20 September 2013

Week in Instagram- Part 4

Hello my lovelies!

So it seems like it's that time again, time for me to plaster my (already too frequently plastered in your faces) Instagram pics (aka shameless selfie's) all over my lovely blog for the world to see. Well maybe not the world but you, my lovely friends. As a few of you have noticed these past few weeks have been pretty hectic and well let's face it 'odd', you know when you have those weeks were everything either goes totally right or completely and utterly wrong? I'm hoping this isn't just me, then I will know I'm just a miserable old fart!

Anyway it does mean that I have to throw myself at your feet once more and plead for mercy. I am terribly sorry my posts have not been as frequent, I promise this is something I am working on. I hate to think that I have let any of you down, I appreciate you all so much and to be honest (excuse the impending soppyness) it really does upset me if I can't get my posts up as often as I like for you guys however sometimes life just takes over and you have to flow with the tide. 

Now I believe that is enough blabbering and well let's face it metaphors for one paragraph so let's start the Instagramathon!

  1. My most recent OOTD for a trip to the theatre featuring this stunning Fashion Union cut out dress that I won via Twitter (I am a lucky pigeon sometimes)and of course you've guessed it , my new ultimate fave fluffy cardigan from the Mecca that is Primark! P.S check out the giant earrings, I felt very Beyonce even if I did suspect a possible ear loss by the end of the evening.
  2. In a different city, in a different Theatre aka Manchester ( Oh how I miss it) to watch the tour of Wicked with my BFF Mike. We were a tad excited in the interval.
  3. Doing my make-up on the train. Spot any of your favourite's?
  4. Staying super casual in this Asos Jumper (I may have made a mistake on my Instagram saying this was from Topshop...oops) I stole from my sisters wardrobe (naughty) Primark Joni jean dupe's and my actual Topshop biker.
  5. Playing 'where's Auntie Vickie' in the car with my amazingly cute nephew.
  6. Going all AW punk in that days OOTD wearing my new Primark mesh jumper, Topshop Kristen Jeans and stunning A New Moda pendant.
  7. My eBay bardot crop arrived ready to be worn with this stunning vintage check/tartan midi skirt from Veuxdoo, can you believe I bagged this for a fiver! Tried something new with my hair adding random braids. Now who Love's my green lipstick aka the best present ever from my friends Ashleigh and Rose <3 It's Apocalips by Illamasqua.
  8. My September LFW inspired Glossybox arrived and it was stunning, completely blew my expectations out of the water!
  9. Loving my new House of Holland for Elegant Touch 'Heartbreaker' manicure. Cannot believe this picture got over 100 likes!
  10. Went to Lincoln and this happened! Oops (post will be on the blog soon).
  11. What I wore to Lincoln. Motel Rocks Daisy Print Maxi skirt (I lurveee it) Topshop crop and Primark fluffy cardigan.
  12. A few bargain beauty purchases I made recently. All £1 apart from the Hello Kitty Lipstick at £1.50, how cute though.
  13. What I wore to my first day at work, practically the same as an OOTD from a previous post. Must admit though I do not like this picture, I do not like it at all.
  14. Trying to create my own version of MAC 'Film Noir' as I am too poor. Using the Hello Kitty lipstick and Rimmel Vinyl Jelly lip pencil in Mocha.
  15. Another OOTD, wearing my Choies palm print crop, eBay ID choker and of course my Kristen jeans and Primark cardi.
  16. Finally busting out my Rihanna for River Island crop. Love it paired with a dark lip ( Kate Moss for Rimmel 04) and my favourite pentagram choker from Black Cat Jewellery.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman a few little snip its into my rather busy few weeks. I hope you enjoy these posts as I love making them. Let me know if you have a favourite look or item in the comments below and I should hopefully see you again tomorrow.

Have a lovely Weekend lovelies.



  1. Aw don't worry about being busy lovely, it happens to everyone!

    Stunning outfits as per :)

    Claire xx

    1. Thanks sweetie honestly it's been a nightmare! x

  2. You are seriously one of my favourite instagrammers!!! xx