31 August 2013

Week In Instagram- Take 3

A very happy hello to all.

It's been a while since my last week in Instagram, which means of course I am back once again to regale you all with my daily musings and mirror posing (as in I pose every day not in a 'Daily Mirror' page 3 sorta way). This past week, well technically week and a half maybe even two (let's just pretend shall we)has been pretty crazy and boring in equal doses. At the start of these pictures and my 'week' I was locked in my bedroom sick and rather contagious. However in an exciting twist of fate I have ended it with a job! Yey! Thank the lord is what I say to that as I have been so insanely bored since moving home a few months ago. And although I don't exactly want to be splashing where I'm going to be working all around the Internet I want you all to know that it's all very exciting, and I am going to be surrounded by some pretty amazing clothes.

Anyway gushing firmly over, let's continue with the job at hand:
  1.  Today's outfit- I suppose it's rather fitting to be starting this post with the outfit I am currently wearing whilst writing it. This is as I so lovingly wrote on my Instagram, my take on a simple 'off duty' jeans and t-shirt look. Well let's just give me kudos for trying. Wearing my DIY crop top, Topshop jeans and check shirt as well as my bargain 99p (including pp) ID tag choker from the wonderful eBay.
  2.  What I wore to my interview-I have worn and blogged about this OOTD before (link here) and it is now firmly set as one of my faves. It was a firm winner among all my lovely Twitter followers too who lovingly said 'hell yeah' to this look for my interview. Thank you to everyone who replied and wished me luck, you give me so much confidence.
  3. Doing it 90s style- showing off my 90s schoolgirl hairstyle. Anyone remember doing this back in their middle school days?
  4. And the whole outfit- loving my new palm print crop from Choies which cost me £2 (free postage, check out their joining offer) bargain!
  5. Had to cut down my gel claws- filed and painted using this amazing UV polish by W7. They will be sadly missed.
  6. A snapshot from my previous OOTD post (link here) - Wearing my favourite Motel Rocks dungarees (what a surprise) and this amazing tartan crop from Primark as well as my new 'vickie' satchel from A New Moda that I am very much in love with!
  7. Purple hair- re-dyed my tips, this time I added some lavender and paired it with my new Sleek Pout Paint in shade 'Mauve Over'(so tempted to dye my whole hair).
  8. My outfit from that day. Keeping it simple in a backless Primark tee and George at Asda spotted pencil skirt.
  9. Another OOTD snap shot from earlier on in the week (link here). So happy to have saved this amazing Asos dress from the bin.
  10. An earlier (rather arty) snap of my ootd. Had such a positive response to this pic that I decided to recreate the look for an entire post.
  11. Feeling rather 90s punk in all black for another OOTD post. Loving doing my hair in these two mini buns recently.
  12. Front View- Another snap of the same outfit from earlier in the day. 
  13. OOTD- styling up this amazing cut out dress I won via a Twitter competition from Fashion Union.
  14. Feeling Poorly- I may have the best sister in the world. Was stuck in bed sick so she bought me some biscuits and a one direction chocolate bar.
  15.  Another arty snap-  this time styling up my amazing Daisy Street Kimono with a simple crop and jeans combo. (check out my Daisy Street wish list)
  16. Probably one of my favourite items of clothing ever- wearing my check/tartan skirt from New Look in a OOTD post (link here).
So there you have it ladies and gents, a look into my life via the wonderful and powerful Oz... or is it Instagram I get confused! I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have enjoyed this series so far. Let me know if there's any outfits you would like an OOTD post on or any tutorials from my past week that you would like to see. 
Hugs and unicorn love!

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  1. I love that skirt in picture 8... can't believe its ASDA, i need to get myself down there :) haha.

    Just came across your blog from Twitter & its lovely :)