18 July 2013

Say Hello to My Little Friend- Love Voucher Collab

Why Hello there.
So If you've read my last couple of posts you may have seen we have a new little companion on this page. It is pink and shiny and lives to the right. (no its not that...naughty!) It is a new widget from the nice people over at http://www.lovemyvouchers.co.uk/ full of lovely, lovely, fashion related offers and lets face it, who doesn't love a voucher?
Love Voucher.com is described on the website as 'the home of UK voucher codes and deals' and it certainly lives up to that reputation with vouchers for practically everything from food and drink to fashion, beauty and insurance. Which means that love voucher makes it incredibly easy to find the right offer for you. Simply search what you wanted by category or even easier, have a specific place you wanted to go? Simply type the company into the handy search bar and sample the many many offers available.
Overall I think it's safe to say that I am now rather in love with Love Voucher and cannot recommend them highly enough. There fore say hello to my little friend (no pun intended) as he will be here from now on. And Good news, want a new friend for your blog too? Simply click this link http://www.lovemyvouchers.co.uk/

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