26 July 2013

Week in Instagram Part 2

Why hello there.
So it's reached that time again ladies and gentleman. The time that i regale you all with lots of pictures of my pouty, pouty little face in the form of my addiction...Instagram. And this time I have another confession to make, it's got worse! Yep thats right, we all thought it couldn't happen but I can now safely tell you that I am out of my denial and ready to admit that my love of this app is getting slightly inappropriate. Que marriage in Vegas, diamante Lycra clad Elvis and the whole shabang.
So this being the case my actual week (well more like 2, shh!) in Instagram has grown and I am sorry for the list that is about to occur, so (seen as we may be here a while) I guess I should stop chin wagging and get on with the main event.
  1. The results of my job hunt. Oops!
  2. OOTD- Yet another crop and dungaree combo. This time Mickey came along for the ride!
  3. Trying a mint choc chip frappaccino on the way back from Ikea, all I can say is YUM!
  4. OOTD- Loving these printed jeans my sister gave me.
  5. Scarf braid, new favourite hair style.
  6. OOTD- I <3 my Motel Rocks dungarees. ( View post here )
  7. Date night with the acting love of my life aka Mr.Kenneth Branagh ladies and Gentleman and NT Live. Cannot rate this production any higher, was stunning! (acting crush!!!)
  8. Finally got my claws done professionally, feel like Rihanna.
  9. Promoting my Cassie look for my Skins series. ( View post here )
  10. OOTD-Busting out my adorable Primark floral crown.
  11. FOTD- Loving my neon lip, bronze eye look. (if I do say so myself)
  12. New shoes! A complete bargain in the River Island sale.
  13. Got my hair done finally! We dip dyed it lilac...then it all washed out. (gutted)
  14. Sleep over with Auntie Vicky!
  15. My nephew then stole my crisps.
  16. Trying out the claws with my DIY almond nails ( View tutorial here ) 
  17. Eating scampi* for the first time in 7 years thanks to the wonderful Linda McCartney's. It was heaven.
  18. OOTN- Cheeky bathroom selfie.
  19. Birthday drinks.
  20. Made a few birthday purchases.
  21. OOTD- making the most of the Topshop mirror.
  22. THE best salad of my life in Nando's. Aka the new avocado and green bean salad (couldn't resist a naughty side of haloumi)
  23. OOTD- Promoting my Effy look. The first in my Skins series. ( View post here )
  24. Distracting my nephew whilst my sister buys a carpet with a selfie.
  25. Birthday selfie. (look at my pouty, pouty birthday face)
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