11 May 2013

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Why hi there and welcome back :)
I promise I'm busy, busy, busy working on lots of lovely new blog posts for you all to enjoy. However in the meantime, thanks to the wonderful Charlotte Martin (an amazing blogger/You-Tuber who you should definitely check out she's pretty awesome, or should that be pretty and awesome?) i have discovered Bloglovin a convenient place were you can read and manage all the blogs you follow. So now for the shameless self promoting point of this post (you know you love it) come follow me to make sure you don't miss any of the wonderful rambling of my slightly fashion obsessed mind. I'd honestly really appreciate your support.  "How do i follow you?" I hear you say in excited anticipation, well do not fret just click on the link to your right that says 'follow this blog' and enjoy much much more rambling.
(I'm in stitched every time i look at this! Happy Saturday)

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