8 August 2013

And to the Ball We Go - Girl Meets Dress

Why Hello again and thank you for joining me on this rather thrilling occasion.

So recently I was lucky enough to be informed of a very exciting new edition to the Girl Meets Dress website. Now if you haven't heard of Girl meets Dress (where have you been for the past few years?) let me tell you a little more about the company. Basically it is a website where you can hire dresses from designers such as Herve Leger and Stella McCartney for events such as ball's or even just your birthday party (come on every girl likes to feel special from time to time). Now I know what your thinking, that sounds like its going to be pretty pricey, well fear not my friends as with prices that start from £29 for 2 nights there really is something for everyone's budget.
So what is this magic and how does it work? It's quite simple really. You choose up to a total of three dresses, pick the date you would like them to be delivered, try them on for size in the comfort of your own home (maybe host a little fashion show to your girlfriends), wear the winning dress and then send it back. They even deal with the dry cleaning and don't wear the dress? Well then send it back and Girl Meets Dress will send you a refund.
Sounds too good to be true right?  Well hold on to your hats dear readers as Girl Meets Dress have just taken 'easy' to a new level (not in that way you dirty buggers!) As they have recently launched a brand new feature 'Girl Meets Dress Wishlist'. Now you can manage your choices with ease as you browse your way through the collections whilst saving your favourite dresses to review later. Then next time you need that special dress you can simply click on your wishlist and browse through your favourites.
And you can create you wishlist in these three easy steps.
  1. Head on over to the Girl Meets Dress website and login to your account ( if your not a member then you can sign up for free, no obligations)
  2. Browse through the dresses, see a dress you like? Simply click the love heart to the top right, this should then turn pink to show the dress has been added.
  3. Visit your wishlist anytime to edit or remove an item by clicking the icon to the left of the screen.
And to show you both how easy the wishlist is to create and use but also how stunning their dresses really are I will share with you all my wishlist. (which was seriously fun to create btw). Move over Miss. Bradshaw!
 Acne- Adelle Tape Dress
Rag & Bone- Niki Flared Dress
Jewel By Lisa- Print Midi Dress
Victoria Beckham-  Plumerias Photo Dress
Stella McCartney- Bartley Dress
Jasper Gavida- Nina Dress
Dolce and Gabbana- Mini Dress with Trim
Stolen Girlfriends Club- Volcanic Dress

Girl Meets Dress describes themselves as being like 'your new best friend with the massive designer wardrobe who is cool enough to let you borrow whatever you want!' and to me they certainly seem to live up to that description. I mean what girl doesn't want to turn up to an event in a designer gown at least once in her life?

 Overall I've been impressed by Girl Meets Dress and their new wishlist feature. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Would you hire a dress? What do you think of the wishlist? Also let me know what you have on your wishlist I'd love to know.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I would never suggest anything to you that I wouldn't personally like myself. 


  1. Loooove this idea! thanks for sharing!


  2. Love the look of all these dresses and the site looks fantastic. I'm a huge fan of sites like these and Wish Want Wear is another one of my favourites.