22 September 2013

Black Velvet in That Little Boy's Smile

Hello you beauties

So I am finally back with a long awaited OOTD once more (hallelujah) a hard task I must admit when living out of a plastic Tesco bag of clothes your sisters picked out from your bedroom floor. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you will know that I have been dog sitting for a few days at my mothers so I have been staying mostly make-up free and super casual. However today I have pulled out my make-up bag, brushed off the cobwebs and actually put a small amount of effort in my appearance.

Nestled in my extremely limited choice was my new velvet crop from Primark. Got to love a bit of velvet in Autumn in fact I am currently on a mission to apparently fill my wardrobe with it. So of course I just had to plan my outfit around this rather stunning burgundy baby. I decided to throw on my Skort and my checked shirt tied 90s style across my waist. The weather has been pretty spectacular in England today and let me tell you I regretted the double tight situation I had going on. 


Velvet Crop- Primark (current)
Skort- eBay
Checked Shirt- Topshop (similar)
Studded Creepers- New Look (now in sale) 
Pentagram Choker- Black Cat Jewellery
Sunglasses- eBay
Midi Rings- Topshop
Lipstick- Nivea Pure Diamond shade 66 Mauve Parure

 So there it is ladies and gentleman today's ootd I'm sorry about the lack of images however (again if you follow me on Twitter you will know that)I've been having some trouble with the outfit photo's I took, you know what it's like the sun gets in your eyes, you forget to breathe in and instead stick out your stomach (attractive hey) and the mother of all problems...you stick your arms in the most lank and unflattering position for nearly all photos! That being said though I do hope you enjoyed this short and simple post, I should hopefully have a lot more ootd's coming up in the near future. Let me know how you would wear this velvet crop in the comments below I love hearing from you all. 




  1. The colours are soo perfect!
    And the crop top looks awesome on you!♥ (Slightly jealous)