1 August 2013

TAG: Make up Firsts and Fails

Ready for my close up...How do I look? ;)

Why hello again you lovely lot.
Today i have something a little different for you to set your eyeballs upon in the form of a tag. I was recently tagged by the wonderful and well lets face it, insanely gorgeous Lauren and Claire over at Stylingo to do the 'make up firsts and fails tag. Now you would have heard me rave on and on about these beauties on here and also on my twitter. But i have to warn you rave I will continue to do as not only are they beautiful on the outside but they are truly beautiful on the inside too. So genuine and supportive and lets face it who would be better to take advice from? Also they have me peeing my pants on a daily basis (through laughter of course!) OK, so that's enough Romeo sized gushing for one day (not going to lie I'm slightly embarrassed now and blushing into my tea). Time to go ahead with the post I think.

When I first saw this tag I thought what a brilliant idea it was, a way for us all to come together and banish the embarrassing make up demons of the past by holding our hands up and admitting to our past short comings. So here it goes I close my eyes and fall into your arms. And I hope that when it's over your still there to break my fall.

As the youngest of three sisters I started experimenting with make-up from a young age and although like many others I went through a tom boy stage my love of make-up and the make believe I could create through it's use never really left me. However this being said it wasn't always a pretty journey and although I had two beautiful sisters to correct my mistakes I was a very headstrong child and if I wanted to walk out the house with bright blue eyes and orange hair there really was no stopping me. There fore as you can probably already guess there has been many fails for you to all giggle over. So let the frolics and fails begin.

Fail number one- Matching my base to my face(aka foundation)

Remember the days when our fashion icons were more oompa loompa then Kate Moss? You know what I mean, the days of yonder when we all walked around the playground with two toned skin and no one bated an eyelid?

Well in fact you might have an older sister who was there to protect you by lovingly rubbing in your make up line? Just me?

Ah yes, see you remember now. No need to hang your head in shame, were all guilty. Exhibit A: the 'foundation line' a thick orange line that separated your jaw from your neck. Now this make up fail my friends has to be my first, first.

Exhibit B: 5 inch base? Yes I admit it I used to pile on the foundation. Thick! And I mean thick, to the extent where embarrassingly me and my sister went to see 'Finding Neverland at the cinema and came out with white cry line! Yep that's what happens ladies when your make up is too thick and too much! Now come on who else is guilty here?

Fail number 2: Did someone turn the light out? (eye make up)

Now we've recently covered that I once (very briefly) used to be a bit of a chav. Well I also (not so briefly) used to be an EMO! Yep and EMO, or as some people would say a 'scene kid'.Do we even have them anymore?

Anyway que many bad, bad, bad outfit decisions such as bright pink corduroy flares from Tammy (all the range back then I will have you know) and lots and lots of black eye make up.

I was obsessed with black eyeliner! I wanted to be Avril lavigne circa 'i'm with you' and I would not hold back on the eyeliner in my quest to be her. However unlike the stunning Avril's and Taylor's (momsen)of the world I did not manage to achieve the rock star 'I just rolled out of bed look' and instead looked like a cross between a tired panda and a homeless raccoon. Not a pretty look.

Fail number 3: A fail to this day. (blusher)

Now I have a problem and I have had this problem since the beginning of my make-up journey. That problem is over blushing. Yep that's right, my name is Victoria Stone and I am a serial over blusher! I cannot help it, in fact I actually like it.

There fore i cannot apologise I cannot even make a witty remark. I over blush, it happens, I've always done it, I love it, me and Krusty are going to run away together and join the over blushered circus!

I feel for blush how I feel for unicorns..'unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them!'

Fail number 4: These are my lips, just so you know I have them I will outline them, then as if by magic I will make them disappear! (lip products)

Ahh and we are back with my ultimate make up love...lipstick! I am a lipstick obsessive always have been and always will be. Its so bad that I feel naked without any on (I  feel no shame).

However there was a time long, long ago when my lipstick idol was Anastacia. Yes that queen of pop (and hats) was my love at the time and there fore something tragic happened. Dark nude lip liner and no lipstick! I think we all remember the look and just as quickly as we remember I think we all would like to forget.  I am not proud of this phase but I tell you what, it was the 'plumping' product of the 90's.

Another possibly more tragic fail that I did and probably one of my first encounters with lipstick was...concealer lip. Yep and not the concealer lip of today oh no, I'm talking actual same colour as your foundation, concealer lips that would then be lovingly topped off with some sort of gloopy, cheap, scented lip gloss!

Oh lord, I think we hit the mother ship. Let me just re-iterate. To achieve this look you would apply your 'extra thick' foundation to your face, making sure you saturated your mouth area with the product. You would then re-locate your mouth area (warning if done correctly this step could be tricky. Once located you would glide many layers of clear lip gloss over the top and there you go, concealer lips of the 90's. 

I now tag these lovely ladies and hope they join me in the fail madness:

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(went a little Charlotte crazy there! They must do it better!) 

So there you have it guys, my make-up firsts and fails. Please don't judge me too harshly! Let me know what yours are in the comments down below, or even if you do this tag. I'd love to read them all. Thank you for reading it means so much to me. Now don't forget to follow via here or Bloglovin the links are to your right I would really appreciate it and it would mean you would stay up to date with future posts.



  1. I loved reading this! :) I'm a serial over blusher too, just the other day I caught a glimse of myself in the mirror and thought wow I'm a bit too pink today.. haha xx


    1. Aww thank you that's so lovely to hear. It's nice to know that people enjoy reading my posts :)

      Oh god I do that on a daily basis, can't resist a cheeky lil wink and click to the mirror though in a 'looking rosey but looking good' sorta way!

      This means over blushers- 1, normal blushers- nil

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  3. I will be doing this blog post soon!! Got it bookmarked :D .xo