17 August 2013

"Ground Control to Major Tom"

So we meet again ;)

I finally got round to taking some OOTD pictures for you all. As I just had to show you my new shoes! Now if you follow me on either Instagram or Twitter then you will know that I recently entered and won (yey me) a competition by the lovely people over at Heelberry. My prize? These friggin awesome jelly boots. Yep, lets all say it one more time...jelly...boot! Honestly every time I hear that magical phrase the 90's child in me erupts into girlish squeals and cartwheels (I swear I didn't make that rhyme on purpose). 

Now Heelberry are a rather spectacular (if I do say so myself) footwear company that is set to launch at the beginning of September. And I would definitely keep an eye on this lot if I were you as they have already taken the Twitter/Instagram world by storm and I know that I for one cannot wait to view the entire range! (sorry bank balance). Also if you head over to their website you could nap yourself a free pair of jelly shoes! (shh don't tell anyone I told you).
So, we all know that as soon as I entered the competition I just had to start thinking of ways I could style these babies! Yes I know I may have problems and I must admit (apart from a pretty spectacular idea involving a pair of unicorn print socks) I found the task of styling these pretty challenging. However you all know I love a good challenge, so buckle up your seat belts, stick the kettle on and join me in my mission. 

I lost my shoes! Oops forgot to put them back on...naughty blogger.

Crop Top- Topshop
Joni Jean 'dupes'- Primark
Jacket- Vintage
Jelly Boots and Socks- Heelberry
Necklace- Primark
Bracelet (Gift)- Links of London
Lipstick-  Lime Crime D'Lilac via Love Makeup

Once again I hope you enjoy this post, I know it's been what seems like forever since I last did an OOTD for you guys. I promise they will be more frequent when I get some decent equipment and don't have to keep asking my poor, poor sister to take pictures (thanks Kate). Let me know what you think in the comments below, I love hearing your opinions. Would you wear jelly boots?

Disclaimer- All opinions are my own I would never recommend anything to you all that I didn't 100% believe in.


  1. BOOTS <3


  2. You madde them look amazinggggggggg <3


  3. Ahh you won these?! I wanted them soo badly. Love them!
    Also I'm dying for some lime crime lippy, did you have to pay a lot for delivery from America?
    Followed you on blog lovin btw :D



  4. Love that lipstick and the jeans