24 August 2013

Warm Bodies

We meet again old friend!

So today's post is going to be a short OOTD to get me back in the swing of things. As you will know if you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram I have recently been locked away in my bedroom with a sickness bug (how very boring it was as well)hence my lack of posting as of late. I am terribly sorry about this, you know what it's like if you have little ones in your family. They pick it up from school and soon everyone in the family is battling it out to get to the bathroom! (TMI I know I am terribly sorry).

So today has been the second day that I have actually managed to put some clothes on and the first day that I've actually felt alive. Ironic really then that I chose today of all days to dress like Morticia Addams. 

 'New york City Chic' Vest- Primark (current)
Lace maxi skirt- Primark (old)
Cardigan- South (stolen off my sister..naughty)
Striped Backpack- Topshop (sale)
Studded Creepers-  New Look (sale)
Pentagram Choker- BlackCat Jewellery
Lipstick- Lime Crime D'Lilac Via Love Makeup

I hope that you all enjoyed this look. It's something a little more 'gothic' than usual but you've got to go with wherever your mood takes you with an outfit I always say. Also I've been loving these little 90's buns recently and any opportunity hey! Don't forget to click that follow button to keep up to date with future posts. Also keep your eyes out for my 1st milestone competition that will begin shortly! Watch this space people.




  1. Oh i do like, the buns are very cool (wish i could pull this off, maybe i could wear two low buns!?) hope you are all better! I've wanted that lipstick for a while..


    1. Thank you I am thank God that was the most boring/horrific week ever! (slight exageration there) The Lipstick is amazing I actually think I might marry it you should treat yourself. Two low buns would be lovely, slightly Helga esque!

  2. Oh no! I know what that bug feels like! I hope your feeling a lot better. Your outfit looks awesome. I'm seriously loving your two buns and that lace maxi skirts. Three thumbs up!


    1. Aww thanks lovely :) I'm loving this hairstyle for AW such a classic! x