29 July 2013

'I'm F*ckin Cook'

So it's finally that time, the beginning of the end of Skins.   And throughout the ups and downs ( the downs mainly being anything past series 4!)I must admit it's been a ball.

So as this chapter reaches an end and I reach the ripe old age of 22 I suppose it's finally time to say Au reviour to my teenage self. But not until I have one more shot at youth by re-living my ever short lived phase of Chavdom. Yes ladies and gentleman I was once, very briefly a chav, complete with faux Adidas trackies and cider on the park all at probably too young an age. And although I'm in no way proud of this stage I feel as if it was a rite of passage that passed me by too soon until I was enveloped in the world of screamo music and far too much black eyeliner. Also known as my Emo days.

So it is with great excitement and a rather large amount of sadness (and well let's face it, a pretty epic crush) that I begin my goodbye to not only the insanely gorgeous Jack O'Connell (luckily only as Cook, denying a girl fully of that beauty is surely some sort of national disaster)but also to a show that propelled me forward down my path towards acting. 

Now that's enough soppyness Vickie, it's a T.V show not a favourite pet! So here it goes my goodbye in the form of my Cook inspired look.

Hoody- Primark (men's section), White Scoop back Tee- ASOS, Jeans- Primark, Pumps- ASOS (similiar).

Now as you all may have noticed Cook is in fact a man and I am a woman and as much as I enjoy wearing mens clothing for the sake of this series I thought I best stick with what I know and dress as a woman. Start wearing head to toe male clothing and this would be a completely different sort of blog. Also one thing was completely lacking from my life, as well as my purse by a  means of getting said item when it came around to me putting this post together.

And that would be Cook's signature 'Fred Perry' jacket.

So I decided to stick with the general 'theme' of cook's look which would be...dum, dum, dum (couldn't resist the drama, sorry) fashionable chav. So we are right back to my earlier childhood memories. Hope you enjoy.

(Please excuse the nail varnish!) Midi Rings- Primark, Chain- Primark, Earrings- Republic (sale)

(Look at me thinking I'm all cool!)  Lipstick-  W7 Mega Matte Lips (nude)

So I hope you've all enjoyed these inspired looks. Let me know if theres a series you'd like me to do a series of inspired outfit post's about or any other suggestions for that matter. I'm always happy to hear from you guys.  



  1. I really love this post! I think we have ALL had those chavy days, me and lucy definitely cannot deny that we haven't haha!
    I love this outfit, especially how you have accessorised it :)

    Charlotte xx

    1. Thanks :) It means a lot to know people enjoy reading my posts!

      This Skins series was so fun to do (although a quick change was necessary on this ootd) Cook's episodes were definitley my favourite!

      I definitley cannot deny my Chav roots, must be something to do with the air where were from.

  2. LOVE this! Such a cool post. And Jack O'Connell is BEAUTIFUL so his picture is definitely welcome haha! xx