23 September 2013

Lavish Alice Wishlist / Blogger Comp

Why Hello there.

Lavish Alice Wishlist 2
Lavish Alice WishList 1

Hello Lovelies, So I am back again, so soon I hear you ask? Well yes I've decided to keep my promise of posting regularly again..wooohoo! And so as you see this has involved a lot of 'window' shopping (ah I crack my self up, Window...windows? Computers, I've been Internet browsing? Nope..just me? Well this is embarrassing). The main source of this 'window' shopping being spent on Lavish Alice. Can I just say how the hell has it taken me so long to discover this little haven of goodness? Safe to say this is now firmly at the top of my Internet favs!

So I posted a few weeks ago about how I'd style the Red PVC Skater Dress (which I will try not to bore you again with my gushing over it's perfection) and ever since I have been falling hard for all their latest items via Twitter, Instagram and of course their amazing website (it's become a problem). And if that wasn't dangerous enough...they just started doing shoes! Now you know I love a good pair of shoes however it doesn't just stop there...they made Coltrane dupes to rival even the (sold out everywhere)New Look pair! And with my eBay cut out boots still not having arrived (yep ladies and gents I may have been scammed, please be safe whilst browsing eBay)getting a pair of decent Coltrane dupes that won't blow the small amount of money in my bank account has become my number one objective.

If you haven't already realised this AW I have become obsessed with PVC, PU and let's face it anything that looks like it could be used as a prop in the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey film (anybody else outraged by the horrific miscasting?). This stunning snake print PU skater skirt is just perfection. I am loving the autumnal colour palette, perfect for my tendency to wear a red lip. I can imagine this with the red silk crop and some killer heels for a night out or a jumper, tights and boots (the cut out boots if I get my own way) for a cosy Autumn day.

So of course I also had to add another one of those 'blogger Musthave' items in the form of this amazing tiger face print dungaree jumpsuit which has been spotted on many a famous face in the blogosphere as well as an actual famous face in the form of Fearne Cotton. Again this piece is a wardrobe essential this AW and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Also how stunning would this monochrome beauty be with the equally beautiful black suede and white rubber soled boots.

Now I could go on forever about each and every item on my wish list however I would probably be sat here waffling on forever and you, well you guys would be bored to tears, praying to the God's for it to end. So my lovely friends this is where I leave you, until next time. I certainly hope that you enjoyed this wish list, let me know what your favourite store is down below and maybe I will do a wish list on them too. Also let me know in the comments what your favourite item or items are, we like to be greedy here! 

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Hello again my lovelies so I have an exciting update to my Lavish Alice Wishlist! Unfortunately it is not that I have somehow miraculously come up with the money to purchase every item (although that would be heavenly). It is in fact a competition that all of you fellow bloggers can join! Simply email the incredibly lovely people at the LA press team requesting to be registered like it says on the stunningly pink flyer I have posted above! 

Now the competition is simple create a Lavish Alice wishlist (which I have obviously already done and didn't want to redo as I'm sure that as much as we all love LA if I kept babbling on about my love you'd all get pretty bored, hence the update instead) with links back to the Lavish Alice web page. The lovely team will then pick 5 bloggers at random who will then be sent the same item (ahhh the excitement) to style up. Out of those 5 one extremely lucky lady (or gent i suppose) will be picked as the winner and receive a £50 voucher for the site! And get this not only does the winner get a voucher but all 4 runners up will get to keep their item! SCORE!! 

I think it is safe to say that I am keeping everything crossable crossed for this one! Good luck everyone, let me know if you enter in the comments below as I would love to see your wishlists. 



  1. I love Lavish Alice, they have so many lovely things! I have nominated you for the liebster award all the info about it is in my newest blogpost xx