5 September 2013

One Dress Three Ways- Styling PVC

Good evening all!

PVC Skater Dress- Lavish Alice

Hello once again you lovely lovely lot! First of all (like always) let me just take the time to apologise for the lateness of this post, it's been a rather hectic week. I hope that you are all well and can find it in your hearts to forgive my absence. Now (once again like always) if you follow me on Twitter than you may have noticed a new obsession creeping into my life with ever encroaching onset of autumn...PVC!

Yes ladies and gents I have found yet another AW13 trend of pure lust to me! PVC,vinyl, pleather anything that looks slightly like it popped straight from the pages of 50 shades. Now you may also have noticed a trend as of the last few days via my Twitter page and that would be this amazing fire engine red PVC dress by Lavish Alice (aka my new favourite brand!). I am honestly head over heels for this dress and could actually cry my eyes out over the fact that I in no way have a spare £55 lying around for
 me to purchase it!

 Any way as a true fashion blogger and practised poor student/graduate what I cannot make mine (just yet, I promise this baby will be in my wardrobe one day) I will style up for all you lovely ladies (or gents) that actually make it yours, I salute you. It makes me feel as if I have achieved something. Therefor I created three looks based around this stunner. A casual day time look, a smarter style and a full blown night on the town look.

Painting the town red 

Painting the Town Red

 Lace Panel Tights- Asos
Simple black Sandals- Lavish Alice
Leopard Choker- Choies
Lipstick- Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Matte Lip Colour in shade La Fascinate via Selfridges.

 This first outfit was the first idea that struck my mind as soon as my pupils discovered this stunning dress! That thought went a little like this 'I've just got a new job, I obviously have to go dancing to celebrate and of course I just have to be wearing this dress when that happens' 

I wanted to stick to the slightly more 'seductive' vibe that's created when wearing PVC by adding a strappy heel and these striking lace band tights whilst sticking to red, black and gold for my colour palette as to not over kill the brilliance of this rather bright dress. However I just had to go with this stunning Versace for H&M dupe choker from Choies with it's darling red eyes to add more interest (and me) to the over all look. And of course a night out would be nothing without a stunning red lip!

Catching fire

Catching Fire

Crop Shirt- Miss Selfridge
 Statement necklace- Miss Selfridge
Frilly Ankle Socks- Topshop
Patent Cut out Boots- Topshop

This next outfit is something a bit more smart/casual for maybe a work event or even just popping round the shops (since when did a girl need an excuse to dress up). I wanted ways to wear this look that weren't obvious, of course any one who see's this will think perfect party dress. However I looked at this and I saw more than that, after all a dress this beautiful has to be worn more than once(can you feel the serious love). 

Now if any of you follow me on Intsagram then you will have seen that I am a definite fan of the shirt under, well anything look. To me layering with a shirt is one of the most simplest ways to add working girl chic to any outfit. Simply throw this stunning long sleeve crop shirt from Miss Selfridge underneath the dress to not only add style but also some much needed warmth in these upcoming AW months. Layer up once again by adding a statement necklace under the collar to add intrigue without the over kill.

Lastly I just had to add in these incredible red patent cut out boots from Topshop with possibly the most amazing glittery heel ever! Pop some white frilly ankle socks underneath to cleverly mimic the top section of the outfit.

Funky and Fresh

Funky Fresh

Fluffy Crop Jumper- Topshop
Ear Snap Back- Topshop
Lennon Glasses- Lavish Alice
Knee High Socks- New Look
Leather Backpack- Asos
Flatform Trainers- Rock n Rose via Spy Love Buy

Finally we have probably one of my favourite outfits. I wanted something different from the past two looks, we've had sexy, smart and now I wanted to add an element of fun back into fashion, after all haven't we all got fond memories of dressing up as little children and how much fun we had! To me fashion should always be like that, it should always excite us and make us smile. Which is exactly what I did when I saw this amazing fluffy ear snap back on the Topshop website. 

Another trend I have been loving this upcoming season is the sudden appearance of super comfy fluffy jumpers (refer back to my latest OOTD post for details). I have been fascinated by the use of textures recently and thought that the softness of this fab crop jumper alongside the toughness of the PVC from the dress would be completely unexpected. Because this was the element of the outfit that I wished to explore I decided to keep the rest of my palette simple by choosing all black accessories.

Again with the cold months creeping in these knee high socks from New Look are an absolute essential when going forth into those freezing English days. And may I just add, how amazing are these super high flatform trainers from Spy Love Buy?  Team with the matching knee high socks for instantly longer legs.

So there you go ladies and gents, three ways that I would style this bad boy for any occasion life throws your way! I certainly hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite look was or indeed how you'd style this piece? Also loving PVC or maybe your more of a winter pastels sort of gal, let me know what your favourite AW13 trend is?


Disclaimer- all opinions are my own, I am not being paid or sponsored for this post. I would never recommend anything I didn't believe in myself.


  1. I love all 3 styles but think the first one is my love! You have to buy this and style it you'll pull it off and love amazingggg as usual!!!


  2. I've nominated you for the Liesbter award! To see the rules and my post about it click the link below http://charltomwintale.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-liebster-award.html
    Much Love, Charlotte .xo

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