15 October 2013

Dark Romance more like Darkly Dissapointing! - October Glossybox

Hello again friends.

Can you guess what time it is (I'm pretty sure the giant picture above gives the game away) yep, it's Glossybox time again. Now if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you may know that I was/am not that impressed with this months box. I mean after last months pretty amazing box my expectations were not that high. Makes no sense? You'd normally be right to think that however I have a theory that goes a little like this...When the lovely people over at Glossybox UK produce a good box they also blow the budget and then consequently the next box is not quite up to parr! Did that make sense? Anyone? 

Now what was I saying, oh yes so this month we are back to the plain baby pink boxes that we all know and erm sometimes love however the theme was brand spanking new and potentially very exciting and that theme was the very autumn approriate 'Dark Romance' I mean come on check out the accompanying graphics we were all thinking vampy red lips and matt skin right? Well all I can say is sometimes the unexpected happens and you just have to roll with it.

 What was in the Box:

 Now If you've read any of my previous reviews/unboxings then you will know that I am not a fan of receiving perfume samples especially not when I'm paying actual money (as opposed to what...monopoly money, you know what I mean) on my box and know full well that perfume samples are free to all. I could literally pop to my local high street store or beauty counter and ask for one to try out. That being said last month we received a rather hefty sample of Elizabeth Arden- untold which came in it's own mini version of the actual bottle complete with packaging. Now that was not only novel (and super pretty) but also much more worthy of my subscription fee than a tiny 3 spray tube! That being said I don't mind the smell of this katy Perry one and if for no other reason it's good to just throw in my make-up bag if I'm travelling. Can I just ask though anybody else think it smells like a well known aftershave. 

Sample is 1.5ml with the full 50ml costing you a rather modest £29.50 from your local pharmacy or perfume shop.

 This next product I wasn't actually expecting to receive after not really seeing it in anybody else's box and it is actually rather interesting. I'm not really one to use face or body soaps as in block soaps as I find them to be rather drying however this little 'Cleansing bar' (fancy name for soap anybody)smells delightfully herbal, rather like a mix between a chemist and a bunch of roses, a little over powering but pretty and very much like something that is meant to be very 'good' for you. I haven't had chance to use this yet and I know that I probably wont use it religiously but it does feel very moisturising and is said to heal your skin within 28 days so maybe, just maybe it will help with this horrific break out I've been having as of late.

Now on the little card Glossybox have only put that the full price is £21 at House of Fraser however I did some snooping to see how big the full size is and discovered that this 'mini' bar retails on the actual Gamila website for £12. Now this isn't that misleading but I think that even though the box says mini they should write on the card £21 for however many mls as to not confuse people into believing they were given a full size rather expensive item.

One thing I think we are all sure of is that I am actually pretty crappy at trying to describe a smell and this next item is by a brand I have received before in my Glossybox and which actually showed the world the extent of my smell describing fail! Can you guess the brand? Yep that's right Glossybox has once again joined forces with Skincare company Monu and in this months box I received the Illuminating Primer which smells exactly how the last sample smelt, like expensive skincare and lemons!(I stick by that fact) I was quite surprised to receive an illuminating product in my box as, yes I know 'winter is coming' (sorry I couldn't resist the GOT temptation was too strong)and our skin can get pretty dull and dry over here in the UK but for some odd reason I always associate A/W with matte skin (please tell me I'm not the only one). 

 That being said I thought why not give this product a whirl as I did really like the moisturiser I was sent in a previous box and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it. Granted I applied my make-up rather lazily and half asleep at 6am this morning. When I blended this into my skin it felt quite thick and sticky however I thought nothing of it thinking well maybe it will be more moisturising with it being thicker something that is obviously needed in these colder months. However I then tried to blend my foundation into the still rather sticky base and eurgh it was pretty disturbing. I use Revlon Colorstay which is a pretty thick full coverage foundation so granted it already feels a bit cakey against your skin however mixed with the rich primer it feels almost wrong and is practically impossible to blend into the skin. I've told myself that maybe it is just a case of wrong foundation/primer mix, after all these two products were never going to be best friends I mean a matte foundation and an illuminating (or not so in my case) primer, you have to be joking!

Full size will set you back a rather pricier £24.95 for 50mls and can be purchased at here. Inside the box you received a 20ml sample so a pretty decent size actually. Definitely put this as a deluxe sample. 

 Next is yet another skincare item which you will know that I am probably not very happy about that makes this box 3 skincare products a tiny perfume sample and 1 beauty buy. Hmmm this face is not impressed! However my skincare annoyance aside this tiny little bottle is actually full (well 3 quarters full) of Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum a moisturiser that is (according to the card)meant to hydrate the skin whilst keeping it matte. Right make up your mind Glossybox are we meant to be matte or illuminated this AW? One good thing about this product though is that not only is it vegan (yey the vegetarian in me is very happy with that)but it is apparently packed with good stuff guaranteed to make rescue your dull autumn skin. 

Sample received is 20ml with the full 50ml costing £22.50 so again this is a deluxe sample. Just not one that I'm overly thrilled about apparently. 

And last (actual product that is) but not least we finally have a make-up item woohoo! Yet again this product is by a brand that frequents the UK boxes, MeMeMe cosmetics in the form of their Cherub Blush Cheek and Lip tint from their latest collection. Now I'm guessing that this is meant to be the dark vampy lip we were kinda promised? Hmmm I was still expecting a lipstick but oh well can't be too picky at least they popped in some make-up. This is clearly a dupe for Benefit's Benetint a dark berry red lip and cheek stain that I have been meaning to try for a while now so I was genuinely happy to see it in my box. Being a huge fan of the eyeshadow I received by them in a previous box I had high expectations and of course popped this on this morning instead of my usual blusher/lipstick. And ewwww this tastes vile! Now picture your Grandma's favourite rose scented soap, right now picture eating it! Not very nice huh? Well that is what this product tastes like an unfortunate event that is bound to occur when applying anything to your mouth region. I do like this product as a subtle blush and when first applied (if you can ignore the taste) to your lips it is a lovely mid toned berry red that can be built up to a darker shade however I did notice that although it's a tint (which you would surely expect to stain your lips and stay put) it does have a habit of coming off pretty quickly and settling rather nicely in the corners of your mouth giving you a slight walking dead look. Perfect for Halloween but not so attractive on a night out.

This is the only full size product in the box at £5.50 for the full 12ml and can be bought from here

 And finally the actual saving factor of this months box, I can't help but feel that the team knew this month would probably be a disappointment so threw in the one thing they knew would hit a girl right in the heart and make things OK...chocolate and just not that but dark chocolate so we can pretend were being healthy! Kudos to Glossybox haha. Although I did get told on Instagram by a girl that hers tasted like soap from being in the box with all the other products.

Hmm so that is it guys, as I think you've probably guessed by now I really wasn't impressed with this months box I mean it's not terrible like a previous box It hurts to even mention but it's not what I expect from an expanding company such as Glossybox. I hope you enjoyed reading this review/unboxing (sorry about the pessimism just being honest over here) let me know in the comments down below what you received in your box this month and what you thought about the products, especially the Monu primer as I'm ever so intrigued to see if it works better with other foundations.







  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. I must admit I'm underwhelmed with this months box. Worst thing? I didn't get any chocolate lol. Raspberrykiss xo

  3. It look like some nice product of the this months box! I would be interested on the lip tint and soap <3

    I am now following you on GFC (63)

    I hope you will visit my blog too and follow back if you liked my blog <3

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  4. What a bummer that you didnt like the box!
    i not a huge fan of primers either, they just dont work for me,
    i use Mac & Maxfactor & Rimmel but ive found that primers just
    annoy the foundation on my skin (do you get what i mean?)

    i was actually going to buy a lip tint today, but not too sure of it now.

    omg they could of thrown in a nail polish and an eye liner! id say that was
    more AW then soap. Mind you that soap is meant to be the "expensive" one
    to this soap ive been religiously using since a child..its an olive soap sold in
    many middle eastern shops or even markets (as in fruit veg and meat market).
    it REALLY helps clense your skin if you use it as exfoliating and does wonders
    for any breakouts! the soaps i buy are a large chunk and they only about £1-£2
    so in expensive.. ill do a post on it in the future, but i'd recommend you get your self
    a bar of those, the one that came in the box is probably a fancy crap labelled on..
    not too keen on them.

    Also i was wondering how do you sign up to glossy box?

    have a lovely day xxxx

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