28 July 2013

And they said diamonds were a girls best friend.

Why hello again,
 Today I have something very exciting to share with you all. Last week an absolutely lovely lady from a jewellery company called Henryka got in touch with me about a competition. Now you all know I love a competition so when i received this email I jumped off my bed like an over excited child at Christmas and sped on over to the company in question's website to check it out. And guess what? I fell in love...Hurray!

A little bit about the company:

Henryka is a company that stocks Baltic amber and silver Jewellery (now who wants to play a little game of 'how many times will she say jewellery in one post') at very reasonable prices. They stock something for every one and on any budget. The best part is that each piece is handcrafted which means every single one is unique. And let's face it don't we all love knowing that we are the owners of something a Little bit special?
Now I will tell you now that I am not the sort of person to just jump at the bit when it comes to something like this. My love of a good competition aside, I would never want to endorse something I didn't love myself to you just to bag myself some freebies. I respect you all far too much for anything like that. So trust me when I tell you that I instantly fell in love with their stunning designs. Have I mentioned they have an entire range based on cats? Yes ladies and gentlemen cats! Those fuzzy little things that have currently taken the fashion world by storm.

For the competition you have to pick your favourite piece from their collections. And after browsing their website for several hours, over several days ( I'm taking this all rather seriously) I finally decided on what it was that I just LOVED! And that item was *drum roll please*...
Now can we all just take a moment to admire this beauty. I know, I know it's a skull. I promise i tried really hard to not pick a skull but come on it's just so perdy and slightly resembles the Batman costume. Obviously a winner all round! I call it...THE BATSKULL (original I know) or for short, Phil.

So everybody say hello to Phil or as Henryka actually call him 'cognac amber and silver skull pendant' although that's not quite as catchy. Phil is described as a 'silver skull pendent with a large amber cognac ball set in the skull' which is rather spot on as far as a description goes.
Now this pendant doesn't come with a chain however for a very reasonable price you can purchase a variety of different length and style of chain at the checkout. I personally would match this with the 34inch silver curb chain  to keep with the dare I say it 'edgy vibe' of the skull pendant. 

However I think that which ever chain you decide on this piece would blend seamlessly into any wardrobe and really make a statement in an outfit. Pair it with a 'grungy' outfit and a dark lip for a truly  Gothic look. Perfect for Autumn/Winter.

  Want to know the best thing about Phil?  He has friends! Readers meet DaveSteve and Mitchell.
Over all I have really enjoyed discovering Henryka and their exquisite jewellery and I honestly think that their pieces are all truly unique and would make a stunning addition to any jewellery lovers collection.
Once again I hope you enjoyed this post. It was something a little different for you all. I hope you don't mind these sorts of posts? Let me know which Henryka item is your favourite in the comments below. I'd love to see what you guys think of their incredible collections ( and don't forget the cats!). Until next time.

A few more of my favourite pieces:

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