20 June 2013

Mickey's 90's Love Child

Biker Jacket- Topshop(now on sale),Bag- Topshop(sale),T-shirt, The Mountain at ASOS
Hello lovelies.

 So i finally have another OOTD for you all, it seems like forever since i last posted one! I am very sorry about this, I promise they will become more regular soon. 

Today's outfit was all about comfort as I am currently packing up my room ready for my big move back home. So of course it was all about the leggings and oversize tee combo which of course also meant that I reached straight for my trusty wolf t-shirt by The Mountain. This top is seriously comfy and so easy to just throw on over some leggings and run out the house. Or in my case throw on, lay on your bed and procrastinate. No shame. 

I paired it with these navy tie dye leggings from Topshop that my Pops bought me for my 18th birthday (four years old and still going strong). These were such an investment as they always seem to creep back into fashion. (now everyone thumbs up for Daddy Ken, that man has style)

To top it all off I simply added my 'fake' Doc Marten style boots from Primark and a bundle of jewellery. Adding my Topshop biker jacket and everyday bag when i finally left my house.

Shoes- Primark, Leggings- Topshop (practically ancient, similar)
Navy Bracelet- Links of London (gift), Above knuckle rings-  Primark, Earrings- Primark

However the real focus of today's over all look was my hair and lipstick combo. As you all know I have a major Instagram addiction and I may have overdosed on it quite a bit recently. Taking inspiration from two of my favourite beauties on the app LeanneLimWalker and PearyPie (you should seriously check them out they are amazing) I decided on these super cute (slightly Mickey Mouse Esq) buns pairing them with this rather bright MUA lipstick in a beautiful peachy coral shade.

I think it's safe to say that I was feeling pretty chirpy today and wanted to reflect this in my outfit. Trust me the hair and lip combo created all sorts of random hyperactive outbursts in my room while getting ready! (anybody else get effected by their outfits like this or am I just insane? Let me know in the comments :D )

Such giant, giant eyes! Lipstick- MUA shade 15 Juicy

 I hope you guys enjoyed this look I certainly know I did today. Sorry that this post is so short I may be having a bad case of the old writers block. Let me know in the comments if you like this outfit, I love to hear from you guys. Again I'm sorry about how sporadic my posts are ATM, as soon as I've moved they will be much more frequent. (ok i seriously need to calm down the apologising)
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Thanks for reading! 

P.s. felt I should add that yes when i smile (a rare occasion in a photograph i must say) my eyes crinkle up and become non existent. So in the first few pictures I have no eyeballs! I swear it's the chesire cat smile, i really did wake up on the good side of the bed this morning. Well smile on is what I say to that.

 Instagram Goodness- aka feeding my addiction:
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13 June 2013

'All that glisters is not gold'- or is it?

Glamour Connection Nail Art Kit- £1 Asda

So me and my family have a problem and that problem is Asda (if your reading this in America then Asda is owned by Walmart). Both at home and in the big city I live ridiculously close to the place.This for me is like an alcoholic living above a bar! Expensive and rather dangerous for my health!

Now back to this little habit in my family. Well we frequent Asda on a daily basis. Yep, no word of a lie we are addicted to the place. We do the weekly shop, have more then enough food, yet still we can't resist that neon green sign.

So It makes sense that I've tried a lot of products from Asda seen as I practically live there (honestly we should have shares) I've talked about the powder before 'inside my everyday make-up bag' post however I also have a love of their nail varnishes. I think they are around the £1 to £1.50 range and yes the less opaque ones take a few layers however I have a pale lilac that is simply stunning after just one coat, dries easy and stays put. And really what more do you want for a run of the mill no thrills attached nail varnish?

So I was in my local store the other day (which sadly has no make-up or nail varnish section, I know total nightmare!)and as I casually strolled by the £1 section having a sneaky browse as I went, like a magpie drawn to the light something glistening caught my eye.

My retina's zoned in closer, my super senses stood on end and ding,ding,ding I hit the jackpot. Oh yes my friends it was what I thought a nail gem kit in the £1 sections. I rushed over a little too excitedly, elbowing my way past overly excited little girls swarming around it like seagulls after scraps. Out went my dreadfully chipped manicured hand and snatched the treasure from their sticky hands! (OK so that's not exactly how it happened and I promise no children were harmed in the making of this post).

With my new found purchase safely tucked away in my bag I went home and of course immediately tested it out.

Inside the kit there are 16 little pouches of gems ranging from simple studs to squares, hearts, stars and much more, in many different colours. A tool to apply the gems, a cuticle stick and a top coat. Now the packets are quite small but I can see this pack lasting me quite a while. My one downfall with the kit is the Top coat, more on that later.

So the first time although I liked the design and pattern I chose was really a bit of a fail, however after some trial and error I have now figured out some rules:
  1. Take it each nail at a time.
  2. If you can- use only one coat of nail varnish (I learnt that too many and the gem will slide and move).
  3. Place gem on nail when still wet as this will be the 'glue'that sticks the gem to the actual nail.
  4. Take the gems and equipment you need out of the box before painting any nails (yes I'm an idiot).
  5. Try to get the gem in the right place first time.
  6. Once in place press the gem down gently to secure it.
  7. Use two coats of top coat to secure. Too little and it won't stay, too much and your heading for sticky nails for the rest of the day.

MUA nail polish (shade 5), Asda Nail polish (shade 34 Pastel Purple)

For my first look I went for these darling little droplet shaped gems for my accent nail and seen as they were in such a cute baby pink shade I just had to pair them with my favourite pastel purple polish also from Asda. I then added some simple 'diamond' style gems in silver and turquoise to create a sort of semi circle design. Then i couldn't resist a bit more 'bling' so i added a strip of the same gems down my second accent nail in the same pastel shade. To add an extra pop of colour to the look I painted the rest of my nails in this pastel green from the MUA £1 range.

As this was my first time using the gems it was definitely a case of guess and hope for the best. Unfortunately i guessed and it didn't particularly work for the best. I painted all my nails in two coats before applying the gems so needless to say my nails had already dried a little which made sticking the nails a little tricky. I also forgot to actually open the packaging before painting my nails, hmm tricky very tricky. After a pretty epic struggle, a few choice swear words and some rather inventive use of a fork i had lying around (random but just the sort of girl I am, you never know when you might need a fork) and i finally managed to break these bad boys free.

My next big mistake was trusting the supposedly 'salon quality' top coat. I added three coats of this and trust me it would just NOT dry! I painted my nails at around 8ish and didn't go to sleep untill the very early hours (thank you insomnia) yet when i woke the next morning they my nails had done that rather annoying imprint thing from were i'd had my hands under my pillow and some of the gems had moved. Also it seemed as if the top coat was actually disintergrating the polish as throughout the day it was getting more and more translucent and patchy.

They still had not dried propaly by the time i finished work the next day at 8pm so thats 24hrs and still they were tacky. I definitly suggest investing in a good top coat.

H&M Nail Polish ( Nerd )- This stuff smells like Baileys! Yummy ( i do not recomend drinking your nail varnish though) >.<

So before I wrote this review I wanted to test out another way of using the gems to give a more honest opinion. Heavily Inspired by Jenn from Clothes Encounters latest youtube video(check her out she's pretty awesome)I decided to go for this more delicate design keeping the polish subtle with this beautiful nude colour by H&M and adding a single plain gem to the bottom centre of my nail.

This time i took it one nail at a time, using one coat then letting it dry a tiny bit so it's tacky yet not runny so the gem had a base to stick to. Then pressing down lightly with the application tool to really secure it in place. I then added two coats of Barry M's Topcoat.

This time it worked like a charm and the gems (well almost all i had an unfortunate incident with one of them on the way to work) have  stuck in place for the last 2 days.

Left to Right- Jessica Reward Basecoat, Asda Nail Polish ( shade 34- Pastel Purple), MUA Nail Polish (shade 5), H&M Nail Polish ( Nerd), Jessica Brillance- high gloss in a flash. (also used Barry M Basecoat and Topcoat for nails)
Overall I'm rather impressed by these gem's, putting aside the dreadful mutant nail varnish disintergrating top coat.  For £1 I didn't really believe the 'salon quality' tag however I must say that now i know what I'm doing these gem's are a complete bargain and perfect for anyone whose just getting into nail art and doesn't want to spend a bomb on tools.

Sorry this post has ended up being so long. I hope i didn't bore you too much and that you actually enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know if so and i will make some more reviews for you all in the future. Also let me know in the comments if you have any requests for reviews or anything else for that matter. Why not show me your nail art designs? And let me know if you get this kit. I love hearing from you guys. 

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P.s. If any of you share my addiction/love of Asda please let me know in the comments below so I know I'm not a freak! >.<

8 June 2013

Hello my name is Victoria and i'm addicted to Instagram

Well they say the first step to overcoming any problem is to admit you have one, so here it goes(silence in the room please) I have an instagram addiction!
There I said it, see I feel so much better already. However this is not just any Instagram problem it is a full scale vanity issue! I have to admit I've been shamelessly posting selfie's left, right and centre(all for the name of blogging I swear).
So I've been wanting to do a post while I have the day off work and if you follow me on Twitter you will know that I'm having a pretty awkward case of the good old blogger's block. Think writers block but with less romance or red wine.
Then walla it struck me, lying face down fully clothed in the middle of my bed on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I had a brain wave (just the one mind it's no ones birthday lets not get too excited here).
Why not put my addiction to good use and use one problem to solve another. So here is my *week* i use that term lightly, in instagram pictures. Or as I like to call it a whole little world of my pouty pouty face. You are lucky one's.
  1. An old OOTD from my poorly few days. Jumper and leggings was really the only way to go.
  2. Testing out my new bargain nail gems (£1 from Asda)review to follow shortly.
  3. Making all you special people aware that my new Gatsby post was up. While guiding ships to the bay with my giant, giant eyeballs.
  4. Realised my ombre lips matched my Leighannsays inspired nail art.
  5. FOTD off to work.
  6. Taking pictures of my pout for the BINTM competition.
  7. My Motel Rocks Dungaree's i won via twitter arrived (seriously love these babies)look book should be up shortly.
  8. Re-posting my original Gatsby pics for the Tress Couture Gatsby contest.
  9. Red lips, FOTD
  10. Ashleigh was very excited by her birthday nail art, and I was very impressed.
  11. OOTD, the day after the night before, feeling a little worse for wear.
  12. Accessories from my OOTN.
  13. FOTD, BFF's birthday bbq/night out.
  14. Casual OOTD, disco pants and oversized tee.
  15. Again letting you all you lovely people know that my OOTD was up by flashing you my favourite MUA lipstick in shade 15, Juicy.
  16. Shamelessly photo bombed by the birthday girl. Took me an embarrassingly long time to realise as I was too busy staring at my own face (no shame)!
So that's my technically week and a half through the wonderful eyes of instagram. Sorry this post is so short and random I promise posts will be more regular after my big move home.
Let me know what you thought of this concept and if you'd like me to make it a weekly/monthly thing. (I've seen a few other bloggers doing this and I by no means want to pass this off as my own idea or offend anyone. I just thought it looked fun)
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Thank you so much for reading and supporting me.

4 June 2013

Gatsby Inspired Look

Well it's finally here guys unfortunately without a tutorial but if requesting I can attempt filming number four (yes number four, must admit I'm having slight technical issues). 

So if any of you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you would have seen the above pictures a few weeks ago, and know that i was having a pretty hard time trying to put this post together. You would have also guessed that I'm having a major crush on anything Gatsby inspired ATM and was planning this look.

Well it's my first day off in the sun that I've not be ill,  (only in England can a girl get a cold in the sunshine). So i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to attempt this look again and put up a post for you all while i had the time.

The new look is slightly improved on as i had some new goodies to play with. I hope you enjoy this look and as i stated if you want a tutorial i can guide you through it step by step.

* The slightly altered second version, a darker smokier look.

* I'm sorry for the slightly off quality on this one, unfortunately me and my eyelashes had a fight and I'm still not quite sure who won!

As stated this is a Gatsby 'inspired' look as I have not yet had chance to witness the film (a problem i will be resolving shortly). 

I wanted to go for a sort of  'over the top' 20's party look. And keeping within the style of 'Gatsby' I wanted to add a quality of intrigue. A sort of 'grimey' after the all night party affect. To show that behind all the glitter and champagne theres actually something a bit darker, hence the smokier slightly smudged eye make-up. After all, Gatsby is all about stripping away the facade.

I also wanted to create a more modern version of the 20's style. So instead of the normal dark black smokey eye and red lips i went for more of a copper based palette for the eyes and a bright pink slightly ombre lip.

I hope you all enjoy this look. I'd love to see your Gatsby inspired looks so if you have one feel free to leave a link in the comments. Or even if you try this look out, I'd love to see it!

As always why not follow me via Google or Bloglovin (links in the sidebar) to keep up to date with future post. I'd love to have you here. Or why not follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I post daily ramblings about beauty,fashion and my life.

Thank you again for reading.


Disclaimer: Some of these pictures are edited, if so I will have put a * in the caption. Also I am not a make-up artist, i just have a passion for beauty and fashion.