8 May 2013

Met Ball 2013- My Best Dressed


Cara Delvingne (Burberry)

Mary-Kate Olsen (Vintage Chanel Couture-Dress Balmain- Fur Trimmed Coat)

Left to Right: Sienna Miller (Burberry) , Anja Rubik (Anthony Vaccarello), Christina Ricci (Vivienne Westwood), Miley Cyrus (Marc Jacobs).
And now for the dresses i love but felt had played it too safe and perhaps missed the punk theme:

Left to Right: Rooney Mara (Custom made Givenchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci), Blake Lively (Gucci Premiere), Olivia Wilde (Calvin Klein)

So once again the elite of the worlds of film, music and fashion came dressed to the nine's to celebrate the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. Hosted by Vogue this night is seen as one of the highlights of the fashion social calender and as expected the question on every ones lips was 'What will they wear?' Well this year was no exception and to add to the already excessive levels of excitement, this years theme- PUNK! 

Now as you all may have guessed i have a special place in my heart for all things studded and dangerous, and well lets face it...a bit in your face, (i repeat fashion is about fun). I am also a girl that's loves a theme and a good old fashioned dress up (seriously any excuse to run around in something a bit out of the ordinary and I'm there.) So since i first heard about the punk theme i have waited with bated breath to see what some of my favourite faces would wear. And trust me they did not let me down. 

Although I feel the whole 'dress to the theme' was lost on some celebrities who turned up in the same usual red carpet look, I must say that I was not disappointed by the overall style of the night. However saying that some of my favourite looks were the ones that dared to really stick to the theme. My overall being the extraordinary beauty that is Cara Delvingne and I'm not just talking about those exquisitely bushy eyebrows but the stunning studded Burberry dress and punky Dominic Jones Jewellery she wore so well to the event. 

Now let me tell you that Mary-Kate Olsen is one of my ultimate style (and lets face it life) icons I honestly love that woman and for me she was a vision of beauty choosing a 20's style vintage Chanel drop hem dress and Balmain fur coat to strut (Does Mary-Kate Olsen Strut?)her way down the red carpet.

So there you go guys there are my favourite looks of the night,they may be controversial (Miley in that Marc Jacobs dress complete with Jedward hair) but with the theme in mind these really are my favourites. 

So now let me know yours? Did you hate the leather jacket, floor length dress look on Sienna? Did Miley's hair get a little too high? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

Thanks again for reading...it means a lot especially with me just starting out. And on that note please feel free to leave me any suggestions on how you think i can improve.(I promise I wont take it to heart)


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