31 August 2013

Week In Instagram- Take 3

A very happy hello to all.

It's been a while since my last week in Instagram, which means of course I am back once again to regale you all with my daily musings and mirror posing (as in I pose every day not in a 'Daily Mirror' page 3 sorta way). This past week, well technically week and a half maybe even two (let's just pretend shall we)has been pretty crazy and boring in equal doses. At the start of these pictures and my 'week' I was locked in my bedroom sick and rather contagious. However in an exciting twist of fate I have ended it with a job! Yey! Thank the lord is what I say to that as I have been so insanely bored since moving home a few months ago. And although I don't exactly want to be splashing where I'm going to be working all around the Internet I want you all to know that it's all very exciting, and I am going to be surrounded by some pretty amazing clothes.

Anyway gushing firmly over, let's continue with the job at hand:
  1.  Today's outfit- I suppose it's rather fitting to be starting this post with the outfit I am currently wearing whilst writing it. This is as I so lovingly wrote on my Instagram, my take on a simple 'off duty' jeans and t-shirt look. Well let's just give me kudos for trying. Wearing my DIY crop top, Topshop jeans and check shirt as well as my bargain 99p (including pp) ID tag choker from the wonderful eBay.
  2.  What I wore to my interview-I have worn and blogged about this OOTD before (link here) and it is now firmly set as one of my faves. It was a firm winner among all my lovely Twitter followers too who lovingly said 'hell yeah' to this look for my interview. Thank you to everyone who replied and wished me luck, you give me so much confidence.
  3. Doing it 90s style- showing off my 90s schoolgirl hairstyle. Anyone remember doing this back in their middle school days?
  4. And the whole outfit- loving my new palm print crop from Choies which cost me £2 (free postage, check out their joining offer) bargain!
  5. Had to cut down my gel claws- filed and painted using this amazing UV polish by W7. They will be sadly missed.
  6. A snapshot from my previous OOTD post (link here) - Wearing my favourite Motel Rocks dungarees (what a surprise) and this amazing tartan crop from Primark as well as my new 'vickie' satchel from A New Moda that I am very much in love with!
  7. Purple hair- re-dyed my tips, this time I added some lavender and paired it with my new Sleek Pout Paint in shade 'Mauve Over'(so tempted to dye my whole hair).
  8. My outfit from that day. Keeping it simple in a backless Primark tee and George at Asda spotted pencil skirt.
  9. Another OOTD snap shot from earlier on in the week (link here). So happy to have saved this amazing Asos dress from the bin.
  10. An earlier (rather arty) snap of my ootd. Had such a positive response to this pic that I decided to recreate the look for an entire post.
  11. Feeling rather 90s punk in all black for another OOTD post. Loving doing my hair in these two mini buns recently.
  12. Front View- Another snap of the same outfit from earlier in the day. 
  13. OOTD- styling up this amazing cut out dress I won via a Twitter competition from Fashion Union.
  14. Feeling Poorly- I may have the best sister in the world. Was stuck in bed sick so she bought me some biscuits and a one direction chocolate bar.
  15.  Another arty snap-  this time styling up my amazing Daisy Street Kimono with a simple crop and jeans combo. (check out my Daisy Street wish list)
  16. Probably one of my favourite items of clothing ever- wearing my check/tartan skirt from New Look in a OOTD post (link here).
So there you have it ladies and gents, a look into my life via the wonderful and powerful Oz... or is it Instagram I get confused! I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have enjoyed this series so far. Let me know if there's any outfits you would like an OOTD post on or any tutorials from my past week that you would like to see. 
Hugs and unicorn love!

29 August 2013

Over It

Hello again

So surprise, surprise today I have another OOTD post for, technically it's yesterdays outfit however as you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter (that old phrase again), yesterday I finally got to see 'The Mortal Instruments' after a very painfully long wait and ......they massacred the book! Needless to say I thought it would be wise (since I was heartbroken) to keep myself away from any sort of social media until I had had chance to cool down. Honestly I could have cried, sounds silly I know but I am a massive fan of the books and it's just horrific, which is sad really as it had some pretty awesome casting and the possibility to be a really good film. However let's not make my technology ban futile by blabbing on about The Mortal Instruments and carry on with the outfit in question instead.

So I posted a (rather arty) picture a few days back on my Instagram page and instantly got many a like so I thought why not recreate it for you all on my blog. Also I happen to really like how this outfit came together and since I didn't do anything ( I don't even think I left the house ) on the actual day that I wore it I thought it should at least enjoy the light of day.

 Tartan High Neck crop- Primark (current)
Acid Wash Dungarees- Motel Rocks
Cross Belt- Primark (sale)
Earrings- Primark
Sunglasses (that I had forgotten were on my head, oops)- Primark
Studded Creepers- New Look (now on sale)
White 'Vickie' Satchel- A New Moda
Lipstick- Sleek Pout Paint, Pin Up Via Depop

So my entire outfit started with a recent trip to Primark to pick up this stunning tartan (big up the tartan love) high neck crop that @BlackCatStoreUK (you should seriously check them out their jewellery is stunning) lovingly tweeted me. She knows about my tartan obsession! Needless to say as soon as I saw it I had to have it for my own. And of course I just had to throw this under my ultimate favourite item of clothing aka my Motel Rocks dungarees. And seen as these are rather large on me I decided to throw on another Primark purchase I will lovingly describe as 'the blogger belt'. Seriously remember I told you of the cult items all bloggers seem to have? Well this belt is one of them from many a month ago however I have only now seen one in my local store. As a creature of habit I of course paired this with black tights and my studded New Look creepers as well as my Primark cross earrings (which matched my new belt nicely and were reduced to a pound, thank you very much Primark).

OK so now I have to move onto my satchel which I absolutely love and only received yesterday. However a love this strong can wait for no man so I just had to wear it as soon as the packaging was off. I won this via Twitter as part of a goodie bag from A New Moda along with a necklace and some bracelets (which will be included in tomorrows OOTD). The satchel its self isn't even available on the website yet and I am so thankful to A New Moda for hosting the competition and also naming this satchel after moi! Everybody say hello to the 'Vickie' Satchel! Hell Yeah, it's not everyday a girl gets a bag named after her. So a big thank you to Kate over at A New Moda I honestly would recommend their Satchels which are amaze balls (yep that happened, just go with it) and you can get them personalised with studs! Seriously what's not to love.

Got to love my bargain pout paint which I purchased as a set of 3 for £6 including PP via Depop!

Once again I hope that you enjoyed this look as much as I did. This may actually be one of my new favourite outfits and hairstyles. Don't you just love the days where you just throw your hair up and it looks amazing! Let me know which trend your loving for AW in the comments below. I am obviously loving all things tartan ATM (check out my other tartan posts here and here).


Disclaimer: I may have won some of these products however all opinions are my own. I would never recommend something that I didn't believe in myself.


27 August 2013

The Colour Purple

Hello you lovely lot.

 Denim Dress- Asos (similiar)
White Scoop Back T-shirt- Asos
Cross Waist Belt- Primark (sale)
Frilly Socks- Topshop
Sandals- Primark
Chain Necklace- Primark
Sunglasses (pictured below)- Primark
Backpack (pictured below)- Topshop (sale)

 Hair Ties (used as bracelets
Lipstick- 1D for MUA, Louis 'rock me' via Superdrug

So today I'm back with another OOTD for you all (aren't I on the ball...well kinda). Yesterday was one of those lazy Sunday days that miraculously ended up including BBQ food (hell to the yeah). In this case a plate full of veg and corn on the cob (fancy).  Now enough about the lovely, lovely succulent food and onto the outfit! So recently I've been getting many a sleepless night. Why I hear you ask? Well, my sister ladies and gentleman is a shopping queen and has totalled up quite a collection over the past few years. In fact most of my clothes during my poor student days were handed down to me by my sistermostly unworn and with the tags still attached. Score right, well you'd think so wouldn't you? However a slight problem has arisen as of late...me and my sister are no longer the same size. In fact we have completely different body types, she has a flat stomach to die for and perfectly placed curves that would even make Jessica Rabbit jealous. In short, she's a babe! And I well, I am not so well endowed in the boobage region (well she has had a boob job, I can't compete with that).

Right so you're now probably thinking OK Vic, why are you banging on about your sister and boobs. Well my clever friends there has been a dress, a stunning purple rinsed denim beauty from the mecca that is Asos that still has it's tags attached. Which is being held hostage in a bin bag right outside my sisters bedroom ready to be thrown out. Now as I lay awake at night one question has been dancing through my mind. How can I rescue that dress and make it work for me? And the other morning at the bright old hour of 2am slightly delirious, and pretty certain I was about to be murdered by a ghost (I swear I could hear breathing)I had a light bulb moment. So que 7 hours later when a freshly purple haired me tore apart that retched bin bag and released the captive dress from it's grimey man made prison. I had decided to create a twist on the classic school girl pinafore dress and I knew exactly how I was going to do it(don't you just love it when inspiration hits).

For starters I had to bulk up to make sure I at least half fit the dress. I did this by popping a white t-shirt under the dress to pad out my silhouette in those less forgiving areas. Next I popped on this belt (from a haul that shall be coming to you shortly)to synch in the waist and add back in my natural womanly shape. Of course I couldn't resist going the whole hog and adding some matching frilly socks and sandals to add to my 'schoolgirl' twist. Any excuse for socks and sandals hey!

I hope you all enjoyed this OOTD, I know it's something a bit different from my usual outfits (basically meaning it's not all or mostly black) which I will now blame wholly on my new unicorn hair! What do you think, how would you style this baby? Let me know in the comments down below as I'd love some further inspiration to make my rescue mission seem less futile. Until next time.


25 August 2013

Avenue 32 Dream Holiday- Havana Nights

Que vola mi ambia!!!! 

Today I have something very exciting and slightly fancy for you all. I have been invited to share my ideal holiday with you lovely bunch for a chance to win a pair of sunglasses from Avenue 32. Now for those of you that don't know, Avenue 32 is a high end designer online retailer that sells brands such as 3:1 Phillip Lim and Temperley London. The store is absolutely stunning and well worth a gander (even if like me you don't exactly have the right budget) as you can get some incredible bargains on their sale page.

Now this post comes at a rather ironic (if not slightly heart breaking) time as I have recently been daydreaming about vanishing off to my chosen location since moving back home. This being said I'm not sure if this post is a blessing, being that I can fantasy live my dream or torture as I could never afford this is a million years (three years at drama school leaves you in rather a lot of debt). However I thought that if this does indeed cheer me up as hoped then wouldn't it be lovely for me to take you, my lovely readers with me on my grand excursion and cheer you all up too? So follow me my friends as we go on 'our' fantasy holiday. Go grab your passports as your all invited!

So first off I guess I should explain where this dream holiday will be taking place. Well hold on to your seats ladies and Gentleman as we are jetting off ( in first class style of course) to Cuba! Yes Cuba, not every ones first choice but I am going to let you in on a rather embarrassing reason. It's simple really, I've wanted to go to Cuba ever since watching Dirty Dancing 2. There the secret is out, I've finally said those words out loud! Yes there's a Dirty Dancing 2 and yes it is one of my favourite films/soundtracks of all time (seriously you should go check out the soundtrack it's incredible). It is also coincidentally a blooming brilliant film. 

Anyway cringe inducing confessions to one side. I've been googling holidays in Cuba on and off for a while now, what with it being my dream escape location and throughout this, one hotel has stuck in mind for reasons I will now state below. The hotel in question? The Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort in Guardalavaca, Holguin.

  1. It is 5* and if I'm having a dream holiday then I am going 5* all the way baby.
  2. It's stunning! Yep obviously the main reason why we chose our hotels. After all it is where your going to be spending the majority of your time. Also I'm a bit of a germ freak in new places so I like to know that it's clean. 
  3. It's adult only. Yes now this is going to sound harsh but when I go on holiday I want to relax. I have absolutely no problem with children ( I love the crazy mini people really) however picture this... your laid on a sun lounger, ice cold cocktail chilling to your right, a good book sat on your lap, warm sun shining on your face and over excited children screaming in your ear and splashing water all over you? Erm no thank you somehow that hasn't made it into my holiday yet (thank God).
  4. Swim to bar! Eh, yeah you can swim to the bar. No longer do you have to clamber out of the nice warm water, adjust your swimsuit for modesty and run to the bar burning your little toesies on the ground. You can simply, leisurely swim to get your cocktail. Heaven.
  5. Buffet food. As again 'dream holiday' means all inclusive of course. And as a vegetarian and a bit of a weirdo when it comes to what I will put in my body I find eating on holiday a bit of a nightmare. I refuse to do a Charlotte and transport a 2 week supply of pudding in my purse (or cereal as I did on my last holiday). I have viewed several pictures and the restaurant has a plentiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sorted.
  6. They include lots of activities from scuba diving to horse riding. As well as dance lessons where of course I can find my own Mr. Swayze/ Diego Luna. It also has a spa and gym. All set if you ask me.
  7. The deluxe rooms sounds incredible. Here is how the website described them 'Royal Service Master junior suites and Royal Service master junior suites with ocean view sleep up to 2 adults with a king-size bed and have the same facilities as other room types plus Royal Service Extras - luxury welcome cocktail, personalised check-in, VIP treatment on arrival, VIP amenities, 24-hour room service, butler service, turn down service, pillow and sheets menu, guaranteed reservations in à la carte restaurants/diving/spa, VIP minibar, 1 hydrothermal circuit per person per stay and 30% discount off any massage' 
  8. And finally the most important part on my holiday, the hotel can be combined with a three day stay in Havana. We will get on to this a little later.  

The Holiday: 
The main part of my holiday, like most would be spent lounging around the pool or exploring the amazing beaches that surround the resort. I mean isn't the reason why most of us go on holiday to relax? And with the resort being all inclusive and lets face it rather spectacular it would be a crime to not spend some time swimming my way to the bar! Which leads me perfectly to my first outfit.

Lazy Beach Days

  Bjorg Rose Gold Plated Cuff
Prism Raspberry Morro De Sao Paolo Bikni Top
Prism Raspberry Morro De Sao Paolo Bikini Bottoms 
Stella McCartney Nude Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Maslin Natural Jaguar Beach Towel
Ancient Greek Sandals Gold Ikaria Winged
Leutton Postle Pink Leather Tassel Shoulder Bag

I must confess I am not much of a 'swimwear' person (I would much prefer a pair of shorts!) as I am very self conscious after a certain horrific incident on a previous holiday (let's just say boys can be cruel and I was not particularly light back then). However obviously seen as this is my dream holiday I'm going to miraculously have a body like keira knightley and if anyone tries anything well, Mr.Hiddleston will be on my arm to tell them to quieten down in his sexy, sexy voice (well a girl can dream). So with my phobia's aside I decided on the tiniest bikini (of course,floozy) however this stunning dusty pink one by Prism is the most beautifully tailored two piece for lounging by the pool and I just couldn't resist.  I added a touch of my own personality with this stunning cuff and these amazing winged sandals! Also can I just say, how amazing is this bag? I mean come on we all know that on a trip to the beach a giant slouchy bag is essential and this one is just so... fun. I am in love, it's official.

Now it's my dream holiday I'm not going to spend it all lounging by the pool (that would be lazy) and I am a girl with a mission. A mission to explore the place where Dirty Dancing 2 has lead me, Havana. And of course it wouldn't be a blogger's holiday without a spot of shopping now would it! Remember reason number 8 well that benefit kicks in now as I would of course be visiting the city for 3 days of history, shopping, cocktails and culture. And of course I cannot go running around Havana in my bikini so I need the perfect 'shopping outfit' something timeless that just screams city chic.

Fantasy Holiday OOTD - exploring

 I have a tip to help you find the perfect 'holiday wardrobe' for less around this time of year when the summer stock is slowly being phased out in favour of warmer AW palettes. Shop in the sale as most of those pushed out summer pieces will now be a fraction of the price. Just like these trousers which currently have a whopping 60% off and are a wardrobe staple. I decided to make these striking bottoms the main focal point of my outfit, sticking to a monochrome palette to keep this look timeless. To add some intrigue to the rater simple look I decided to add this stunning silver choker and matching chunky silver sandals. And once again I am having serious bag love for this 3:1 Phillip Lim backpack not only is it simply stunning but it has room for all those city essentials.

And finally remember those dance lessons available at the hotel? Well it wouldn't be a 'Dirty Dancing' inspired Cuban holiday without a spot of just that. And yes I am definitely talking of dirty dancing my little bottom off , with Tom of course! I expect to be salsa dancing it up left right and centre on this holiday and obviously it wouldn't be salsa if you didn't have a bit of movement. Which is exactly what I had in mind when mixing up this baby aka outfit number three.

Havanna Nights

As soon as my beady little pupils caught sight of this amazing fringed skirt I just knew it would be perfect for a spot of dirty dancing. Just imagine the patterns I could make on the dance floor with this stunner(er I'm talking about the skirt)! And of course its consists of two of my favourite colours, black and purple (yes I am aware that black is not a colour just go with me on this one). If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram (I swear I say that in every post)then you will know that I have been dip dying my hair lilac for a while now with the intention of some day taking the plunge and dying the whole lot.  So with this intention in mind I thought that the purple/gold palette of this ensemble would be simply devine for an evening out. 

 I am guessing that the choice of feathered top with a heavily fringed skirt may seem a little controversial to some however with the top of this Cami being so fragile it balances out the heavily textured lower section. With the outfit itself being so busy accessories would have to be kept simple. With that in mind I decided to pull out the purple and gold from what could be a one dimensional outfit (what with all the black on black)with these beautiful gold and purple earrings and stunning structural platforms. You know me I can't resist a chunky shoe!

It's now time for the end of this extraordinary holiday unfortunately as me and Tom have got to jet back home to appear together in Joe Wrights latest movie, a collaborative project with Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan based around a vampire love story. ;)

It has been wonderful sharing this holiday with you, we will have to catch up soon to reminisce on those crazy Havana nights drinking shots and dancing the salsa.

Now I know this post was something a little different however I certainly had fun creating it and I only hope that you equally enjoyed reading it. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all go on one big holiday!


24 August 2013

Warm Bodies

We meet again old friend!

So today's post is going to be a short OOTD to get me back in the swing of things. As you will know if you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram I have recently been locked away in my bedroom with a sickness bug (how very boring it was as well)hence my lack of posting as of late. I am terribly sorry about this, you know what it's like if you have little ones in your family. They pick it up from school and soon everyone in the family is battling it out to get to the bathroom! (TMI I know I am terribly sorry).

So today has been the second day that I have actually managed to put some clothes on and the first day that I've actually felt alive. Ironic really then that I chose today of all days to dress like Morticia Addams. 

 'New york City Chic' Vest- Primark (current)
Lace maxi skirt- Primark (old)
Cardigan- South (stolen off my sister..naughty)
Striped Backpack- Topshop (sale)
Studded Creepers-  New Look (sale)
Pentagram Choker- BlackCat Jewellery
Lipstick- Lime Crime D'Lilac Via Love Makeup

I hope that you all enjoyed this look. It's something a little more 'gothic' than usual but you've got to go with wherever your mood takes you with an outfit I always say. Also I've been loving these little 90's buns recently and any opportunity hey! Don't forget to click that follow button to keep up to date with future posts. Also keep your eyes out for my 1st milestone competition that will begin shortly! Watch this space people.



20 August 2013

Hope, Wish , Want - Daisystreet Wishlist (part 1)

Hello again,

Now some of you may recognise this Daisy Street Kimono (similar) from a few ootd pictures I posted on my Instagram and Twitter recently. The story behind it being a story too often told in my life, I saw it on Twitter, clicked on the website and fell in love. The not so tale of woe part however, it was 30% off. Shh don't tell anyone!

Now that is a story for another day, this...well this is the story of a few items I had to leave behind! Items that are now safely placed in my wishlist ready to be purchased as soon as someone gives me a job!(which will hopefully be soon)

daisy street wishlist 1

  1. Cage Bra Style Crop- So I've been looking for a black crop to wear with my excessive collection of high waisted bottoms for a while now and with it's cute cage detailing this one is perfect.
  2. Daisy Print Jumper- OK, so as soon as I saw this rather amazing printed jumper I fell in love and just had to Tweet all about it. I think it's safe to say that this will be my next purchase. I was up last night daydreaming of how I would style it. I came up with a black leather skater skirt and black tights on bottom and a white shirt underneath! Perfect for AW!
  3. Tie Dye Two Piece- This next item (or should I say items) are also going to be included in my next order. Now lets face it summer may be coming to an end but a girls love of a two piece can never die! Such a perfect wardrobe essential, simply mix and match for thousands of new outfit opportunities.
  4. Double Split Maxi Skirt & Cut Out Crop - This entire outfit is a need. Mainly this (bargain) double split maxi skirt, an item that again I just had to tweet about. I've been looking for a double split maxi skirt since one appeared on the pages of Nastygal however I refused to pay the shipping and customs of that specific order. However at £9.99 this one is definitely unmissable. I also love how Daisy Street have styled this skirt and this white cut out bralet is definitely on my list. Add a check shirt to your waist for that perfect 90's grunge look.
  5. Platform Boots-Now on to shoes and accessories. We all know I'm a girl that loves a shoe, as well as a girl that loves a Jeffrey Campbell shoe. However unfortunately I am also a girl without the budget for that specific love. So when I saw these 'Freda' style boots with this striking cross motif on the back I just had to add them to my list.
  6. Studded Shoulder Bag-I am desperately in need of a black shoulder bag and with it's all over gold studding this baby is a keeper.
  7. Geek Motif Belt- So I think we have all been lusting after the YSL motif belts that have been a Blogger favourite over the past few months. However if your like me you don't particularly like the price tag. This 'geek' motif version is a much better price for me and will go perfectly (yet again) with my abundance of high waisted attire.
  8. Floral 'docs'-  I've been in love with Doc Martens for a very long time now, especially the floral varieties and these ironically named 'Martina' dupes are perfect at a much more reasonable price.
Overall I have been extremely impressed with my experience with Daisy Street so far. Not only do they currently have a rather lovely 30% off everything, but i received excellent customer service and my purchase arrived super speedy (yep that is a technical term) ready for me to tear into and wear immediately!

I hope that you enjoyed this wish list as much as I have enjoyed browsing through the pages of Daisy Street creating it. I am also very sorry at the lateness of this post unfortunately due to some technical difficulties it wasn't ready last night as promised. Trust me I was not very happy about it. Also due to these technical faults I didn't get chance to complete my wish list so be prepared for more glorious pieces soon. Let me know in the comments what your favourite item is and how you would style it. Until next time.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, and as usual all opinions are my own.

18 August 2013

"Rebel Rebel"

Hello to all

Today as promised, I am back with another OOTD for you all (told you I would do them more often). So a few of you may remember that a couple of weeks ago I did a post all about how I would style the tartan skirt (aka my new love) I'd just ordered from New Look. Well I have finally remembered to pick it up from the store (well done Vic) and of course as soon as I bought this bad boy home I just had to style it up, for real this time.

Shirt (worn under jumper)- River Island (old)
Jumper- New Look
Tartan Skirt c/o - New Look
Fishnet Tights- Primark (sale)
Necklace- Primark
Sunglasses- eBay
Shoes- New Look (now in the sale)

P.S didn't realise how much New Look I was wearing until I wrote that list!

As I mentioned in that previous post tartan is set to be huge this AW with the return of 'the rebel', a trend seen all over the recent catwalks from Versace to Fendi. And trust me when I say that I am looking forward to some heavy tartan love this next season, probably mixed with lots of PVC, leather and fishnet, hence the tights (I may be getting a little Secret Diary in the coming months). Obviously I'm getting into the swing of things a little early this year. Ironic actually given the remarkably hot summer we've been having in England.

However saying that this morning when I arose from my (3 hour) slumber it was pretty chilly. So of course I just had to wear my go to jumper and shirt combo. Now I have a confession to make, this morning whilst dressing I was going for a more Cher from Clueless sort of vibe what with the 90's preppy mix of shirt and checked skirt however I feel (as I mentioned on Instagram earlier today) that I may have ended up looking a bit more TATU circa "all the things she said". Oh well everybody loved that song.

I hope that you enjoyed this OOTD. Let me know what AW trend your most looking forward to in the comments below, I'd love to know. Also, want more constant ootd's? Why not follow me on Instagram or Twitter were I post daily. Until next time.


17 August 2013

"Ground Control to Major Tom"

So we meet again ;)

I finally got round to taking some OOTD pictures for you all. As I just had to show you my new shoes! Now if you follow me on either Instagram or Twitter then you will know that I recently entered and won (yey me) a competition by the lovely people over at Heelberry. My prize? These friggin awesome jelly boots. Yep, lets all say it one more time...jelly...boot! Honestly every time I hear that magical phrase the 90's child in me erupts into girlish squeals and cartwheels (I swear I didn't make that rhyme on purpose). 

Now Heelberry are a rather spectacular (if I do say so myself) footwear company that is set to launch at the beginning of September. And I would definitely keep an eye on this lot if I were you as they have already taken the Twitter/Instagram world by storm and I know that I for one cannot wait to view the entire range! (sorry bank balance). Also if you head over to their website you could nap yourself a free pair of jelly shoes! (shh don't tell anyone I told you).
So, we all know that as soon as I entered the competition I just had to start thinking of ways I could style these babies! Yes I know I may have problems and I must admit (apart from a pretty spectacular idea involving a pair of unicorn print socks) I found the task of styling these pretty challenging. However you all know I love a good challenge, so buckle up your seat belts, stick the kettle on and join me in my mission. 

I lost my shoes! Oops forgot to put them back on...naughty blogger.

Crop Top- Topshop
Joni Jean 'dupes'- Primark
Jacket- Vintage
Jelly Boots and Socks- Heelberry
Necklace- Primark
Bracelet (Gift)- Links of London
Lipstick-  Lime Crime D'Lilac via Love Makeup

Once again I hope you enjoy this post, I know it's been what seems like forever since I last did an OOTD for you guys. I promise they will be more frequent when I get some decent equipment and don't have to keep asking my poor, poor sister to take pictures (thanks Kate). Let me know what you think in the comments below, I love hearing your opinions. Would you wear jelly boots?

Disclaimer- All opinions are my own I would never recommend anything to you all that I didn't 100% believe in.

16 August 2013

A Week in Instagram- Take 3

Hello you beautiful people

It's happened again ladies and gentleman I have once again filled you poor poor fellows Instagram feeds with many an OOTD and 'Morish Mezze' (sorry it rhymed, well half rhymed and I couldn't help myself). Which of course means that it is once again time for me to punish you all again by shamelessly plastering my 'filtered' selfie's all over this blog. Aren't I nice.
So without further adieu here is a little glance into my life.
  1. Wearing my new Daisy street kimono for my job interview (wish me luck).
  2. Eating my free Starbuck's salad... thank you Grazia magazine.
  3. OOTD- wearing my Topshop floral corset and vintage shirt.
  4. My packages arrived,feeling so blessed!
  5. Again with the kimono love this time rocking my Oh My Love corset with my Gorgeous neon crop.
  6. Rushed out to bag myself a One Direction lipstick. Sorry I'm not sorry.
  7. Already excited for AW (is that wrong?) found this knitted Religion beauty at the back of my wardrobe.
  8. Very impressed with this months Glossybox. Click to read my full review.
  9. Officially have THE most amazing father in the world, who treated me to these amazing Coltrane 'dupes'.
  10. OOTD- Loving my eBay skort and this floral crown my sister was throwing away!
  11. FOTD-  in actual LOVE with my new pentagram choker from Blackcat.
  12. Free nail polish and a not so free manicure, loving my new Beetlejuice nails though.
  13. Found this old thing in the back of my wardrobe, hoping it will come in useful when I wake up in Narnia.
  14.  OOTD- doing it 90s style in my favourite Primark crop, eBay skort and Topshop shirt.
  15. FOTD-Shamelessly pouting for my selfie.
  16. OOTD- feeling a little Fresh Prince in my River Island MTV crop, Primark chain and Motel Rocks dungarees.
 So there you go you lovely lot, I hope that my shameless posing didn't offend your eyes too much and of course I hope that you enjoyed this post. Sorry it's been a little delayed as you know if you follow me on Twitter I've been trying to post daily for you guys however these past couple of night's it's been crazy hectic. So I sincerely hope I'm forgiven and I will be back with lots of exciting goodies for you tomorrow.
Love and unicorn hugs.
P.s. I'm 11 Bloglovin followers away from my giveaway so hit that button to be in with the chance to win some goodies!

13 August 2013

Motel Rocks Wishlist

Howdy partner,

My Motel Rocks Wishlist

Left to right- Palm Print Crop
Shiva Print Dress
Symbolic Print Tee Dress
Daisy Print Maxi Dress
Paisley Print Dungarees
Henna Hand Halter Crop
Mandarin Dress

Today's post is something very exciting for me to be sharing with you all I must admit (even if it is all based on fantasy). If you follow me on Twitter or avidly follow this blog (if so thank you, thank you very much, it all got a little Elvis there didn't it) then you will probably have guessed that I'm a girl with a great love. And that great love goes by the name of Motel Rocks. Yes I admit it I have a weakness for pretty clothes and far out prints! Basically when it comes to Motel Rocks I'm a bit of a floozy. Never settling for just one benefactor of my affection but running around town with many, sometimes even at the same time! (oh you love it).

Now is it any surprise what with their recent flurry of new prints and must have styles that I've become engrossed with their every move. So with my deep seated, burning desire for the brand it would come as no surprise to you if I told you that whilst reflecting on my wishlist ready for today's post I realised that the first, well half of the garments on that list came from their website?

Nope, see somehow I didn't think it would. So without further a due (and babbling) I will explain away my madness to your eagerly awaiting ears by sharing with you the reasoning behind some of my favourite pieces.

Now ever since I saw the beautiful Lulutrixabelle in this stunning 'palm print' (hmm anybody else think it looks more like a certain illegal substance?)two piece I instantly fell for it and trust me when I say I fell hard. 

Next on my list I have been dreaming about for what seems like a lifetime! When the Shiva print was first launched I initially shied away from this figure hugging dress as, as a lady with hips I can find bodycon a little, well uncomfortable shall we say. And instead went straight for the t-shirt, then the crop top and yes you guessed it ended up right back at this dress. Phew it's enough to make you sleepy. Anyway now I've decided on two things, that Spanxs are the saviour for everything (just ask Bridget Jones) and this dress belongs in my wardrobe.

And finally we are at probably the most recognised item of the punch, the item I am going to lovingly call the 'blogger' dungarees. Yep have you ever noticed that every now and again there is an item that is so loved among us fashion bloggers that it becomes a sort of cult item among our kind, popping up everywhere from event's to Asda and lands right back  slap bang on our Bloglovin feeds. And I have to admit something to you all now...I'm part of the cult. Yes that's right, I didn't say I was proud of it but I Victoria Stone am in love with the recent 'blogger favourite' and you know what I'm not sorry!

As always I very much hope that you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favourite brand is down below? Also what would be your dream Motel Rocks item? I'd love to check them out.