Unfortunately at the moment I have been working every day and rushing from work to other commitment's (I know this really isn't an excuse and it's not trying to be so do not fret little ones I am not excusing myself).

Now seen as the apologies have been sincerely noted let the catch up commence, so go grab yourself a brew and some popcorn (don't worry I'll wait for you) and join me in not one but three days worth of outfits. 

I've had quite an eventful week aside from the working and completely missing the sunny weather we've been having recently.It has been a very close friend of mines birthday, so out came the outfit idea's and nail varnishes and the birthday bonanza began...

Stripe Crop - Primark, Sunglasses- Primark,  Jeans - Topshop , Cardigan- Vintage ( my Grandma's), Studded Ballet pumps- Asda (similar), Bag- Topshop (sale)

Studded ballet pumps- Asda, Bag- Topshop (sale)

This First outfit is definitely one of my throw on and run out of the house staples. On this specific occasion I had just finished work and run to said birthday girls house to eat brownies, drink wine and discuss what we would wear for the next days festivities.

The day I wore this look was one of the very few and far between sunny days in the famously gloomy Manchester City and although by the time I had been released from work it was getting quite chilly, i was still determined to dress for the weather and not wear a coat. I mean in England there's rarely a chance a girl gets to strut around without a coat of some sort ruining a perfectly good outfit.

As you all may have guessed by now I'm a sucker for a crop top and some high waisted jeans. This monochrome striped crop from Primark is so versatile that it is fastly becoming a wardrobe staple of mine. Still in my rebellious no coat mood I just threw on this over sized black cardigan and my studded ballet pumps and ran out the door. Obviously grabbing my sunglasses on the way (any excuse.)

Earrings- Primark, Lipstick- MUA ( shade 15 Juicy?)

For my make-up I just had on what I had worn to work that morning. With the weather being so nice and dreaming of ice pops I grabbed this MUA lipstick in a beautiful peachy, orange colour.


Day 2- Party Time, Princess Pant's

And so ladies and Gentleman the day of the BBQ/ Birthday party arrived and with it so did the rain (of course it did).

Now it was going to be an all day event and seen as I was meeting my friend mid afternoonish I'd have to be ready early but also be wearing to the BBQ what I would later wear on the dance floor.

I wanted to keep it casual but also nighttime appropriate and well let's just get this out there...I may have been channelling my inner Rhianna after witnessing her pretty epic 2nd collection for River island. I have no shame i tell you, no shame. That woman is fierce!
T-shirt- Topshop, Lace Skort- Lipsy, Biker Jacket- Topshop, Tights- House of Holland for Pretty Polly @ Republic sale, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell @ Office
To keep to the transitional BBQ to Party vibe I threw on this over sized t-shirt from Topshop and as well as pulling it off the shoulders, tied a knot in the side to create a crop. (because we all know I just can't help myself) 

These lace shorts/skort from Lipsy are easily wearable for both day and night depending on how you pair them, I chose them as not only are they perfect for spring but also I must admit I'm slowly trying to add more colour into my wardrobe as we get closer to summer. 

To dress up the shorts even more I picked out my new as I lovingly call them 'claw' tights from House of Holland, and surprise suprise I paired it all with my trusty Lita's. No other shoe can hit the dance floor all night and still leave you able to walk to your front door quite like these bad boys.

Cross hand brace- Primark, Nail Varnish- Asda, Cross necklace- my Grandma's, Bag-also my Grandma's

I piled on quite a bit of jewellery (for me personally) to prevent this outfit from feeling too plain. I wear my cross necklace on a daily basis (for sentimental reasons) and as soon as it peeked out of my top I knew I would centre the rest of my jewellery around it. 

Sticking with the theme I added my much loved cross hand brace from Primark and piled on some gold and silver bangles.

The real cherry on the cake though were my new favourite chunky gold 'spiked chav hoops' as they will ever be adoringly refered to. I felt this really pulled the dare I say it 90's 'grungey' vibe of this outfit together. And again I felt ever increasingly like Rhianna (as I showed later in the evening on the dance floor)

Earrings- Republic sale, Lipstick- Barry M (Palest Lavender)

For make-up I did something a little bit unusual for me and placed (OK fought) on some rather large fake eyelashes and picked one of my all time favourite purple lipsticks by Barry M in this beautiful pale lavender shade.

Day 3- Hungover Homeless Look

As every girl knows all too well the day after a night out you have to convene together with your girlfriends (preferably somewhere there's coffee and chocolate and some sort of chick flick) to discuss the event's of the previous night.

You all know what I mean, who danced like an idiot (I hold up my hands to this one), who kissed who, who did something embarrassing, the list goes on.

Today it was the turn of my beautiful friend Rose to do the Honor's complete with free yogurts, hot chocolates and the Friends box set. (that girl does not let you down)

Camo Jacket- Topshop (similar), Hoody- Primark, Wolf top- The Mountain @ ASOS, Jeans- Primark, Shoes- Converse

Now I'm not going to lie after only a few hours sleep I wasn't feeling to spectacular this morning and one look outside told me it would not be a day for fancy outfits.

So out came the comfy jeans and giant t-shirt, on went the hoody and converse and I was ready to face the (still rather blurry) world. 

Frilly Socks- Topshop  
Lipstick- Rimmel London ( 175 Signature Red)

Right so I know what your all thinking...if you felt so bad and just threw on your comfies why may I ask are you wearing make-up, especially a red lip? 

 Well my observant, clever friends I have something to tell you. If ever I'm feeling a little down or poorly (and i mean a little) I think walking around with no make-up on and showing all my imperfections to the world is just going to make me feel worse.

I'd much prefer to dive into the deep end, crawl out of bed, clean myself off, brush my teeth, moisturise my dehydrated skin and just overall make myself feel fresh again. And sometimes I find that simply popping on a bright lip will make you feel so much better. A bit of colour is always guaranteed to cherp you up.

I'm not saying however that I don't have those hangover days where I cocoon into my bed covers and fester away the day watching Netflix and drinking full fat coke (best hangover cure ever).

So those are my three ootd's ladies and gents. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy putting them together for you. Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for future posts, I'd love to hear your feedback. Thank you once again for stopping by and supporting me, you guy's are amazing.

For more ootd's follow me on Instagram the links in the sidebar, also feel free to follow me on Twitter were I document pretty much everything (I have a legitimate Twitter problem).


Now I just have to let you all know that I am very aware of the fact that for some of these pictures there's a rather intoxicated lady in the background passed out on a bed, I assure you we recovered her from the bed and she is doing fine. 

Also I am aware that in others you can see my toilet seat. Unfortunately I do not own a camera ATM let alone a decent camera so I'm having to use my Iphone which can be rather tricky, especially when the only full length mirror is in your communal bathroom. Turst me that has sparks some rather amusing conversations.

 I promise you I'm working on sorting this ASAP! Please stick with me as this is all very new and I'm still learning. :D



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