7 August 2013

Keeping It Simple

Hello again. 

I must admit that today I have been dealing with a rather large amount of bloggers block. Which is odd considering I have a backlog of ideas and requests and today has actually been a grand day indeed. There's great opportunities brewing for this little blog of ours. And I couldn't have done any of it without you guys so I hope you will be here to share it with me in the near future. So thank you so much for being so well, blooming marvellous if I do say so myself and supporting me in this quest. Blogging has become such a passion for me and knowing that you are all supporting me means more than I can say. 

Right that's enough soppyness for one day I assure you no need to worry that I've turned soft on you all. So today seen as I've been feeling a lack of inspiration (in the words of that great detective I lost my Mojo!). And seen as yesterday's 'week in outfits' post was so well received by you all I thought I would include an outfit that I felt very bitter about leaving off said post due to it not being in the so called 'week'. So go grab yourself a brew and enjoy.

Shirt- River Island (old)
Jumper (worn over)- New Look
Necklace- Primark
Floral Jeans- New Look (similar)
Frilly Sock- Topshop
Studded Creepers- New Look (now in sale)
Lipstick- W7 Mega Matte Lips 
Nail Varnish- Collection shade 59 look at me

Now this was just a casual outfit as that day I was going to the glorious Ikea (or heaven to us home obsessives) to pick up a few bits for my new room (let me know if you'd like a room tour)and I thought I best keep it simple as I don't quite think my step dad appreciates my outfits sometimes. And as much as I say wear what you like, as long as your comfortable in it then what the hell, I did have to rely on him to bring me the two plus hours back home and didn't want to push his patience! And good news he loved this look. I have however changed a few things with this being a recreation, the first is obviously my hair which is now rather lilac at the ends, the second my bag. This is the bag I would have worn if I didn't have to carry lots around Ikea the third like the hair is my new nails that I just got re-done (like them?)
I hope you enjoyed this post and didn't mind having another OOTD so soon. Leave me a comment down below I love to hear from you all. And don't forget to follow me either through GfC or Bloglovin (links to your right) to keep up to date with future posts (trust me you wont want to miss whats coming up). Thank you again for all your support, I do love you guys!


  1. Ahh love the shade of your nails!! So different! I do love trips to Ikea!

    Sophie at SOPHisticatexx

  2. Love you jeans. The pattern is amazing. You have combined everything very tastefully, dear!

  3. Cute outfit I love your nails too! :)


  4. I love your studded creepers! I have the huge wedge ones from New Look but I wish that I got these as well. x

    1. There in the sale now, not online but I've seen them instore. :) oooh wedge one's sound stunning! :) x