25 September 2013


Hello my lovelies.

Today I was back at work and seen as I'm still rather new and working in fashion retail I thought I should probably make a bit of an effort. I also wanted to style up this amazing Miss Behaver velvet skater skirt I recently won via Twitter (woo woo) for you all, so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and have a jolly old time of it cooking up another OOTD post for you all.  And that ladies and gentleman is just what I did so prepare, grab a cup of tea, blast out some music and follow me as I delve into the world of Mr.T/ Kat from Eastenders/ indie space warrior (OK I got a little carried away).

Now if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (both stonesgotstyle) then you may have seen that I posted the above very nicely filtered selfie of today's outfit. You may have also read in the description box that although I was wrapping up in AW colours and fabrics I was flat out refusing to let SS go completely (well just for a little bit longer) with this stunning snake print kimono from Oh My Love that I managed to nab a while back from the Topshop sale with free shipping, booyah love a good bargain!

Kimono- Oh My Love via Topshop (sale)
High Kneck Crop- Topshop
Velvet Skater Skirt- Miss Behaver
Earrings- Republic (sale)
Belt- Primark (sale)
Studded Creepers- New Look (now in sale, still available in store)
Lipstick- Nivea Pure Diamond shade 66 Mauve Parure

Now may I just ask, who else is loving my attempted model 'pose' I can't help but feel that Tyra's going to pop out any second now and tell me something about squinting my eyes to seem sexy (don't say I never do anything for you, that's worth a few laughs). Anyway my weird sudden urge to be a model aside let me talk you through today's outfit. So as I mentioned earlier I was determined to wear this velvet beauty and of course being me I knew that I would have to pair it with a crop (it's a weakness, crop tops are my kyrptonite...ooooh can we get that put on a crop). I decided on my trusty high neck version from the great and powerful Topshop, now you all know that I have a weakness for purple it is about the only colour that I really wear apart from black (OK blacks not a colour but when you wear it as often as me you have to describe it as one) therefore I really wanted to pick up on the purple of my top with this Oh My Love kimono. I felt the outfit really needed the pop of colour to of set the entirely black bottom half, well we can't look like Mortica Adams all the time!

I decided to add gold accents with my 'chav' hoops and studded Primark waist belt to add a bit of interest to the look as well as you guessed it a purple lip, I just couldn't resist. I then shoved on my super comfy studded creepers which are literally my only pair of shoes ATM until I can afford some cut out boots, mt leather jacket and 'Vickie' Satchel which I cannot stop wearing! Now can we all just take a second to appreciate my hair, yep I was running late and thought why not do a half up half down hairstyle to keep my hair out my face. Good idea until I made my ponytail too high and started having flash backs to when I did 'The King and I' (good times) with it being too late to correct this mistake I decided to rock it and actually I kinda love it now, I felt like a who!

And there you have it guys today's MR.T/Who/King of I themed OOTD. Who said dressing for work couldn't be fun hey! Let me know what you think to the outfit and the hair ;) in the comments below. Have you embraced AW yet or are you still grasping at those last rays of summer? 


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