19 May 2013

OOTN- Pretty Floral Party Time

Floral Corset, Topshop (no longer available, sorry),Kristen skinny jean, Topshop, Frilly socks, Topshop,
Leather Jacket, Topshop , Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, Office

Why hello again, back here so soon? 
Well let me start off by saying that I'm very glad to have you back. 

Now I've been meaning to post OOTD style posts as a sort of weekly segment to this blog for quite a while now however recently I've just been at work non stop and I'm pretty sure no one wants to see several pictures of me in my uniform.(trust me it's a little more dinner lady then high fashion)

So when the opportunity came last night to pull my old floral Topshop corset out of retirement and boogie the night away i accepted it with open arms and instantly decided on an OOTN post.

  The only problem with this otherwise perfect plan, I had to go out practically straight after work. No worries however as i was a woman on a mission, so out came the outfit (embarrassingly early, please tell me I'm not the only one that plans their outfit the night before?) so i could just pick it up and pop it on as soon as i came home. Well as quickly as you can pop on a corset.

And as soon as i had decided on this floral corset from Topshop as the main focus of my outfit i knew that i wanted to toughen it up slightly to juxtapose the girly,flirty (slightly sexual what with being a corset) vibe that floral can create by mixing it with tougher materials. Such as these high waisted kristen jeans and my leather jacket both also from Topshop(I'm sensing a theme here). 
It was also a given that i would be wearing my much loved Lita's by Jeffrey Campbell as not only are they my babies but there also like little cushions that cradle my toes on a long night out (yes i may have a bit of a crush on my shoes, don't judge) So to carry on with the masculine meets feminine vibe i added my white frilly socks from you guessed it Topshop, to add a hint of the unexpected. I then threw on some jewellery mainly an arm brace, a few bracelets and a studded ear cuff and walla i was ready to hit the town.

My make-up like the outfit was decided on the night before thanks to the wonderful Samantha Chapman over at Pixiwoo and her Lana Del Rey tutorial and put on loosely before work so i could easily accentuate it at home to transition from day to night.

Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (001 Nude Attitude)

So face and outfit sorted,I was ready to get my boogie on. I have a slight confession to make ever since my 1st year of uni ended I've gone from 18 to 21 to apparently 80 in the space of three years and can now no longer in the words of Bridesmaid 'party with the best of them'. Last night however propelled by the power of Jack Daniels and the company of rather amazing friends i managed to stay out until 2AM and i am very proud of myself indeed. 

Now to the problem at hand, with all that getting ready and  Jack Daniels drinking it may have momentarily slipped my mind to take any pictures of my outfit. Luckily though after explaining to the entire taxi just how much i loved my Lita's (i believe i may have requested to marry them) a light bulb went off and i quickly grabbed my also rather squiggly friend and made him take pictures of my outfit before he even had chance to take off his shoes (sorry Mike)this ladies and gentleman is why i must ask you to forgive both my look of utter exhaustion in the pictures and the rather shaky quality, surely your not going to deny a hard working girl a Jack Daniels and Diet Coke?
I hope you enjoyed this OOTN post, let me know in the comments if you want them to become a weekly part of my blog.

Again thank you for reading, i really appreciate all the support.
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