9 July 2013

Fashion Flashback: Now this is a story all about how...

Why hello and welcome back.So I feel as if every one of my posts always starts out with one of these little updates. So why break the habit of a lifetime? That said I'd like to start this post by holding my hands up and stating that yes, tonight's post was indeed meant to be my second Effy look. You weren't wrong my clever friend (don't miss a thing do you). However due to the fact that I am currently living out of a rather small rucksack while dog sitting at my mother's I hoped you might let me off with another fashion flashback? 

Once again this flashback goes back to the good old 90's, I mean after all everything good was created in the 90's ;) And well lets face it since Will and Jaden smiths epic The Graham Norton Show appearance we've all been a tad Fresh Prince of Bel Air crazed! I think we can all hold our hands up and admit that we sang along and had a little boogie during that now infamous moment. 

Now as brilliant as the entire wardrobe department was I would be here forever if I tried to explain it in all it's entirety. So I decided to focus on my fashion inspiration of the series, the younger of the Banks family brood Aka Ashley banks. With her enviable wardrobe full to the brim with grungy crops, knee high socks and lets face it...some pretty snazzy hats. To us younger viewers this bright and witty school girl was the ultimate fashion idol.

Hope you guys enjoyed this fashion flashback. If you like these posts why not leave me a comment below telling me which 'Fashion Flashback' you'd like to see next? Also don't forget to press that follow button to keep up to date with future posts! Now go grab your knee high socks and funky hats and have a little jig to this classic! Enjoy! 


Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any of these pictures or their rights, video is the property of You Tube. They are purely used for your entertainment.

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