10 August 2013

Singing for a cause

Hello there and what a very exciting day it is!

So I have something inspiring to share with you all today. As some of you may know if you've been here a while I recently entered a bloggers competition (and came third place, thank you guys so much, cannot wait to show you what I pick!) held by Henryka Amber & Silver.  Well this week I was informed of another (much more worthier) competition they were hosting for Children in Need.

Yes my observant friends it is nearly that time again, a time were we all come together to help put a smile back on a child's face and in my case sob your guts up at the TV! Well there will be no sobbing in this competition I tell you as over at Henryka its all about the giggles as nine amazing and lets face it rather brave employees take on the classic and cult icons of music in their very own version of the classic 'Stars in Their Eyes' competition.  That's right people from Will Smith to Kate Bush the lovely employees over at Henryka have covered them all and sang their little hearts out for your vote!

Now I know your all asking yourselves where do you fit into things? Well fear not my friends as by heading on over to the events Facebook page you can watch all the video's (which are hilarious BTW, I dare you to not do a Kate Bush impersonation after) and vote for your favourite.  The three most popular acts will then battle it out live for the chance to be crowned the overall winner of 'Stars in Their Eye's.
  Also there could be a £50 prize waiting for you if you vote! (so really you'd be crazy not to!)

Until that joyous occasion the company are accepting donations via their 'just giving' page.

I really do think that this is a brilliant idea for an extremely well deserving charity and I hope we can all come together to raise some money to help our future generation!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it's something a little different but I really do believe this competition is so incredibly lovely for Henryka to do. Let me know in the comments who was your favourite (I think mine may have been Kate Bush but shh don't tell anyone!). Also have anything planned for Children in need? I'd love to hear about it. 

Love you all.


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