6 August 2013

A Week in Outfits- Instagram edition.

Hello you beautiful people and how are we on this fine, fine (slightly freezing) summer day?

Sunday (extra day):
Beanie- River Island
Body- Asos
'Mom' Jeans- Primark
Bag- Topshop (sale)
Phone Case- H&M
Lipstick- W7 Mega Matte Lips Nude
T-shirt- Asos
Daisy Print Maxi Skirt- Motel Rocks
Necklace- Primark
Lipstick- Kate Moss for Rimmel Shade 04
Earrings- Republic (sale)
Shirt(worn under Jumper)- River Island (old)
Jumper- Florence and Fred at Tesco
Skort- Ebay
Lipstick- Revlon 001 Nude Attitude
Earrings- Primark
Kimono- Oh My Love via Topshop (sale)
Vest- Topshop
Bracelet- Primark
Lipstick- Barry M Palest Lavender
Crop- Topshop (similar)
Pencil Skirt- George at Asda
Jacket- Vintage
Jumper- Topshop (old)
Disco Pants- Topshop
Sunglasses- Ebay
Lipstick- Primark
Chain- Primark
MTV Crop- River Island (sale)
Dungarees- Motel rocks
Bag- Vintage
Lipstick- W7 Mega Matte Lips
Pentagram Choker- BlackCat Jewellery (simliar)(full post about this will be up soon)
Crop- Primark
Check Shirt- Topshop
Lipstick- Wet n Wild E81501
So as most of you will know if you've been reading this blog for a while I have a little, well actually many obsessions. However today we are just focusing on one and that would be, you've guessed it...Instagram.
So since the purchase of my amazing stand up mirror (by my equally if not more amazing father) I've been able to take more outfit posts for those of you who follow me on Instagram. And last week weren't you all in for a treat (I made a rhyme) as I managed to take to an OOTD every day. Seen as they've been getting such a good response I thought I would share them all together so that every one who reads can see. (aren't I nice). P.s. Yes I do realise that this is a week and a day, lets just pretend shall we!

I hope you enjoyed this short post? Let me know which was your favourite outfit in the comments below. Also want a full post on a certain OOTD? Leave a comment with your request and I will make sure I get it up. And as usual don't forget to follow me on here or at Bloglovin by clicking (the links to your right)to stay up to date with future posts.



  1. I LOVE all of these, so jealous you manage to wear something decent every single day when I spend most of my week looking like I've just fell into my washing basket and rolled around til things stuck to me (which I often have).

    You look amazing in the Primark mom jeans dupes - 1. I need to go and find these in store and 2. how about a 'ways to wear' post? As I would have no clue what to wear them with!

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

    1. You know what? For you Claire I will do anything! (within reason, I'm sorry but I could never give you David Tennant or David Bowie, I'm sorry) Added the 'how I style' to my list. :)

      I'm sure you always looks stunning! Trust me this was a lucky week, I defintley have more grab something off my floor an Febreeze it days, just don't tell anyone!

  2. LOVEEEEEEEE the daisy print Motel skirt! That outfit is definitely my favourite but you look amazing in all of them!


    1. Thank you, that's so sweet! Isn't it gorgeous! Definitley one of my all time favourite items of clothing nowdays!

  3. I still don't own a full length mirror - bad blogger? Kudos to your dad! I think I like Tuesday and Friday's outfits best, and I like your phone case too! xx

    1. He is the cutest, think my full length mirror is my fav present ever lol, hmm is that too vain? I would definitely recommend one. Although be warned it causes all sorts of Instagram craziness!

  4. Really love the Sunday outfit! Oh and the Motel Skirt is super pretty. Loving your blog, following. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

    1. thank you will follow you back now :)

      p.s I loved sundays too!

  5. really love how bilingual your wardrobe is!
    like your daisy skirt so much...
    Jane @ lost-girrrl.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I do love a Mom jeans - had no idea they did a pair in Primark! xxx

  7. All such cute outfits! LOVE the Primark Mom jeans! x


  8. I LOVE your style, love these outfits!! :) xx