12 July 2013

Why hello Glossybox how very nice it is to finally meet you!- June 2013 (in July)

Why hello again and how lovely it is to see you back.
Now if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that  June happened to be the month of my birth. It also happened to be the month that I admitted I was too poor to remain in my flat in what can only be described as 'gangsterville', so I packed my bags admitted defeat and moved back home! (only for a little while I'd like to add). Needless to say that meant that I had a little more cash to spend on myself and a very good reason to do just that.
Now Glossy box is one of those things that I've been wanting to subscribe to for quite a while now and I've always told myself that if I ever had the money I would subscribe. So role on the day I was moving back home , (also known as payday) oh how I love a happy coincidence. When I finally bit the bullet and straight away (actually in the car on my way home) took the plunge and ordered my first box. I expected seen as it was the end of the month that I would start my subscription from July. However I was delighted to find that I was wrong and that it would indeed start with June. Happy Birthday to me!

I should probably explain a bit of what Glossybox actually is (just in case you've been living under a rock for the past 2 years!). Well Glossybox is a monthly subscription service designed and aimed at the beauty obsessives in us all. It is technically a pretty pink box that is delivered to your doorstep every month, inside lies 5 luxury samples to full size products from different, exciting brands. Now the idea behind this little treat is surprisingly not to make you feel like it's your birthday every month (although that is a welcome side affect) but to introduce you to up coming brands or established favourites that you perhaps wouldn't normally pop in your basket. Then if you like a product you can go onto the main site and order the full size/more/everything in your box, you decide. The price of this monthly little gift is a very reasonable £10 or £12.95 and as far as I've ever seen the value of the boxes themselves are always higher, so definitely worth the money!
And just over a week ago after waiting what seemed like a lifetime, but was actually less then a week I received a snazzy little package. Now as a You Tube addict I had already seen many a June unboxing and therefore knew sort of what to expect. Below is what I received in my first box. A box that I was definitely not disappointed by despite my high expectation.




What I received in my June box:

  1. John Frieda- Frizz Ease Original Serum (30ml?)
  2. Monu Professional Skincare- Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 15 (30ml)
  3. MEMEME Cosmetics - Eye Inspire Mono Eye Shadow (full size)
  4. Figs & Rouge Lip Balm- Cherry Blossom (full Size)
  5. Helen E Cosmetics- Lip Crayon in shade Red Carpet (full size)

John Frieda- Frizz Ease Original Serum
Now this was the first thing that jumped out at me when I opened the box, maybe it was the holographic packaging, maybe it was simply because it was the largest product (small minds hey). However one thing I know is that this was a product that I suspected could be in my box and that I was actually thrilled to find had been included.
This is also one of those products that bloggers and practically everyone has raved about in their lifetime. I know my older sister (a woman blessed or cursed with rather giant curly hair, I will leave you to decide on which) used to swear by this when she was around 16 years of age. However its just something that unfortunately  never made its way into my shopping basket.
I do however have rather frizzy/uncontrollable  hair with a natural wave. And although now that I've finally got it cut it is a bit more manageable I will never turn my nose up at a product that is intended to make my life easier by smoothing my rather over excited hair. Saying that this is one of the products that I actually haven't had chance to use yet, what with said hair cut and everything. However I'm sure that will be resolved soon. Review anybody?
Now onto value for money. This product is £6.25 for 50ml and if I remember correctly the size I received in my Glossybox was 30ml therefore I'd put this as a luxury sample.
Monu Professional Skincare- Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 15.
Now I know from reading/watching other people's unboxing's that Monu is a brand that frequently appears in the world of Glossybox. I have always read good things and was very excited to receive this moisturiser, especially with it including SPF as things do seem to be warming up in England (yes I can't quite believe that I've just said that either!)so any protection for my practically translucent skin is always welcome.
According to the trusty Glossybox leaflet this product is meant to 'tick all the protection and prevention boxes' with 'zinc oxide SPF (which) provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection against the sun's damaging rays while vitamin E fights free radicals and soft focus technology helps to blur imperfections and correct skin tone'. Hmm anybody else understand a word of that because I certainly didn't, however as the simpleton that I am I'm going to take that as a good thing.
Now I have a confession to make when it comes to skincare I'm a cheap and cheerful stickler to the tried and tested. Which means I've been using Simple's Moisturiser daily for a rather long time now. I mean come on when you can get a decent moisturiser that works for you for under £2 why would you ever change. Having said that I've been very impressed with the Monu moisturiser, and while I'm not entirely sure whether the free radicals have been fought off by the spectrum UVA or UVB (sounds like a odd battle between the Starship Enterprise and the cast of Les Miserable if you ask me)I do know that this has accomplished it's mission of moisturising my skin and fought off the suns rays. No pesky sun burnt nose for me thank you very much!
Also on a side note I have to mention that this smells divine! Although I can't quite put my finger on the scent me and my sister (who was roped into this mission)decided it smelt like expensive skincare and maybe lemons? If any of you can tell me what this smells like in the comments I would be greatly appreciated!
Now on to price of this baby. Well for a skimper like me this product is rather expensive at £29 for the full size which is again 50mls. However I would highly recommend this to someone who liked to splash out on decent skincare (I bow down to you as I wish this was something that I did). Again this was 30ML and a Luxury tester.
MEMEME Cosmetics-  Eye Inspire Mono Eye Shadow
Now I know that many bloggers rave about this brand however once again I have never owned anything by MEMEME before although I'm always meaning to pick something up, so I was very happy to receive this. Also I joined Glossybox more for the make-up side of things so am always happy to receive Make-up in my box.
The first thing I noticed about this was the colour. The shade is 09 Mirage and it is a lovely bronzy, gold colour with a lot of sparkle. I am a fan of bronze shades and have actually been looking for one for a while. This one is very well pigmented and I think it will go extremely well with another make-up product I received in my box (spoilers). I have tried this product and I am very happy with it so far it applies smoothly and packed on top of a bronze toned cream shadow it did not crease at all throughout the day. Not much else that you can ask from an eye shadow really.
This was a full size product at the retail price of £4.99.
Figs & Rouge Lip Balm- Cherry Rouge.
This was another one of those products that I suspected was in my box as it seemed that almost everyone had received one. Mine is in Cherry blossom and it smells incredible. It is a 100% natural tinted lip balm that gives lips a lovely red/pink tint. The formula is rather thick but very nourishing. I think the thing I love most is that it is 100% petroleum free, something I am now an avid supporter of after my friend explained to me just how disgusting it is for ones pout!
Also can I just give a shout out to the packaging? I mean come on how pretty are these little tubes!
So yes I am very happy with this product I mean after all can a girl really have too many lip balms? Especially in the summertime.
 Once again a full size product that retails at £5.00.
Helen E Cosmetics- Lip Crayon
Now this last product is again another beauty item so I was very happy about that. It is also...may I have a drum role please, a red lip product. Now you all know I love a good lip product especially a red lippy (I counted and I own 15, now 16!). And once again this was by a brand that I've always been intrigued by but never purchased. We actually used to sell this at my old work and I often wondered what was in those gift bags everyone seemed to be walking around with.
Saying that I have not actually heard much about the brand as a whole so I am very intrigued to see how this rates. I've still not tested this out apart from to swatch it on my hand but it seems to be a lovely classic red colour(what do you expect from a lipstick called Red Carpet?)  which I think will go beautifully with the MEMEME Eye shadow for a classic 40's look. I'm also loving the crayon idea as I like anything that I can just draw onto my face like a small child!
Again this was a full size item at £8 for the 2g of product.
So over all I have been very impressed by my first box. Although I feel like as the 'summer box' it should have maybe included some more immediately summer Esq products. However I get where they are coming from with the SPF, lip balm and hair smoother, I mean we've all been caught by that pesky humidity in summer but the red lip crayon, classic but an odd choice for a summer box I'd expect more corals or pinks.
I did however receive 3 full size products that all together add up to £17.99 (not going to lie I just used a calculator!)which is more then the box cost including postage. As well as that I did receive (kind of) 3 beauty items which is why I joined as well as discovering new brands which is another main reason. Also I can now store my make-up like a pro (don't try and tell me that's not part of why you joined!)
So there you go, my first Glossybox review/unboxing and an ever so slightly weird June box in July post. We like to do things different around here. I hope you all enjoyed this review/unboxing, as I said it was my first of these type's of posts so be nice. Also let me know if you would like one of these unboxing's every month as I have found this very enjoyable. Also let me know what you received in your Glossybox in the comments below as I'd love to know how we differed (if so). And thank you for taking the time to read this. I still find it odd that people actually like to listen to my ramblings.
If you fancied giving Glossybox a whirl and wanted to subscribe yourself just click this link for some more information and enjoy :)

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