8 June 2013

Hello my name is Victoria and i'm addicted to Instagram

Well they say the first step to overcoming any problem is to admit you have one, so here it goes(silence in the room please) I have an instagram addiction!
There I said it, see I feel so much better already. However this is not just any Instagram problem it is a full scale vanity issue! I have to admit I've been shamelessly posting selfie's left, right and centre(all for the name of blogging I swear).
So I've been wanting to do a post while I have the day off work and if you follow me on Twitter you will know that I'm having a pretty awkward case of the good old blogger's block. Think writers block but with less romance or red wine.
Then walla it struck me, lying face down fully clothed in the middle of my bed on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I had a brain wave (just the one mind it's no ones birthday lets not get too excited here).
Why not put my addiction to good use and use one problem to solve another. So here is my *week* i use that term lightly, in instagram pictures. Or as I like to call it a whole little world of my pouty pouty face. You are lucky one's.
  1. An old OOTD from my poorly few days. Jumper and leggings was really the only way to go.
  2. Testing out my new bargain nail gems (£1 from Asda)review to follow shortly.
  3. Making all you special people aware that my new Gatsby post was up. While guiding ships to the bay with my giant, giant eyeballs.
  4. Realised my ombre lips matched my Leighannsays inspired nail art.
  5. FOTD off to work.
  6. Taking pictures of my pout for the BINTM competition.
  7. My Motel Rocks Dungaree's i won via twitter arrived (seriously love these babies)look book should be up shortly.
  8. Re-posting my original Gatsby pics for the Tress Couture Gatsby contest.
  9. Red lips, FOTD
  10. Ashleigh was very excited by her birthday nail art, and I was very impressed.
  11. OOTD, the day after the night before, feeling a little worse for wear.
  12. Accessories from my OOTN.
  13. FOTD, BFF's birthday bbq/night out.
  14. Casual OOTD, disco pants and oversized tee.
  15. Again letting you all you lovely people know that my OOTD was up by flashing you my favourite MUA lipstick in shade 15, Juicy.
  16. Shamelessly photo bombed by the birthday girl. Took me an embarrassingly long time to realise as I was too busy staring at my own face (no shame)!
So that's my technically week and a half through the wonderful eyes of instagram. Sorry this post is so short and random I promise posts will be more regular after my big move home.
Let me know what you thought of this concept and if you'd like me to make it a weekly/monthly thing. (I've seen a few other bloggers doing this and I by no means want to pass this off as my own idea or offend anyone. I just thought it looked fun)
As usual feel free to leave me a comment it would make me a very very happy girl. Also don't forget to follow me via here or Bloglovin (links are to the side) to keep up to date with future posts. Also for more instagram fun why not follow me at victoriaelizabethstone (links are above) or on twitter at stonesgotstyle.
Thank you so much for reading and supporting me.


  1. I have so much love for Instagram, how does it make the most mundane scenes look interesting?! You look stunning in all these photos, huge fan of the pouty pouty haha. Have just jumped onto Instagram on my phone to track you down and follow (on the StylingoUK account!) Look forward to seeing more pics :)

    Claire xx

  2. I know right! You can take a picture that you hate and yet add it to instagram and it will somehow look great!

    I must admit I'm such a guilty fan of the pouty pout lol. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

    And thank you that's so sweet of you! Can't wait to check out your instagram too!