2 August 2013

A Rather Disapointing Package - eg. My July Glossybox, a Tale of Woe!

Hello again to all and to all a big hello.

Now calm your sordid little minds ladies. Unfortunately (seriously unfortunately may I add) I am not here to talk you through my recent sordid escapades (or lack of) with the opposite sexAll this talk of packages is more disappointment central than heartbreak hotel. Although let me assure you that a tiny fragment of my heart did break due to the package in question. I am in fact talking about this months Glossybox. (for more information on Glossybox click to view my previous post).

As soon as I heard of last months themed 'seaside splash' box I was very over excited (over being the key factor there). It's hotting up here in the UK and I was having visions of beachy waves and bright lips. And as soon as I had read the first review I was sure I wasn't going to be disappointed. In fact i actually thought by gosh they've gone and out done themselves the clever little buggers, the day my box fell onto my door mat could not come sooner. This I admit was mainly to do with two products that had appeared in other peoples boxes that I have been meaning to try for a while and just never got round to. These would be Sleeks Pout Paints (of which you received 2!) and Essie's Sleek Sticks . If you read my 'what's inside my make-up bag' post then you will now that i have a long running love affair with Sleek products and as far as Essie is concerned it is one of those brands that (seen as I can get decent nail polish for £1.50 at my local supermarket) I find a little steeply priced. This being said though I often walk past the stand at my local drugstore and pine a little at the pretty shades all the while promising myself that one day I would break my Essie virginity and they would be mine.

I would first like to state that yes I know that part of the 'fun' and risk of Glossybox is never being sure what you will receive in your package, sort of like a monthly present. However that being said the contents is meant to be determined by your 'beauty profile' a quiz you take when signing up that determines the right products for your wants, skin type, hair colour etc. Now this is the thing that I have an issue with in this months box as it doesn't quite seem like they actually always listen to this.





What I received in my box:

  1. Alterna Haircare- Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist.
  2. Coola Organic Suncare Collection- Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint. 
  3. Ciate London- Paint Pot 
  4. Anatomicals- Spray Misty for Me Facial Spritz
  5. Nip+Fab- Shine Fix
I have to admit that I haven't actually tried out all of these products. For the main reason that I just was not that enthralled by them all to be honest. Therefore they went straight back in the box and were then placed on my shelf ready to be reviewed (not a sign of good blogging but a sign of under enthusiasm).
  Saying that the first product that I haven't tried I was actually excited by and simply haven't tried due to the fact that I'm currently loving my got2be styling Beach Matte salt spray. And that would be the Alterna Haircare bamboo style boho waves tousled texture mist (well that was a bit of a mouthful). It is described in the Glossybox 'magazine' as 'your perfect summer companion' and I certainly agree with Glossybox that a sea salt spray is a summer haircare essential. I suppose now it's simply a case of giving it a whirl and finding out if this one is any good. I promise to report back with the results. 

The full 125ml size retails for £23 and I received a 25ml sample. Enough to give this product a fair test.

I suppose that next I should go for the product that makes the most sense in the box but that I'm not very over excited about. That would be the (extortionately expensive and teeny tiny) sample of Coola Organics SPF 20 rose essence tint. Now the first thing I have to state about this sample is that it is incredibly small at 7ml. The second is that as an extremely pale skinned woman, even during the summer I must admit that the word 'tinted' in any sort of facial product strikes fear into my heart as 'tinted' to some means orange to me. And guess what I swatched it on my wrist and hey presto instant Oompa Loompa! Not only that but when I went to swatch this rather a lot poured out which can only lead to product wastage and at 7mls there really isn't much to waste. 

I think it's safe to say that I will be giving this product away to one of my 'fake tan' obsessed sisters who have a little more colour. As i do not intend to try this myself it smells dreadful and caused my arm to seriously itch. That being said though it may work on a darker, less sensitive skin tone. 

 The Coola Organics Suncreen retails at £29.99 for the full 50ml size and once again the size I received was 7ml. A little out of my price range to be honest.

Now this next product may not be the Essie nail wraps I so patiently waited for however it is a rather stunning nail polish by the fabulous Ciate London. I already own one other paint pot by Ciate which I received in a magazine. It is a lovely dark berry red colour and is definitely one of my favourites within my collection. This is a full size product and a one that I have actually tried. It is no secret (and should be shown by my 'beauty profile') that I joined Glossybox in the hope of receiving more make-up related items so I was happy to receive a nail varnish as I put that in that category for some odd reason. 

In the bottle this looks like a lovely orange colour with flecks of fine gold and yellow glitter. Sort of like a flame. However on the actual nail this colour is simply stunning! I cannot rave about it enough. It is indeed as I described however in the sun those flecks of yellow and gold really sparkle making the nails look almost foil like in texture.  I re painted my (rather overdue for a touch up) fake almond shape nails with this colour and have had many compliments. This truly is the ultimate summer shade!

Colour slightly altered due to filter, looks less red in real life!

This product retails at £9 for the full 13.5ml size which I received. 

This next product is probably my most used item in the whole box and is by a now re-discovered brand. I used to be obsessed with this brand and their witty descriptions and whimsical names. And that brand would be Anatomicals. I think everybody received their Spray Misty for Me Facial Spritz. Now I am a fan of products like these and always carry those little Evian facial spritz bottles in my bag whilst on holiday. However I do always ponder the fact that I've just paid so much for a can of water? Aha no longer do I need to have that debate or feel the need to deny myself my favourite holiday essential as this mist has lot more to it then simple H2O. Anatomicals facial spritz is described by Glossybox as a facial spritz 'with calming lavender and refreshing peppermint extract (which) helps rehydrate and calm skin' And this is exactly what this product does. The lavender really helps to calm the skin whilst the peppermint extract cools your (lets face it in this summer heat) over heated facial area. Meaning this product has some serious cool power! (sorry couldn't resist the puns)

This is another full size product at £6 for 100ml. Trust me this is alot of product so should last you through many a summer night,

Hmm, so we are now at the part of this unboxing that I was dreading. As you can probably see for yourselves I did not receive the two Sleek Pout Paints and yes I will be the first to hold my hands up and admit that when I first opened this box I did have a slight Blogger hissy fit at their absence. And as much as I would have liked to receive them I am not driven by that to give this mini moan which is about to commence.

Instead of the Pout Paints I received the Nip+Fab Shine fix. Now this is a full product that retails for a pretty decent £9.95 for 15ml and you could have received either the Shine Fix or the Spot Fix. Now this is that part that I have a problem with. The Shine Fix that I received is described as 'a light gel that removes and absorbs excess oil flow to instantly control shine' perfect for this summer heat, perfect unless like me you have normal to dry skin. A fact that was explained in my 'beauty profile'. I would have held my tongue about the Pout Paints and carried on with life if I had received the Spot Fix as this would be useful to me as (as once again stated on the questionnaire) I am prone to the odd break out, however I just cannot see a Shine Fix product being that useful to my skin, in fact I can see it causing a break out. 

 That being said though I will try this on those extortionately hot summer days to test out the shine theory and of course I will report back to you.

Which leads me to my moan about this month and the reason why I am thinking about if this is all really worth while on my currently meagre budget? This is not only informed by my own experience but also from reading/watching many other unboxings. I find it hard to believe that on certain occasions such as mine, I was having problems with my card and therefore received my box later into the month where they seem to disregard the 'beauty profile' and thrown whatever is left into the box. 

However I have to say that I am giving Glossybox another chance as it is only my 2nd box and as stated I was having problems with my card as well as with the post man who decided to play a epically hard game of hide and seek with my package. Leading me to have therefore dealt with the Glossybox team by both email and Twitter and on both occasions the staff where lovely and extremely helpful.

So good Kudo's for the Glossybox team as their box also once again more then exceeds the actual price (including postage) so here's to hoping that next month their box matches their manners and everyone will be happy!

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing/review post. I'm very sorry that it is so late, will soon be time for this months! Don't forget to leave me a nice little note below i do love hearing from you all. What was your favourite product this month? Any Pout Paint colour suggestions as I am obviously going to have to now purchase some? Don't forget to click that follow button or Bloglovin stamp to keep up to date with future posts.




  1. I love your reviews, they're so honest and interesting! I've never had a glossybox, cause I'm not really one for surprises, but that ciate paint pot is so so pretty, you've inspired me to go hunt it down haha! x

    smoke + velvet

  2. Aww thank you so much. I'm glad you like them.

    The Ciate paint pot is stunning you shoould definitley search for it!

  3. Love this review - this has been one the biggest reason why I wouldn't get a glossy box because you never know what's inside it and like you I'm not one for surprises lol! www.apinchofshaz.blogspot.com xo