17 May 2013

"I'm Certainly Glad to See You Again"

Hello lovelies, and how glad I am to see you again... 

So let me start off by apologising for my rather infrequent blogging of late. Unfortunately my laptop has started asking itself the age old question 'to die or not to die' at the moment and therefore is being a royal pain in the backside! As such I am now more likely to be witnessing the blue screen of death then actually managing to do anything productive.

So what have you been doing with all that spare time I hear you say. Well fear not I have been spending incredibly large amounts of time obsessing over my ever encroaching viewing of The Great Gatsby. Now if you follow me on twitter you will know that I've been more then a little excited about this film and if you know me in real life you will know that I LOVE (yes so much love it needed capitals)anything Baz Luhrmann touches, could that be because it turns to gold? Well we will just have to wait and see. (watch this space people)

So what's a girl meant to do to pass the time whilst staring at an ageing computer screen and blasting The Great Gatsby soundtrack out of her phone on repeat, all the while high off the fumes of her rather potent nail varnish remover. AHA! Paint her nails to match the theme of course. (God I love a good theme)
Therefore in the early hours of the morning armed with limited supplies also known as a cocktail umbrella and with a lack of some rather important black nail varnish i set off on my mission. 

Left to right: Maxfactor Max Effect  ( 01 Ivory ) , Maybelline Forever Strong Pro ( 05 Extreme Blackcurrent), Jessica Reward Base Coat and the ever trusty cocktail umbrella.

I hope you guys enjoy the final result (just ignore the rather epic fail on my pinkie finger, I believe it was meant to be some sort of diamond shape?) Make sure you follow my blog either via Google or over at the rather spectacular bloglovin for lots more Gatsby inspired goodness (spoiler alert!)

Also if your interested in any of my other nail art designs (pictured below) don't forget to follow me on instagram where I post many a picture of my nails for your viewing pleasure. If you want a tutorial on either this look or any of my other looks then just comment below and I will endeavour to cater to your every need.
Thank you for your support in reading this it really means a lot, I promise I will have more frequent posts soon and *coughs* did someone mention a You-Tube video? 

More nail art Designs via my instagram:

(Left to right) Leopard print,  Dr.Who, Halloween, Peacock

Metalic triangle accent, Floral accent. Glitter tips, Plait effect.

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