20 June 2013

Mickey's 90's Love Child

Biker Jacket- Topshop(now on sale),Bag- Topshop(sale),T-shirt, The Mountain at ASOS
Hello lovelies.

 So i finally have another OOTD for you all, it seems like forever since i last posted one! I am very sorry about this, I promise they will become more regular soon. 

Today's outfit was all about comfort as I am currently packing up my room ready for my big move back home. So of course it was all about the leggings and oversize tee combo which of course also meant that I reached straight for my trusty wolf t-shirt by The Mountain. This top is seriously comfy and so easy to just throw on over some leggings and run out the house. Or in my case throw on, lay on your bed and procrastinate. No shame. 

I paired it with these navy tie dye leggings from Topshop that my Pops bought me for my 18th birthday (four years old and still going strong). These were such an investment as they always seem to creep back into fashion. (now everyone thumbs up for Daddy Ken, that man has style)

To top it all off I simply added my 'fake' Doc Marten style boots from Primark and a bundle of jewellery. Adding my Topshop biker jacket and everyday bag when i finally left my house.

Shoes- Primark, Leggings- Topshop (practically ancient, similar)
Navy Bracelet- Links of London (gift), Above knuckle rings-  Primark, Earrings- Primark

However the real focus of today's over all look was my hair and lipstick combo. As you all know I have a major Instagram addiction and I may have overdosed on it quite a bit recently. Taking inspiration from two of my favourite beauties on the app LeanneLimWalker and PearyPie (you should seriously check them out they are amazing) I decided on these super cute (slightly Mickey Mouse Esq) buns pairing them with this rather bright MUA lipstick in a beautiful peachy coral shade.

I think it's safe to say that I was feeling pretty chirpy today and wanted to reflect this in my outfit. Trust me the hair and lip combo created all sorts of random hyperactive outbursts in my room while getting ready! (anybody else get effected by their outfits like this or am I just insane? Let me know in the comments :D )

Such giant, giant eyes! Lipstick- MUA shade 15 Juicy

 I hope you guys enjoyed this look I certainly know I did today. Sorry that this post is so short I may be having a bad case of the old writers block. Let me know in the comments if you like this outfit, I love to hear from you guys. Again I'm sorry about how sporadic my posts are ATM, as soon as I've moved they will be much more frequent. (ok i seriously need to calm down the apologising)
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Thanks for reading! 

P.s. felt I should add that yes when i smile (a rare occasion in a photograph i must say) my eyes crinkle up and become non existent. So in the first few pictures I have no eyeballs! I swear it's the chesire cat smile, i really did wake up on the good side of the bed this morning. Well smile on is what I say to that.

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  1. This is SUCH a fun look, I am actually in love with your little buns (ooer that sounds a bit... wrong)

    Claire xx

    1. HAHA well that just made me spit my drink out! I will allow you to love my little buns :)

      I think this may be my new favourite hairstyle!

  2. You look amazing! I love the look and I agree, your hair looks fab. : )

    Keem em coming!
    Embrace My Style

    1. Thank you :) your so lovely.

      I do love this hair so much! x