19 July 2013

How to Nail it like a Pro (on the cheap).

Good morning. Well i guess that depends on when your reading this..just humour me here.

So if any of you follow me on instagram then you would have seen that I have been a woman on a mission at the moment, a mission to be Rihanna. How did I hope to accomplish this i hear you say? Well with the help of some pointy, pointy almond shaped nails (and a little bling of course).
Now almond shape nails have been a trend for a while now, gone are the days of the perfectly square, straight edged manicure and taking its place are the rounded, razor sharp claws (the only way to describe them, I swear there should be some sort of danger warning given with this manicure) spotted on some of the most style savy ladies of music and film.
Now Que my mission to be Rihanna aka the celebrity that inspired this entire craze in true Rihanna style. We all know that what ever the woman starts we all finish, well maybe not the new grey hair. So i got (in true Vickie style) obsessed with Rihanna's nails and just had to have them. Only one problem, my nails are screwed from both my lack of vitamins (yes ladies please take your vitamins if you want nice long healthy nails)and working in retail. I swear your nails just break off in that environment! So I knew I would have to fake it till I make it. However this is were we reach our second problem, I am a poor graduate and since leaving said retail job to move home I'm kinda skint. But luckily we had a way out of this little predicament aka my birthday! Yes on the 30th of June I turned 22 and my lovely sister knowing that I had become a little obsessed with almond nails bought me a voucher for me to get my nails done professionally. However that wasn't for a few weeks and I needed them now! I also needed to test out if I actually really liked them once on.
Luckily me and my father have an obsession called B&M and B&M have millions of brilliant offers on cosmetics. It's like a little heaven  that luckily is friendly on the purse. So whilst browsing through this little heaven I discovered some (rather cheap) looking nails with the pretty epic price tag of 89p . Well needless to say they accidentally 'fell' into my basket and as they say the rest was history.

What you will need: 

  • Fake nails
  • Nail Glue
  • nail file
  • Topcoat and Basecoat
  • Nail varnish
  • Gems (optional) 

(left to right) Nail file, fake nails, nail glue. topcoat & basecoat by Jessica, Rimmel 60 second nail laquer in shade 430 Coralicious, MUA Nail varnish in shade 5.

How I created the almond nails:
  1. Match the fake nails to your own
  2. file them into shape
  3. Stick on securely (try not to stick yourself to anything else)
  4. Paint with your favourite nail varnish
  5. Add gems (this is an optional step but everyone loves a bit of bling right? For the gems I used and how to reply check out my review by clicking this link)
  6. Add a topcoat to secure your art work in place.
  7. Enjoy Riahnna style (OK the dancing round your room to Rihanna step is also optional but definitely suggested!)

Going Au Natural.

 So there are the steps and here are some pictures of the different nail looks I've created using these nails and technique.

Rimmel 60 second nail laquer- 430 Coralicious

MUA Nail Varnish,-Shade 5, Glamorous nail Gems.
Nail varnish (mums), Glamorous nail gems.

And now for the professional:

OPI- The Trill of Brazil
 Overall I would definitely suggest making your own almond nails using a cheaper brand if contemplating getting them for real. After all the actual nail shape/length can be rather tricky to deal with in real life situations like doing up a button or flushing the toilet (TMI i know but what is with those new push down flushes, i swear i nearly lost a finger a few times) especially if your not used to wearing them. They also make fantastic bases for exploring your favourite nail art designs! So next time you want to drop it like Rihanna add a 'cheaper' addition to your style with some super diva'ish pointy nails.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your opinion on almond shape nails in the comments below. Love them or hate them? Also add me on instagram, username 'stonesgotstyle' for lots more nail looks. Thank you for reading.

P.s Let me know if you would like a tutorial on the Rihanna look in the first picture.


Disclaimer- Rihanna picture is not mine, all rights go to the photographer.


  1. You can't even notice the difference between the professional ones and the ones you done yourself! Definitely going to try this for my debs next week!:)

    1. There rather time consuming but totally worth it especially if your on a budget. I got two set of nails from one 89p pack of nails!