26 October 2013

Bill+Mar Lust List

Hello my Loves

Bill+Mar wishlisht part 1

Velvet Playsuit
Marble Bomber
Pleather Cocoon Dress
Fluro/Black Crop
Pleather Mini Skirt
Neon Bib

So today I have yet another wishlist for you all, this time however it is different because this time I have called it a lust list (my genius knows no limits I know). Today's 'lust list' is all about the incredible London based brand Bill+Mar. Worn by the likes of the ever trendy Rita Ora and Pixie Lott Bill+Mar is fastly becoming THE brand to be spotted in and as soon as my eyeballs witnessed its intense beauty I fell head over heels for the site.

So seen as my love for their incredible designs also knows no limits (just like my genius)I thought I would introduce you all to their talents in the form of some of my favourite items from their A/W collections. And here they are.

Now this velvet and mesh playsuit is actually stunning and caters to all my fashion desires, black- check, velvet-check, mesh-check, LOVE IT! This would look so beautiful with a dark lip and sleek back updo around the winter period.

I've been looking for a bomber jacket for a while now and the pattern on this one is just breathtaking. It would look beautiful layered over my basically all black wardrobe and could be dressed up or down accordingly. Such as with these two stunning pleather itemsfor example , another one of my ultimate fav A/W13 trends, got to love dressing like a character from the 50 Shades of Grey series.

Now do not get me started on these two fluorescent babies! You all know I love a flash on neon green/yellow and these pieces, as well as being pretty god darn amazing are such brilliantly versatile pieces for your wardrobe. The colour means that you can make any outfit pop without having to go through the effort of picking out a whole new one!

So there you have it guys the pieces I have been lusting after from the Bill+Mar Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. Don't forget to check out their equally awesome new Christmas lookbook by clicking this link. Also being my amazingly loyal followers you can get a whopping 20% off Bill+Mar with the code SGS.

Let me know what your favourite item from either this collection or the christmas collection in the comments below or even how you'd style them. 


24 October 2013

Week in Pictures- Instagram Edition (part 3)

Hello again you lovely lot.

So I have to start this post (once again) with an apology, it has again been far too long since my last post, well it's been three days, but still three days too long if you ask me. Unfortunately juggling two jobs, two rather upset bff's and a blooming broken laptop is proving more difficult than one though! However being British I've decided to push through and finally get a post up for you all, stiff upper lip and all that. 

 Given the incredibly positive response I received following my previous week in outfits post I thought I would pop up another one for you all (aren't I nice). Now this week has not technically been a 'week' as I've had many a day in my lovely uniform (which I'm sure you'd all love to see over and over again) so my ootd's are a slightly odd mix!

  Outfit 1:

Rose Textured Cami- Topshop
Tartan Skater Skirt c/o - New Look
Lipstick- Maybelline Color Sensational shade 530 Fatal Red

 Outfit 2:

Bowie Print Vest- Primark
Rose Print Kimono- Daisy Street
Black Skinny Cords- H&M (similar)
Lipstick- Primark

 Outfit 3:

Leopard Print Polo Crop- Primark (sale,recent)
Acid Wash Dungaree's*-  Motel Rocks
Cross Stud Waist Belt- Primark (sale)
Studded Satchel*- Pretty Little Thing
Lipstick- Vevo Cosmetics shade Deepest Plum
Outfit 4:

Black Body (worn under jumper)- internacionale
Fishnet Jumper- Primark (current)
Statement Necklace- Primark
Black Skinny Cords- H&M
Lipstick- Sleek Cosmetics shade Mulberry

Outfit 5:

Tartan Polo Crop- Primark 
Fluffy Cardigan- Primark
Studded Waist Belt- Primark
Chunky Gold Chain- Primark

Outfit 6:

Tie Dye Bardot Crop- Rihanna for River Island (previous collection)
Acid Wash Dungaree's*- Motel Rocks
Fluffy Cardigan- Primark
Lipstick- One Direction for MUA shade Rock Me

Outfit 7:

Cream Shirt (worn under jumper)- Vintage
Lilac Fisherman Knit- Topshop
Velvet Skater Skirt*- Miss Behaver
White Vickie Satchel*- A New Moda
Lipstick- Limecrime shade D'Lilac via Love Makeup

So there you have them guys, my outfits of the week, I do hope that you enjoyed them. Let me know in the comments down below what your favourite look was. 

Until Next Time


20 October 2013

90's Bette Lynch

Hello you lovely people!

So I feel that I should apologise as once again it seems like forever since I last posted an OOTD for you all. Now I actually wasn't going to post this as it is technically another variation of an older outfit post however I just had to share my recent bargain find with you aka this shamazing (yeah that's right I've been watching too much Xfactor) leopard print turtle neck crop that is basically the same exact style as my tartan version (mentioned in said older post) from the equally shamazing Primark (big up the Primark love guys) but get this guys this bad boy cost me the bargain price of £2 (OH YEAH) and I blooming love it!

Leopard cropped turtle neck- Primark (sale)
*Dungaree's- Motel Rocks
Cross Studded Belt- Primark
Cut Out Buckle Boots- New Look
*Satchel- Pretty Little Thing
Lipstick- Vevo Cosmetics (via Tesco)

Now because I love, love, love the pairing of these turtle neck crops with my possibly over worn Motel Rocks dungarees and Primark gold studded belt so much it was obvious this morning that, this was the outfit for me. Now keeping with the gold hardware in the waist belt I finished the look by slipping into my New Look Coltrane dupe's and accessorised with some mismatching Topshop/Primark earrings and my fabulous new satchel that I won from Pretty Little Thing.

I also feel the need to do something a little different today and talk you through my make-up/hair choices as they are definitely a part of today's overall look. As many of may have noticed this Vevo Cosmetics lipstick in Deepest Plum is fast becoming one of my favourite vampy lip colours (and we all know I love my vampy lip colours)and as soon as I purchased this crop I just KNEW that these two were destined to be together and don't they look so perfect! As of the hair, well you know me apart from maybe spraying a bit of salt spray through my hair I don't really do anything with my rather unmanageable mop apart from throw it up in a 90's ponytail. However last night whilst in my insomniatic  slumber (or lack of) I had a vision, a vision of leopard print matched with vampy purple lips and this cute little twisted fringe ponytail hairstyle so wala that is exactly what happened in my dressing room mirror this morning. And the result...I love it! What do you guys think?

So there we have it guys today's rather casual OOTD featuring my new favourite crop (prior warning you may be seeing this alot from now on). I do hope you enjoyed this look, comment down below and tell me which pattern you prefer leopard or tartan? Also let me know how would you style this bad boy? 


17 October 2013

Week in Instagram- Part 5

Why hello there!

I think we all know the drill well enough by now to have guessed what time it is (either that or you've read the title of the post)! Yep it's that time once more for me to shamefully fill your computer screen with overly posey pictures of myself (and American candy). So apparently I've been taking many a daily OOTD pic for you all as of late, which is very nice of me don't you think? Hey, quiet in the cheap seats, who said vain?

Saying that this week has actually been a pretty exciting if not rather daunting/tiring/unpredictable week and there have been many dramatic changes. The first and most important of these exciting events being the (slightly traumatic)  birth of my second nephew, I'm feeling old. So everybody say hello world to baby jack! He is a little miracle and I feel so honoured to have two beautiful little men in my life. Anyway soppiness aside for one minute, or is it that is the question as a few days ago and indeed today it's very self I was/am number 8 on the Bloglovin list of up and coming bloggers, have excelled my 100 followers target and reached over 10,000 views so I would just like to take this time to thank you all, each and every one of you from the very bottom of my heart for supporting me, reading my posts, clicking that follow button and over all being frigging awesome! I love you all and could honestly never have done this without you. OK so I now promise that the soppiness has gone, it's tucked up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and an episode of Dr.Who. 

  1. Yesterdays OOTD aka what I wore to work. Keeping it all black in some H&M skinny cords, Internationale body,Primark fishnet jumper and statement necklace. Lipstick is Mulberry by Sleek Make-up (aka my Pounland bargain).
  2. Again another work OOTD staying weather appropriate in the same black cords, Primark high neck tartan crop, fluffy cardigan and cross stud belt. Lip colour is MeMeMe cosmetics Cherub's Blush cheek and lip tint I received in this months Glossybox UK.
  3. That very same Glossybox! Unfortunately I wasn't balled over by the contents this month (read my full review/unboxing here)p.s. my chocolate tasted like Marmite!
  4. Yet another work OOTD. Staying warm in a Vintage shirt and Topshop (similar) fisherman knit combo. Paired it with some thick black tights, my all time fave Missbehaver velvet skater skirt and A New Moda 'Vickie Satchel'.
  5. Trying on outfits in my local Topshop was a huge mistake as I now NEED everything! It's a hard life.
  6. Reaching number 8 on the Bloglovin 'up and coming' fashion blogs list and not quite believing it! You guys are seriously the best.
  7.  Pulling my best pouty face whilst showing off my new green dip dye! Shirt is old school Topshop and Lipstick is Vevo Cosmetics Deepest Plum.
  8. Sharing my naked face and new green dip dye to the world. Just couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Bleach London colours. I used 'Sea Punk'.
  9. OOTD, my face wasn't co-operating so I cut my head off in my dressing table mirror. Wearing Topshop Kristen jeans and necklace, Asos backless body and Oh My Love Kimono.
  10. Probably one of my favourite OOTD's for this week. Wearing my Motel Rocks dungarees over my Rihanna for River Island bardot crop (old collection). Topped it off by tying my Primark fluffy cardigan in a 90's knot to match the scrunchie in my hair!
  11. Another day another work outfit this time I threw on a love label maxi skirt, New Look Jumper and Topshop necklace and clean leather jacket.
  12. Another of my favourite OOTD's. Showing of my new Primark coat!(click here for full OOTD post).
  13. My new loves aka my New Look cut out boots (Coltrane dupes) and the stunning Pretty Little Things Satchel I won on Instagram!
  14. I officially love American Candy, Tootsie rolls are seriously amazing.
  15. The prize in my first ever giveaway! A Topshop statement necklace and box full of my bargain beauty favourites.
  16. A quick OOTD picture before heading to watch Marvels Agents of Shield at my friends and plan their Halloween party. Wearing my Kristen jeans, Primark fluffy jumper, chain and crop. 

So that is everything for this week guys and gals. I hope you enjoyed this little look into my life, if you fancy adding me to your Instagram friends my user name is stonesgotstyle. Also let me know in the comments down below if you would like another Week in outfits- Instagram addition post based on these OOTD's and I will be happy to help! Also let me know down below if you've had any exciting news this week.


15 October 2013

Dark Romance more like Darkly Dissapointing! - October Glossybox

Hello again friends.

Can you guess what time it is (I'm pretty sure the giant picture above gives the game away) yep, it's Glossybox time again. Now if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you may know that I was/am not that impressed with this months box. I mean after last months pretty amazing box my expectations were not that high. Makes no sense? You'd normally be right to think that however I have a theory that goes a little like this...When the lovely people over at Glossybox UK produce a good box they also blow the budget and then consequently the next box is not quite up to parr! Did that make sense? Anyone? 

Now what was I saying, oh yes so this month we are back to the plain baby pink boxes that we all know and erm sometimes love however the theme was brand spanking new and potentially very exciting and that theme was the very autumn approriate 'Dark Romance' I mean come on check out the accompanying graphics we were all thinking vampy red lips and matt skin right? Well all I can say is sometimes the unexpected happens and you just have to roll with it.

 What was in the Box:

 Now If you've read any of my previous reviews/unboxings then you will know that I am not a fan of receiving perfume samples especially not when I'm paying actual money (as opposed to what...monopoly money, you know what I mean) on my box and know full well that perfume samples are free to all. I could literally pop to my local high street store or beauty counter and ask for one to try out. That being said last month we received a rather hefty sample of Elizabeth Arden- untold which came in it's own mini version of the actual bottle complete with packaging. Now that was not only novel (and super pretty) but also much more worthy of my subscription fee than a tiny 3 spray tube! That being said I don't mind the smell of this katy Perry one and if for no other reason it's good to just throw in my make-up bag if I'm travelling. Can I just ask though anybody else think it smells like a well known aftershave. 

Sample is 1.5ml with the full 50ml costing you a rather modest £29.50 from your local pharmacy or perfume shop.

 This next product I wasn't actually expecting to receive after not really seeing it in anybody else's box and it is actually rather interesting. I'm not really one to use face or body soaps as in block soaps as I find them to be rather drying however this little 'Cleansing bar' (fancy name for soap anybody)smells delightfully herbal, rather like a mix between a chemist and a bunch of roses, a little over powering but pretty and very much like something that is meant to be very 'good' for you. I haven't had chance to use this yet and I know that I probably wont use it religiously but it does feel very moisturising and is said to heal your skin within 28 days so maybe, just maybe it will help with this horrific break out I've been having as of late.

Now on the little card Glossybox have only put that the full price is £21 at House of Fraser however I did some snooping to see how big the full size is and discovered that this 'mini' bar retails on the actual Gamila website for £12. Now this isn't that misleading but I think that even though the box says mini they should write on the card £21 for however many mls as to not confuse people into believing they were given a full size rather expensive item.

One thing I think we are all sure of is that I am actually pretty crappy at trying to describe a smell and this next item is by a brand I have received before in my Glossybox and which actually showed the world the extent of my smell describing fail! Can you guess the brand? Yep that's right Glossybox has once again joined forces with Skincare company Monu and in this months box I received the Illuminating Primer which smells exactly how the last sample smelt, like expensive skincare and lemons!(I stick by that fact) I was quite surprised to receive an illuminating product in my box as, yes I know 'winter is coming' (sorry I couldn't resist the GOT temptation was too strong)and our skin can get pretty dull and dry over here in the UK but for some odd reason I always associate A/W with matte skin (please tell me I'm not the only one). 

 That being said I thought why not give this product a whirl as I did really like the moisturiser I was sent in a previous box and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it. Granted I applied my make-up rather lazily and half asleep at 6am this morning. When I blended this into my skin it felt quite thick and sticky however I thought nothing of it thinking well maybe it will be more moisturising with it being thicker something that is obviously needed in these colder months. However I then tried to blend my foundation into the still rather sticky base and eurgh it was pretty disturbing. I use Revlon Colorstay which is a pretty thick full coverage foundation so granted it already feels a bit cakey against your skin however mixed with the rich primer it feels almost wrong and is practically impossible to blend into the skin. I've told myself that maybe it is just a case of wrong foundation/primer mix, after all these two products were never going to be best friends I mean a matte foundation and an illuminating (or not so in my case) primer, you have to be joking!

Full size will set you back a rather pricier £24.95 for 50mls and can be purchased at here. Inside the box you received a 20ml sample so a pretty decent size actually. Definitely put this as a deluxe sample. 

 Next is yet another skincare item which you will know that I am probably not very happy about that makes this box 3 skincare products a tiny perfume sample and 1 beauty buy. Hmmm this face is not impressed! However my skincare annoyance aside this tiny little bottle is actually full (well 3 quarters full) of Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum a moisturiser that is (according to the card)meant to hydrate the skin whilst keeping it matte. Right make up your mind Glossybox are we meant to be matte or illuminated this AW? One good thing about this product though is that not only is it vegan (yey the vegetarian in me is very happy with that)but it is apparently packed with good stuff guaranteed to make rescue your dull autumn skin. 

Sample received is 20ml with the full 50ml costing £22.50 so again this is a deluxe sample. Just not one that I'm overly thrilled about apparently. 

And last (actual product that is) but not least we finally have a make-up item woohoo! Yet again this product is by a brand that frequents the UK boxes, MeMeMe cosmetics in the form of their Cherub Blush Cheek and Lip tint from their latest collection. Now I'm guessing that this is meant to be the dark vampy lip we were kinda promised? Hmmm I was still expecting a lipstick but oh well can't be too picky at least they popped in some make-up. This is clearly a dupe for Benefit's Benetint a dark berry red lip and cheek stain that I have been meaning to try for a while now so I was genuinely happy to see it in my box. Being a huge fan of the eyeshadow I received by them in a previous box I had high expectations and of course popped this on this morning instead of my usual blusher/lipstick. And ewwww this tastes vile! Now picture your Grandma's favourite rose scented soap, right now picture eating it! Not very nice huh? Well that is what this product tastes like an unfortunate event that is bound to occur when applying anything to your mouth region. I do like this product as a subtle blush and when first applied (if you can ignore the taste) to your lips it is a lovely mid toned berry red that can be built up to a darker shade however I did notice that although it's a tint (which you would surely expect to stain your lips and stay put) it does have a habit of coming off pretty quickly and settling rather nicely in the corners of your mouth giving you a slight walking dead look. Perfect for Halloween but not so attractive on a night out.

This is the only full size product in the box at £5.50 for the full 12ml and can be bought from here

 And finally the actual saving factor of this months box, I can't help but feel that the team knew this month would probably be a disappointment so threw in the one thing they knew would hit a girl right in the heart and make things OK...chocolate and just not that but dark chocolate so we can pretend were being healthy! Kudos to Glossybox haha. Although I did get told on Instagram by a girl that hers tasted like soap from being in the box with all the other products.

Hmm so that is it guys, as I think you've probably guessed by now I really wasn't impressed with this months box I mean it's not terrible like a previous box It hurts to even mention but it's not what I expect from an expanding company such as Glossybox. I hope you enjoyed reading this review/unboxing (sorry about the pessimism just being honest over here) let me know in the comments down below what you received in your box this month and what you thought about the products, especially the Monu primer as I'm ever so intrigued to see if it works better with other foundations.






13 October 2013

Green Hair, Don't Care!

Hello you beautiful creatures

So everybody and their mother is currently raving/discussing/acting very oddly and excitedly about the new Bleach London home dyes that have only this week become available in Boots stores across the UK and I am no different. Now for those of you who don't know Bleach is a famous and hip (yep I said hip just be thankful that I didn't say hip and happening then we'd all be cringing)hair salon in you guessed it... LONDON BABY, that specialise in dying and given the current trend dip dying! Basically if your anyone whose anyone on the indie scene you would be spotted frequenting Bleach for those ever so on trend colourful dip dye's. Jealous yet? Me too. So imagine my excitement when they announced that they would be bringing out a range of products that us less than fortunate ones could use at home! Needless to say that I instantly fell in love and just knew that I had to try them out for myself, I only had one question though....which shade?

 Bleach have bought out a line expanding from bleach kits aka home dip dye kits, colour care (silver shampoos and toners), styling products and 12, yes 12 super cool colours ranging from Rose- a light baby pink to Washed up Mermaid- a vibrant blue. Now as many of you will know if you've been following me for a while I have been fluctuating between a normal dip dye and using Directions Lilac and Lavender dyes to create a lovely purple hue as of late. So being a creature of habit (and to be honest not fully believing in the power of Directions colour, I know controversial but it just washes out so blooming fast) I of course decided on purple at first and in particular Parma Violets- a stunning lilac shade. The launch day loomed closer and my mind was still firmly set on the purple, until a little voice, at first a whisper rang into my ears 'why not actually go for something a bit different?'  Different I thought hmm what an unusually grand idea! So my lets face it probably now very confused friends let me tell you that I did let this voice rule me and I chose a different colour, I chose.....GREEN! Or in Bleach terms 'Sea Punk' (anybody else picturing a puffer fish with a mohawk).

Now it may not look it in the bottle but Sea Punk is a stunning light green colour that I at first intended to mix with a small amount of blue to create a more turquoise hue however due to problems with my current funding (aka I blew my wages) I had to stick with just good old fashioned green. And I love it, I really love it, I feel like Elphaba! 

What you will need:

  • Your dye of choice
  • Shampoo
  • A bowl or something to pour some out onto.
  • A brush
  • Some gloves
  • A dye brush (to apply don't worry if not you can use your hands)

How I got my hair green:

Now Bleach recommends like with many other dyes of this type that you start of with naturally light or bleached hair. Now I am fortunate enough to already have bleached ends but if you haven't you may have to seriously contemplate this idea as your hair will need to be lightened for the colour to take.

  1. Comb out your hair to get rid of any knots.
  2. Shampoo your hair and towel dry. 
  3. Pop on some gloves to protect your hands (I don't care how much you love the colour you won't want to be walking around all week with bright green hands).
  4. Pour out the required amount of dye (for my ends I used 2 generous dollops, totally a measurement).
  5. Apply to your hair using either a dye brush or your hands.
  6. Massage into your hair thoroughly to ensure you've conversed it all evenly.
  7. Wait 15 minutes (I waited 20 for a stronger colour)
  8. Rinse out with warm water.
  9. Dry and style as usual.

I must advise you that I am not by any means an expert, this is simply both what the bottle said as well as how exactly I went through the process.

The Result/Review:

Please excuse my naked face this was taken just after I had dyed my hair. p.s. check out the Twilight top! (this picture does include a filter however the colour is true to life just a tad more vibrant).

Tada! So this is my new (as I like to call it) mermaid hair and I honestly could not be happier with the results. Now as I mentioned previously I have been using directions for quite a while now and I must admit that although I love the colours I simply cannot get along with it. I am not sure if it's just my hair as everyone I know raves about the dyes, however the colour simply does not stay in my hair.  Here is where the Bleach dyes come in as not only do I believe you get a better colour pay off but (and it has only been two days) but I feel as if the dye is sticking to my hair better and the colour has not faded half as much as it previously had when using Directions. 

That being said I would definitely recommend the Bleach products to everyone. I am a total convert and I have a confession to make...I'm already trying to pick my next colour! It's my new addiction I fully believe it is vital for me to have every colour!

Bleach london colours are available at Boots stores nationwide for the bargain price of £5!

So there we have it guys my first impression/review/How I dye my hair with Bleach London 'Sea Punk'. What do you all think? Would you go green, if not what colour would you pick? Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time!


9 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hello you lovely lot 

So as you can probably tell by the very lovely header above that today I am doing the Autumn Tag! I was tagged by the insanely gorgeous (and witty and let's face it pretty incredible really, you should definitely go check them out, after reading this of course!)Lauren and Claire aka the fabulous duo Stylingo (anyone else getting slightly weirded out by my girl crush).  OK so bromance aside and although I am currently freezing my butt off I must admit that my love for Autumn is strong. Who doesn't, with the slow creep up to Christmas, the delicious smells wafting out of your local Starbucks and the urge to light every single amazingly smelling candle you own, Autumn is impossible to resist. And today I will tell you why, exactly my love for it will never cease.

Favourite thing about Autumn?

Well the points made in my opening paragraph aside I love autumn for a few reasons some normal some slightly strange (just hear me out OK). Firstly it is the month of Halloween aka the most frigging amazing holiday EVER which means that in my opinion it is the best! Secondly layering, yes being English born and bred has it's many perks number one being the ability to walk around in more layers then a Mille Feuille (trust me its an art form). I love strolling around in the entire contents of my tights and sock draw at once in an attempt to defy the weather and wear my favourite dresses and skirts. Number 3, constantly walking around with my hands wrapped around a hot beverage normally consisting of an item from the Starbucks Autumn menu (mmm salted caramel everything please). Now this next one goes along the same lines as the hot drinks, I am a perpetually cold human being my circulation upped and left many a year ago and I am now constantly freezing pretty much all year round which means that as soon as Autumn hits I am on a one woman mission to stay roasty toasty which also means that I live off soup! Mmmmm soup, soup a tasty soup soup a spicy carrot and coriander (ten points for anyone that's not going WTF right now). Yep I love me some soup, is that an odd reason to love Autumn?

Favourite Drink

Again I have a few and of course I have to again mention the Starbucks Autumn menu although I am pretty sure my favourite AW drink is technically from the Christmas menu and that would be a skinny peppermint mocha (the skinny may be futile but it makes me feel better anyhow). However again as previously stated I like to stay warm which means constant hot drinks and as much as I would love it to be, Starbucks just not possible 24/7 therefore I have another amazing drink to share...Options hot chocolate. You have not lived until you have drunk a Options hazelnut hot chocolate with a generous dollop of Baileys Irish Cream and lashing of whipped cream topping mmmm heavenly!

Favourite Scent?

Now this is my favourite scent in life in general, I honestly love it, it is my go to scent and has been for a few years now. That scent would be Tom Fords Black Orchid which is a stunning musky fragrance with notes of black truffle and vanilla. Aka it is sex in a bottle! I'm sorry I know I am not meant to say the S word but this is literally the only way to describe it!

Best Lipstick?

Ironically my best Autumn lipstick is Tom Fords Black Orchid! No I do not wear my perfume on my mouth, I am of course talking about the signature shade from Tom Fords rather incredible beauty range. Black Orchid is a stunning deep berry shade that is just perfect to complete a dark and romantic Autumn look. It's a little on the pricey side at £36 pounds however it is worth every penny as it is pure luxury from the hefty art like packaging to the stunningly creamy texture of the lipstick itself which may I add has the most scrumptious smell of coco butter.
A couple of cheaper berry/purple lipsticks that I love for Autumn are Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in shade 04 and Vevo Cosmetics Deepest Plum.

Go to Moisturiser?

Normally my go to moisturiser for every season is the Simple Rich Replenishing Moisturiser which I have been using continuously now for many years however I have recently been trying the Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream as it was what was on offer in my local Tesco's (a good reason I know haha). I have been loving the formula of this which to me actually feels much more hydrating then the richer Simple formula. 

Go to for the eyes? 

During autumn I am definitely a fan of more heavy/adventurous make up looks firstly because it's not going to fall off my face like in Summer and secondly because I tend to wear a lot and I mean a lot of black so like to liven things up with my make-up to prevent me from looking like a shadow. Recently I have been wearing Maybelline's colour tattoo in the shade On and on Bronze almost daily. I absolutely adore this shade and the formula is just so incredibly easy to blend. It also has the added benefit of being fabulous alone or as a base for different shadows.

Favourite band/singer to listen to?

Now I have a confession to make, in the colder/darker months I tend to get a case of the blues so I am mostly likely listening to something a little on the somber side. ATM I have not been able to take 'Turning Page' by Sleeping At Last which is of course from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack (say what you like I flipping love Twilight). The problem with this being that I am possibly a 22 year old spinster so this may not be the best idea. 
Now when I am not depressing myself with soppy music and a lack of Edward Cullen or any such sexy vampire presence I am more than likely listening to David Bowie's incredible new album 'Next Day' particularly track 1- Next Day or track- 3 The Stars (are out tonight) or my ultimate favourite movie soundtrack aka Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet mainly tracks 10- To you I Bestow- Mundy or track 11- Talk Show Host- Radiohead

Favourite outfit to wear?

As soon as autumn comes around I start playing with darker colours and different textures. I've currently been loving my velvet skater skirt from Miss Behaver with a high neck crop, statement jewellery and a dark lip like in my latest ootd post. I have also been wearing my fluffy Primark cardigan with literally everything! 

Autumn treat?

Now I again have a few different versions of my Autumn 'treat' the first being Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (which I found on offer in white chocolate at Asda yesterday...heaven) there is just something about the comforting taste of chocolate and peanut butter that makes these the perfect cold weather treat.

Now my fashion treats would be a new coat which I have already picked up this month from Primark. They honestly have the most incredible coats in ATM! I also have my heart set on a PVC/Vinyl skirt (or many) like this Fashion Union baby from my latest wishlist post. How beautiful can one skirt be!

Favourite place to be?

Hmmm now I am going to seem terribly boring now but my favourite place to be is probably snuggled up with a hot drink and the heater on in my front room watching a good old fashioned horror film with the pops!

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6 October 2013

Fashion Union Wishlist

Hello you beautiful people

Fashion Union Wishlist Part 1

So I may be guilty of yet more online fantasy shopping, I can't help myself there really are just too many amazing websites out there! The one I've been leaning towards at the moment is Fashion Union. Now If any of you follow me on Twitter then you may know that I won a stunning acid wash cut out skater dress from Fashion Union before (woo woo) and it has since been mentioned in many an ootd via here or Instagram, it is honestly one of those things that you can just throw on and leave the house in and still look like you made an effort (always a good thing). Well since then I have of course liked them on every social media platform available to stay ahead of their current/upcoming stock. So picture this, I innocently click onto my Facebook page and Shabam (in the words of the lady I'm about to talk of, can you guess who it is) up popped a dupe of, let's face it one of the most shamazing (you guessed yet) dresses I've seen on my TV screen for quite a while aka the bright orange PVC dress that a certain X factor judge was wearing during the auditions. Yes ladies and gents I am talking of the beautiful and slightly cray cray Nicole Scherzinger.

Like many of you I'm sure I have embraced the (what I like to call) 50 Shades of Grey culture and fallen hard for the vinyl/PVC/PU/shiny/sex clothing trend that has been taking the catwalks by storm this AW and ever since I saw that shiny neon orange dress on the (SHAMAZINGLY TONED)body of Miss Sherzinger I have been having little mini day dreams about owning it for myself. Imagine my absolute delight then when I saw this bargain version on my screen! Let me just say, me likey, me wanty, me needy! (yep that was definitely English). However did you really think that I could just stop there? Oh no I had to do an entire 2 day (OK it was 3 I have no shame) scoure of the entire Fashion Union site to pick out a few more pieces that I actually NEED in my life and of course it included more vinyl, what can I say it's love!

So yes we all know now that I NEED (NEED I tell you) this red vinyl skirt it is honestly so so very perfect! I instantly decided that I would have to style it with this adorably 90's black fluffy knitted crop and Patent lace up Doc Marten style boots. Then sticking with the leather skirt lust I fell hard once again for this quilted beauty. I have been looking for a quilted skirt for a while and I just love the versatility of this version which I would of course pair with another one of my current needs aka a bomber jacket. What with the weather in the UK acting a little confused ATM (someone needs to give it a big hug)it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide what jacket to wear and this stunning light weight sheer floral number would fit the bill quite nicely if you ask me. And of course, finally we just had to have a velvet two piece because I mean, come on it's not AW without a bit of velvet and who doesn't love a two piece!

Now my love for these flatforms knows no bounds. It is so strong that we had to start a new chapter, oh yeah I am bringing out the big guns here guys. I may be crazy, I may have a chunky, ugly shoe addiction but I just have to say that yes I do love you Mr. high platform lace up boot (now that's a mouthful) and I don't care who knows it! It is because of that love that I would pair you with this stunning colbat blue leopard print swing dress which is an absolute steal at £18 and definitely one of those things that you can just throw on and still look great (oh I do love those dresses) and this amazing black shaggy fur jacket which just screams AW chic to me and definitely needs some sort of floppy hat! You all know you want to channel your inner Kate Moss in this beauty and don't you try and deny it!

So that is it ladies and gents my Fashion Union Wishlist and confession of love to a pair of shoes! I do hope you enjoyed it, I am now off to go cry into my pillow at the fact that I have two hopes of making all of these must haves mine bob hope and no hope. Oh Woe is me!

Until we meet again.


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