13 August 2013

Motel Rocks Wishlist

Howdy partner,

My Motel Rocks Wishlist

Left to right- Palm Print Crop
Shiva Print Dress
Symbolic Print Tee Dress
Daisy Print Maxi Dress
Paisley Print Dungarees
Henna Hand Halter Crop
Mandarin Dress

Today's post is something very exciting for me to be sharing with you all I must admit (even if it is all based on fantasy). If you follow me on Twitter or avidly follow this blog (if so thank you, thank you very much, it all got a little Elvis there didn't it) then you will probably have guessed that I'm a girl with a great love. And that great love goes by the name of Motel Rocks. Yes I admit it I have a weakness for pretty clothes and far out prints! Basically when it comes to Motel Rocks I'm a bit of a floozy. Never settling for just one benefactor of my affection but running around town with many, sometimes even at the same time! (oh you love it).

Now is it any surprise what with their recent flurry of new prints and must have styles that I've become engrossed with their every move. So with my deep seated, burning desire for the brand it would come as no surprise to you if I told you that whilst reflecting on my wishlist ready for today's post I realised that the first, well half of the garments on that list came from their website?

Nope, see somehow I didn't think it would. So without further a due (and babbling) I will explain away my madness to your eagerly awaiting ears by sharing with you the reasoning behind some of my favourite pieces.

Now ever since I saw the beautiful Lulutrixabelle in this stunning 'palm print' (hmm anybody else think it looks more like a certain illegal substance?)two piece I instantly fell for it and trust me when I say I fell hard. 

Next on my list I have been dreaming about for what seems like a lifetime! When the Shiva print was first launched I initially shied away from this figure hugging dress as, as a lady with hips I can find bodycon a little, well uncomfortable shall we say. And instead went straight for the t-shirt, then the crop top and yes you guessed it ended up right back at this dress. Phew it's enough to make you sleepy. Anyway now I've decided on two things, that Spanxs are the saviour for everything (just ask Bridget Jones) and this dress belongs in my wardrobe.

And finally we are at probably the most recognised item of the punch, the item I am going to lovingly call the 'blogger' dungarees. Yep have you ever noticed that every now and again there is an item that is so loved among us fashion bloggers that it becomes a sort of cult item among our kind, popping up everywhere from event's to Asda and lands right back  slap bang on our Bloglovin feeds. And I have to admit something to you all now...I'm part of the cult. Yes that's right, I didn't say I was proud of it but I Victoria Stone am in love with the recent 'blogger favourite' and you know what I'm not sorry!

As always I very much hope that you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favourite brand is down below? Also what would be your dream Motel Rocks item? I'd love to check them out. 




  1. The Shiva print dress is my favourite. Going to check out their website now! xx


    1. Stunning isn't it! Comes in many different variety's too! Their site is honestly amazing, would definitely recommend it. :) x

  2. Those dungarees look soooooo cute, love it!


  3. I bloody love Motel, I am in your harlot gang for them. Their two pieces make me so happy, but I just can't afford one yet :'(

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

  4. Great wishlist. I originally didn't like them, but recently I've been obsessed!
    Lucia's Loves

  5. The last dress is nice :)
    Adela x


  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


  7. Nice wishlist! I love the 2 piece, so stylish :D