15 July 2013

'They think were in Heaven, but were living in Hell' Skins Lookbook Part 2: Cassie

Why hello there and welcome back.

Well it's that time once again or as I like to call it Skins O'clock. It's all been very exciting so far right? I mean what will the future now hold for Effy? Will the rest of the series carry on with the Naomi storyline? Only time will tell my friend as tonight is the start of a new chapter in the latest series with the return of Cassie. Now I feel that before we commence I should tell you, I am a tiny bit in love with Cassie. And by tiny I mean I Love, love, love her! She has in fact always been my favourite character among all series. Now come on admit it who didn't have a bit of a Cassie obsession...I mean how can such a small girl be so endlessly fascinating? And do not even get me started on her style, her (insanely cute) relationship with Sid or the way she say's "wow" because we will be here all day. I will admit right now that that last bit was a tad weird. But seriously have you tried mimicking her infamous "wow" because let me tell you my friend it is blooming hard work!
Needless to say I am very, very excited for tonight's episode and I think I speak for us all when I say that part of that excitement stems from seeing what she wears! Also my friend is in one of these two episodes and a spot of 'where's *insert name* (you know who you are ) is always welcome! Let's just say that tonight at 10pm we all know that I will be sat with my face pressed against the T.V, wagging my foot in excitement.

Sunglasses- Primark, T-shirt- Junk Food via House of Fraiser (old), Pencil Skirt- G21 Asda

Pearls- Thailand,  Lace hair tie- Primark

Frilly Socks-Topshop , Flatforms- River island (sale)

W7 Cosmetics- Mega Matte Lips

I hope you all enjoyed this look,  I've always been a fan of Cassie's quirky vintage style and love a good socks and sandals combo so putting this outfit together has been thoroughly enjoyable.  Let me know what your thoughts in the comments below or maybe even leave me your favourite Cassie look or your opinions on the new series so far, i love a good chinwag.  Well until next time...


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