27 August 2013

The Colour Purple

Hello you lovely lot.

 Denim Dress- Asos (similiar)
White Scoop Back T-shirt- Asos
Cross Waist Belt- Primark (sale)
Frilly Socks- Topshop
Sandals- Primark
Chain Necklace- Primark
Sunglasses (pictured below)- Primark
Backpack (pictured below)- Topshop (sale)

 Hair Ties (used as bracelets
Lipstick- 1D for MUA, Louis 'rock me' via Superdrug

So today I'm back with another OOTD for you all (aren't I on the ball...well kinda). Yesterday was one of those lazy Sunday days that miraculously ended up including BBQ food (hell to the yeah). In this case a plate full of veg and corn on the cob (fancy).  Now enough about the lovely, lovely succulent food and onto the outfit! So recently I've been getting many a sleepless night. Why I hear you ask? Well, my sister ladies and gentleman is a shopping queen and has totalled up quite a collection over the past few years. In fact most of my clothes during my poor student days were handed down to me by my sistermostly unworn and with the tags still attached. Score right, well you'd think so wouldn't you? However a slight problem has arisen as of late...me and my sister are no longer the same size. In fact we have completely different body types, she has a flat stomach to die for and perfectly placed curves that would even make Jessica Rabbit jealous. In short, she's a babe! And I well, I am not so well endowed in the boobage region (well she has had a boob job, I can't compete with that).

Right so you're now probably thinking OK Vic, why are you banging on about your sister and boobs. Well my clever friends there has been a dress, a stunning purple rinsed denim beauty from the mecca that is Asos that still has it's tags attached. Which is being held hostage in a bin bag right outside my sisters bedroom ready to be thrown out. Now as I lay awake at night one question has been dancing through my mind. How can I rescue that dress and make it work for me? And the other morning at the bright old hour of 2am slightly delirious, and pretty certain I was about to be murdered by a ghost (I swear I could hear breathing)I had a light bulb moment. So que 7 hours later when a freshly purple haired me tore apart that retched bin bag and released the captive dress from it's grimey man made prison. I had decided to create a twist on the classic school girl pinafore dress and I knew exactly how I was going to do it(don't you just love it when inspiration hits).

For starters I had to bulk up to make sure I at least half fit the dress. I did this by popping a white t-shirt under the dress to pad out my silhouette in those less forgiving areas. Next I popped on this belt (from a haul that shall be coming to you shortly)to synch in the waist and add back in my natural womanly shape. Of course I couldn't resist going the whole hog and adding some matching frilly socks and sandals to add to my 'schoolgirl' twist. Any excuse for socks and sandals hey!

I hope you all enjoyed this OOTD, I know it's something a bit different from my usual outfits (basically meaning it's not all or mostly black) which I will now blame wholly on my new unicorn hair! What do you think, how would you style this baby? Let me know in the comments down below as I'd love some further inspiration to make my rescue mission seem less futile. Until next time.



  1. A very enjoyable read to go along with ur outfit pics! glad you rescued it and you wear it well! Love how you have styled it to suit you, Tis gorgeous!


  2. love the whole look and how you styled the sandals with socks, super cute <3


    1. Thank you :) Got to love a good sock and sandal combo! Rocking it like jesus over here, did jesus wear socks? x

  3. Haha i love reading your posts! hair is looking lush lovely :)

    Rosie xo

    1. Aww thank you so much. It's a pain in the bum keeping it that colour! x

  4. Ahhhh the hair is lovely! I love a bit of purple!


    1. Me too think I'm obsessed! A trait that occurs all too often with me x

  5. Super cute outfil, a bit preppy I think, but just so adorable, with the sandals and the socks an all! You are also very pretty!

  6. I really like this outfit! Purple is defiantly my fave colour too! :)


  7. We're such life twinnies, my sister had a boob job too and left me in tiny-tit club all alone! Excellent skills shown here making the dress work for you, looks lovely!

    Claire from Stylingo xxx