4 June 2013

Gatsby Inspired Look

Well it's finally here guys unfortunately without a tutorial but if requesting I can attempt filming number four (yes number four, must admit I'm having slight technical issues). 

So if any of you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you would have seen the above pictures a few weeks ago, and know that i was having a pretty hard time trying to put this post together. You would have also guessed that I'm having a major crush on anything Gatsby inspired ATM and was planning this look.

Well it's my first day off in the sun that I've not be ill,  (only in England can a girl get a cold in the sunshine). So i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to attempt this look again and put up a post for you all while i had the time.

The new look is slightly improved on as i had some new goodies to play with. I hope you enjoy this look and as i stated if you want a tutorial i can guide you through it step by step.

* The slightly altered second version, a darker smokier look.

* I'm sorry for the slightly off quality on this one, unfortunately me and my eyelashes had a fight and I'm still not quite sure who won!

As stated this is a Gatsby 'inspired' look as I have not yet had chance to witness the film (a problem i will be resolving shortly). 

I wanted to go for a sort of  'over the top' 20's party look. And keeping within the style of 'Gatsby' I wanted to add a quality of intrigue. A sort of 'grimey' after the all night party affect. To show that behind all the glitter and champagne theres actually something a bit darker, hence the smokier slightly smudged eye make-up. After all, Gatsby is all about stripping away the facade.

I also wanted to create a more modern version of the 20's style. So instead of the normal dark black smokey eye and red lips i went for more of a copper based palette for the eyes and a bright pink slightly ombre lip.

I hope you all enjoy this look. I'd love to see your Gatsby inspired looks so if you have one feel free to leave a link in the comments. Or even if you try this look out, I'd love to see it!

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Thank you again for reading.


Disclaimer: Some of these pictures are edited, if so I will have put a * in the caption. Also I am not a make-up artist, i just have a passion for beauty and fashion.


  1. Awh, I love this look! Your eyes look amazing :)
    I've not seen the film yet either, feel like I'm missing out :(
    Charlotte xxx

  2. Thank you :)

    Me neither feel like I'm really missing out! X