14 September 2013

London Baby!- September Glossybox

Happy fashion week to all!

Hello again my lovelies (sounds a little creepy that, I'm ever so sorry)! That time has crept upon us once again again, a time that we all love (no I'm not talking about LFW) the time I rush down the stairs to receive my monthly present to myself..my Glossybox.

Now if your familiar with my blog then you will know that although it is indeed a very exciting time reviewing my Glossybox for you all, it is also a time that induces rather a lot of stress. I'm not the best with surprises, especially if I've set my sights on something that i could possibly receive, which let's face it I do often.  I am a nightmare at Christmas and have been known on the odd occasion to hyperventilate my way through the present opening. So you can imagine my reaction to opening my box. It's kind of a win, lose situation and it hasn't always gone well (I will never let the pout paint situation go, never I tell you). However Glossybox have redeemed themselves in my affections as of late and I was very much looking forward to receiving this months box. 

 What I received in my box:
  • Eylure Pre-glued Lashes
  • Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic Shine & Gloss Serum
  • Elizabeth Arden Untold
  • Rimmel Stay Blushed Blusher
  • Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eye Liner 
*GB Mag

This months theme was London baby what with London Fashion Week looming and all (OK well it's here now). Which meant that the usual pink box had been hijacked by red, white and blue in the form of the union jack, very patriotic! LOVE IT! I will definitely be re-using this baby.

 Inside this month there was a lovely, glossy copy of GB Mag, a lovely edition to this months box. Inside the magazine is filled with beauty and fashion related articles as well as a AW trend guide. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is going to be a regular occurrence from now on and I have to say I'm glad as I think it's a lovely little addition to the box.

Now I must admit I had a sneaky little peak at what was in other peoples boxes (naughty) so I kinda knew what to expect with several of these items. The first 'definite' item that I think everyone got in their box is a set of pre-glued eyelashes by Eylure. Now I don't tend to wear eyelashes that often however when I do nine times out of ten they are by Eylure (normally some variety of the Girls Aloud lashes if your interested) so they are definitely a brand I was happy to receive. 

I am also extremely impressed with the whole no glue situation they now have going on as (as you will know if you've read my latest House of Holland nail review) I am a self proclaimed disaster when it comes to any form of glue. It's safe to say that I'm more than likely to end up attaching my hand to my nose or something along those lines. So yes, I am definitely excited to try these babies out. 

They are (of course) a full size item and according to the card (very fancy once again) they retail for £5.06

Another definite item was the Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Serum (bit of a mouthful). Now I am going to refer to said card and inform you all (rather intellectually) that 'The classic shine gloss serum controls frizz with lightweight shine and alignment and for a limited time only will come in Lulu's graphic interpretation of a classic design'. And right on Que this may be the time to inform you that the packaging has been designed by Lulu Kennedy for Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe (a full interview with Toni&Guy's Global Ambassador is included in GB Mag).

Basically its a rather funky packaged hair smoothing serum, always useful for my frizzy bleached mane! Now I did try this this morning and I really liked it, I mean I wasn't overly impressed or anything but it did do what it says on the packet and it does indeed look rather perdy. I mean isn't that all you can really ask of a product? Just me?

Again this is another full size product at £7.19 for 30ml.

Now can we all just take a moment to let out a big 'awwwwww' in unision for this stunning little bottle of Elizabeth Arden's new perfume 'Untold'. Normally I would be a bit well, blah at the sight of a perfume sample in my box however this is simply stunning! Say goodbye to those pesky (and let's face it ugly) little pumps full of enough product to make a nat smell good and make way for the glamorous mini perfume. Yep this baby came in it's own little box and replica bottle, it's as if someone took the average size product and zapped it with a shrink ray. The result, the most adorable little sample that wouldn't look out of place on any fashionista's dressing table.

Now once again I'm going to have to leave it up to the knowledgeable people at the Glossybox office to describe the scent as I'm not going to lie I'm not the best at describing a smell. Now it is described as 'a luxurious and modern floral fragrance, UNTOLD celebrates the sophistication and intrigue of the multi-faceted modern woman...(with a) sparkling and fruity introduction, radiant floral heart and mysterious addictive warmth captures femininity in a bottle as beautiful and multifaceted as woman herself.' Now all I can say on that subject is...yeah it smells nice! (ever the connoisseur)

Product is a 5ml sample, with the full 50ml setting you back a reasonable £48 or £69 for 100ml. Also if you take your card to the Elizabeth Arden contour at any Debenhams you can collect your very own 100ml UNTOLD body lotion with your personalised skincare consultation. (gutted I ever left Debenhams or Manchester for that matter)

Now this next product was the 'mystery item' so to speak, the one item that changed according to which box you happened to receive. During my snooping I was faced with two possibilities of what this product could be either a Dr. Lipp lip balm (blah) or a HD Brows duo blush/bronzer (ooh give me it, give me it now!). This as you can guess was the item I was most nervous about, I just knew that I would end up with the item I didn't want and all too quickly the 'pout paint dissapointment' flashbacks hit!

However in a rather amusing twist of fate I received neither of those two products instead receiving this Rimmel Stay Blushed Blusher. Funny story actually whilst shopping the other day I happened to swatch a different shade of this on the back on my hand in intrigue, liquid blush I pondered to myself, however 5 seconds later I exclaimed rather passionately to my friend 'eurgh it's disgusting'. To be honest the textures just felt wrong and laid against my skin it just looked like I had a rash. However saying that I received the shade 004 Sunkissed Cherry which I much prefer and actually used this morning. Whilst I must admit I still wasn't blown away I must also say that applies were it should actually be placed it does look ten times better and alot less rash like. (Kinda wanted the HD brows, but you've gotta laugh hey)

Again this is another full size product at 14ml(serious kudos to the Glossybox team this month)and retails for £4.49.

Last but not least we have what seems like a regular occurrence in my monthly box's...an eyeliner. Now I do enjoy receiving make-up, in fact that's why I joined however I must admit that I'm not much of an eyeliner wearer. However saying that if I was going to wear it I prefer a felt tip style applicator which is exactly what this product is. The product in question...Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eye Liner. 

Now I've never heard of Be A Bombshell Cosmetics before and given that the price is in dollars I'm guessing that's because it is an American brand. Now apparently this is their number one best-selling eyeliner and having used it this morning I can definitely see why. The marker pen style applicator is well tapered with a thin end meaning that you can easily vary the size of the line you wish to create. It is also extremely pigmented which is always a bonus.

You've guessed it, yep this is yet another full size product at 3g which retails for $14 or £8.82 to us Brits.

Well I think it's safe to say that with a total of 4 full size products and a rather stunning looking box this months Glossybox has excelled itself! Filled with everything a girl could need to create her perfect LFW look I'd definitely recommend this box, even if you just get this one! I can only hope that we have more of this to look forward to in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your thoughts are of this months box in the comments below. Also, did you get a different product or have you created your own unboxing/review? Leave me your links and I will look forward to checking them out.




  1. It is SO typical that the box would be this brilliant the month I unsubscribe haha! Truly top marks this month :) I would have been after the HD bronzer too, the Rimmel blush is a fine replacement - just be happy you managed to avoid the nipple cream or whatever on earth it was!

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

  2. Oh now i get your disappointment of Octobers box! it's all really touch and go on people preferences.
    hope you enjoyed them well! :) xxx