12 September 2013

Nailed It! - House of Holland for Elegant Touch

 Long time no see you lovely, lovely people!

So it certainly has been long time no see as I haven't written a post in quite a while (well it seems it to me) and for this I am very sorry. Unfortunately I've had an extremely hectic week and a very large case of bloggers block. However on a recent road trip to the wonderful city  of Lincoln (is it a city) with my friends Kate and Yas (honestly a little trip was just what I needed) I came face to face with a stand of the new House of Holland for Elegant Touch press on nails which I have been trying to hunt down since spotting them on Lily Melrose's fabulous blog!

Now, I'm not going to lie (as much as I think I did) I didn't need them and I certainly couldn't afford them, however I just had to have them. I think we all know the story! In a moment of sheer shopping adrenaline and let's face it the use of the 'hmm well I have to have them for the purpose of my blog' excuse I grabbed a pair and ran towards the till point.

Now the nails themselves cost £7.99 in Boots (which is where I bought mine, they are also available in Superdrug) a very reasonable price for a full set of 'designer' nails. They are available in a variety of AMAZING patterns from 'Classy Nude' to 'Geek Chic'. Me? Well being a pointy 'claw' nail addict as well as a (let's face it)  pessimist where affairs of the heart are concerned, well I of course went straight for the 'heartbreaker' set. (anybody else singing a bit of Mariah right now? Hell yeah!)

How cute is this box!

What's lurking inside?

All of the amazing designs!

 So inside the cute little house shaped box (very Henry Holland)lies 24 nails in 10 sizes, nail glue, nail file and an instruction leaflet. Now as someone with insanely small alien hands I was very happy to see that I was not (hopefully) going to end up with all the nails being too big (a common occurrence). However when I went to put these bad boys on I did find a slight problem, the back of the box say's to 'wear the broken heart on your middle finger, so you can show your heart breaker what you think!' (seriously too cutehowever the set only includes 4 broken heart nails all insanely large in size which meant I had to wear them on my thumb. Not the end of the world but a tad annoying. Any body else have this problem?

Any way minor issues aside I put these on last night and they went on easily. I didn't end up glueing my mouth shut trying to take the lid off the glue like I normally do which is always a bonus. Also I went to babysit my nephew today, a test fit for the trials of any false nails and not one has moved out of place or pinged into anyone's eye. Hooray!

Of course with me only putting them on last night I can't give you much of a review more of a 'first impression' however I will of course either add to this post or create an update at the end of the ten days given as a guideline to how long they last.

And now onto the bit you've all been waiting for....the end result!

Tada!!! So I hope you enjoy the finished result, I know I certainly do. Hello claws! I also hope you enjoyed this post too after a rather long absence. I promise posts will go back to normal from now on. Let me know what you think in the comments below, would you try these nails, if so which ones would you chose? 

Until next time :) 



  1. I love your review about these nails! I was looking to get them in dotty but wasn't quite sure before, but after reading your review I think I'll try them :)

    Eguono x

  2. These look fab! I LOVE the design.
    Definitely going to look out for these, let me know if they wreck your nails though. Since getting mine done professionally and ruining them, I daren't do anything to my nails now :(


  3. I saw these the other day and really wanted to get them! They look even cooler on too! Great post xx


  4. Such cool nails. I've seen quite a few people get nails from House of Holland-really want some now!
    Lucia's Loves