31 May 2013

My May Wishlist


( top left to bottom right)
Arwen Dress- Black Milk Clothing
Glow  Highlighter in polish- Topshop ( currently sold out)
Stripe Bardot Crop- Topshop
Orange Jersey Dress- Miss Selfridge (sale)
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet- Selfridges
BLONDE & BLONDE Frayed Denim Short- Bank
Summer Beauty Box- Selfridges
Sweet Lord O'Mighty Batman Backpack- O'Mighty Clothing
ARABELLA Floral Crown Fascinator- Rock n Rose
Glenn Coco Long Sleeve Crop- Doll Boutique
Glenn Coco T-shirt- Doll Boutique
Rose Cropped Tank Top- Topshop
Hair Chalk-  Topshop (currently sold out)
Arabel Cut out Boots- Topshop
So today I have been feeling rather sorry for myself after a series of unfortunate events leading to me being a rather poorly girl.
Laid in bed all day with nothing to do except watch insane amounts of 'Hannibal' possibly one of my new favourite TV programmes. Anybody else have a weird crush on Hannibal? Anybody...no just me then.
Needless to say I've had a lot of extra time on my hands. What's a girl to do in moments like this. Why online shop of course! Or in my poor girl state should i say online browse.
Anyway I thought instead of mopping about the place I would share with you beautiful people a few of the pieces I've been lusting after recently.
I hope you enjoy. Let me know if there's any items you've been lusting after yourself?
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