6 October 2013

Fashion Union Wishlist

Hello you beautiful people

Fashion Union Wishlist Part 1

So I may be guilty of yet more online fantasy shopping, I can't help myself there really are just too many amazing websites out there! The one I've been leaning towards at the moment is Fashion Union. Now If any of you follow me on Twitter then you may know that I won a stunning acid wash cut out skater dress from Fashion Union before (woo woo) and it has since been mentioned in many an ootd via here or Instagram, it is honestly one of those things that you can just throw on and leave the house in and still look like you made an effort (always a good thing). Well since then I have of course liked them on every social media platform available to stay ahead of their current/upcoming stock. So picture this, I innocently click onto my Facebook page and Shabam (in the words of the lady I'm about to talk of, can you guess who it is) up popped a dupe of, let's face it one of the most shamazing (you guessed yet) dresses I've seen on my TV screen for quite a while aka the bright orange PVC dress that a certain X factor judge was wearing during the auditions. Yes ladies and gents I am talking of the beautiful and slightly cray cray Nicole Scherzinger.

Like many of you I'm sure I have embraced the (what I like to call) 50 Shades of Grey culture and fallen hard for the vinyl/PVC/PU/shiny/sex clothing trend that has been taking the catwalks by storm this AW and ever since I saw that shiny neon orange dress on the (SHAMAZINGLY TONED)body of Miss Sherzinger I have been having little mini day dreams about owning it for myself. Imagine my absolute delight then when I saw this bargain version on my screen! Let me just say, me likey, me wanty, me needy! (yep that was definitely English). However did you really think that I could just stop there? Oh no I had to do an entire 2 day (OK it was 3 I have no shame) scoure of the entire Fashion Union site to pick out a few more pieces that I actually NEED in my life and of course it included more vinyl, what can I say it's love!

So yes we all know now that I NEED (NEED I tell you) this red vinyl skirt it is honestly so so very perfect! I instantly decided that I would have to style it with this adorably 90's black fluffy knitted crop and Patent lace up Doc Marten style boots. Then sticking with the leather skirt lust I fell hard once again for this quilted beauty. I have been looking for a quilted skirt for a while and I just love the versatility of this version which I would of course pair with another one of my current needs aka a bomber jacket. What with the weather in the UK acting a little confused ATM (someone needs to give it a big hug)it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide what jacket to wear and this stunning light weight sheer floral number would fit the bill quite nicely if you ask me. And of course, finally we just had to have a velvet two piece because I mean, come on it's not AW without a bit of velvet and who doesn't love a two piece!

Now my love for these flatforms knows no bounds. It is so strong that we had to start a new chapter, oh yeah I am bringing out the big guns here guys. I may be crazy, I may have a chunky, ugly shoe addiction but I just have to say that yes I do love you Mr. high platform lace up boot (now that's a mouthful) and I don't care who knows it! It is because of that love that I would pair you with this stunning colbat blue leopard print swing dress which is an absolute steal at £18 and definitely one of those things that you can just throw on and still look great (oh I do love those dresses) and this amazing black shaggy fur jacket which just screams AW chic to me and definitely needs some sort of floppy hat! You all know you want to channel your inner Kate Moss in this beauty and don't you try and deny it!

So that is it ladies and gents my Fashion Union Wishlist and confession of love to a pair of shoes! I do hope you enjoyed it, I am now off to go cry into my pillow at the fact that I have two hopes of making all of these must haves mine bob hope and no hope. Oh Woe is me!

Until we meet again.


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  1. Omg, the lace up boots are EXACTLY the same as my new Missguided ones! Insane!

  2. The red skirt is sooo lovely!! *faints*