25 August 2013

Avenue 32 Dream Holiday- Havana Nights

Que vola mi ambia!!!! 

Today I have something very exciting and slightly fancy for you all. I have been invited to share my ideal holiday with you lovely bunch for a chance to win a pair of sunglasses from Avenue 32. Now for those of you that don't know, Avenue 32 is a high end designer online retailer that sells brands such as 3:1 Phillip Lim and Temperley London. The store is absolutely stunning and well worth a gander (even if like me you don't exactly have the right budget) as you can get some incredible bargains on their sale page.

Now this post comes at a rather ironic (if not slightly heart breaking) time as I have recently been daydreaming about vanishing off to my chosen location since moving back home. This being said I'm not sure if this post is a blessing, being that I can fantasy live my dream or torture as I could never afford this is a million years (three years at drama school leaves you in rather a lot of debt). However I thought that if this does indeed cheer me up as hoped then wouldn't it be lovely for me to take you, my lovely readers with me on my grand excursion and cheer you all up too? So follow me my friends as we go on 'our' fantasy holiday. Go grab your passports as your all invited!

So first off I guess I should explain where this dream holiday will be taking place. Well hold on to your seats ladies and Gentleman as we are jetting off ( in first class style of course) to Cuba! Yes Cuba, not every ones first choice but I am going to let you in on a rather embarrassing reason. It's simple really, I've wanted to go to Cuba ever since watching Dirty Dancing 2. There the secret is out, I've finally said those words out loud! Yes there's a Dirty Dancing 2 and yes it is one of my favourite films/soundtracks of all time (seriously you should go check out the soundtrack it's incredible). It is also coincidentally a blooming brilliant film. 

Anyway cringe inducing confessions to one side. I've been googling holidays in Cuba on and off for a while now, what with it being my dream escape location and throughout this, one hotel has stuck in mind for reasons I will now state below. The hotel in question? The Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort in Guardalavaca, Holguin.

  1. It is 5* and if I'm having a dream holiday then I am going 5* all the way baby.
  2. It's stunning! Yep obviously the main reason why we chose our hotels. After all it is where your going to be spending the majority of your time. Also I'm a bit of a germ freak in new places so I like to know that it's clean. 
  3. It's adult only. Yes now this is going to sound harsh but when I go on holiday I want to relax. I have absolutely no problem with children ( I love the crazy mini people really) however picture this... your laid on a sun lounger, ice cold cocktail chilling to your right, a good book sat on your lap, warm sun shining on your face and over excited children screaming in your ear and splashing water all over you? Erm no thank you somehow that hasn't made it into my holiday yet (thank God).
  4. Swim to bar! Eh, yeah you can swim to the bar. No longer do you have to clamber out of the nice warm water, adjust your swimsuit for modesty and run to the bar burning your little toesies on the ground. You can simply, leisurely swim to get your cocktail. Heaven.
  5. Buffet food. As again 'dream holiday' means all inclusive of course. And as a vegetarian and a bit of a weirdo when it comes to what I will put in my body I find eating on holiday a bit of a nightmare. I refuse to do a Charlotte and transport a 2 week supply of pudding in my purse (or cereal as I did on my last holiday). I have viewed several pictures and the restaurant has a plentiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sorted.
  6. They include lots of activities from scuba diving to horse riding. As well as dance lessons where of course I can find my own Mr. Swayze/ Diego Luna. It also has a spa and gym. All set if you ask me.
  7. The deluxe rooms sounds incredible. Here is how the website described them 'Royal Service Master junior suites and Royal Service master junior suites with ocean view sleep up to 2 adults with a king-size bed and have the same facilities as other room types plus Royal Service Extras - luxury welcome cocktail, personalised check-in, VIP treatment on arrival, VIP amenities, 24-hour room service, butler service, turn down service, pillow and sheets menu, guaranteed reservations in à la carte restaurants/diving/spa, VIP minibar, 1 hydrothermal circuit per person per stay and 30% discount off any massage' 
  8. And finally the most important part on my holiday, the hotel can be combined with a three day stay in Havana. We will get on to this a little later.  

The Holiday: 
The main part of my holiday, like most would be spent lounging around the pool or exploring the amazing beaches that surround the resort. I mean isn't the reason why most of us go on holiday to relax? And with the resort being all inclusive and lets face it rather spectacular it would be a crime to not spend some time swimming my way to the bar! Which leads me perfectly to my first outfit.

Lazy Beach Days

  Bjorg Rose Gold Plated Cuff
Prism Raspberry Morro De Sao Paolo Bikni Top
Prism Raspberry Morro De Sao Paolo Bikini Bottoms 
Stella McCartney Nude Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Maslin Natural Jaguar Beach Towel
Ancient Greek Sandals Gold Ikaria Winged
Leutton Postle Pink Leather Tassel Shoulder Bag

I must confess I am not much of a 'swimwear' person (I would much prefer a pair of shorts!) as I am very self conscious after a certain horrific incident on a previous holiday (let's just say boys can be cruel and I was not particularly light back then). However obviously seen as this is my dream holiday I'm going to miraculously have a body like keira knightley and if anyone tries anything well, Mr.Hiddleston will be on my arm to tell them to quieten down in his sexy, sexy voice (well a girl can dream). So with my phobia's aside I decided on the tiniest bikini (of course,floozy) however this stunning dusty pink one by Prism is the most beautifully tailored two piece for lounging by the pool and I just couldn't resist.  I added a touch of my own personality with this stunning cuff and these amazing winged sandals! Also can I just say, how amazing is this bag? I mean come on we all know that on a trip to the beach a giant slouchy bag is essential and this one is just so... fun. I am in love, it's official.

Now it's my dream holiday I'm not going to spend it all lounging by the pool (that would be lazy) and I am a girl with a mission. A mission to explore the place where Dirty Dancing 2 has lead me, Havana. And of course it wouldn't be a blogger's holiday without a spot of shopping now would it! Remember reason number 8 well that benefit kicks in now as I would of course be visiting the city for 3 days of history, shopping, cocktails and culture. And of course I cannot go running around Havana in my bikini so I need the perfect 'shopping outfit' something timeless that just screams city chic.

Fantasy Holiday OOTD - exploring

 I have a tip to help you find the perfect 'holiday wardrobe' for less around this time of year when the summer stock is slowly being phased out in favour of warmer AW palettes. Shop in the sale as most of those pushed out summer pieces will now be a fraction of the price. Just like these trousers which currently have a whopping 60% off and are a wardrobe staple. I decided to make these striking bottoms the main focal point of my outfit, sticking to a monochrome palette to keep this look timeless. To add some intrigue to the rater simple look I decided to add this stunning silver choker and matching chunky silver sandals. And once again I am having serious bag love for this 3:1 Phillip Lim backpack not only is it simply stunning but it has room for all those city essentials.

And finally remember those dance lessons available at the hotel? Well it wouldn't be a 'Dirty Dancing' inspired Cuban holiday without a spot of just that. And yes I am definitely talking of dirty dancing my little bottom off , with Tom of course! I expect to be salsa dancing it up left right and centre on this holiday and obviously it wouldn't be salsa if you didn't have a bit of movement. Which is exactly what I had in mind when mixing up this baby aka outfit number three.

Havanna Nights

As soon as my beady little pupils caught sight of this amazing fringed skirt I just knew it would be perfect for a spot of dirty dancing. Just imagine the patterns I could make on the dance floor with this stunner(er I'm talking about the skirt)! And of course its consists of two of my favourite colours, black and purple (yes I am aware that black is not a colour just go with me on this one). If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram (I swear I say that in every post)then you will know that I have been dip dying my hair lilac for a while now with the intention of some day taking the plunge and dying the whole lot.  So with this intention in mind I thought that the purple/gold palette of this ensemble would be simply devine for an evening out. 

 I am guessing that the choice of feathered top with a heavily fringed skirt may seem a little controversial to some however with the top of this Cami being so fragile it balances out the heavily textured lower section. With the outfit itself being so busy accessories would have to be kept simple. With that in mind I decided to pull out the purple and gold from what could be a one dimensional outfit (what with all the black on black)with these beautiful gold and purple earrings and stunning structural platforms. You know me I can't resist a chunky shoe!

It's now time for the end of this extraordinary holiday unfortunately as me and Tom have got to jet back home to appear together in Joe Wrights latest movie, a collaborative project with Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan based around a vampire love story. ;)

It has been wonderful sharing this holiday with you, we will have to catch up soon to reminisce on those crazy Havana nights drinking shots and dancing the salsa.

Now I know this post was something a little different however I certainly had fun creating it and I only hope that you equally enjoyed reading it. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all go on one big holiday!



  1. Really enjoyed reading this! And I love the outfits you've created. Fingers crossed you win!

    Laura |Fashion For 21

    1. Thanks sweetie :) Me too so I can have a little piece of my dream holiday because lets face it I can defnitley not afford it! x