13 October 2013

Green Hair, Don't Care!

Hello you beautiful creatures

So everybody and their mother is currently raving/discussing/acting very oddly and excitedly about the new Bleach London home dyes that have only this week become available in Boots stores across the UK and I am no different. Now for those of you who don't know Bleach is a famous and hip (yep I said hip just be thankful that I didn't say hip and happening then we'd all be cringing)hair salon in you guessed it... LONDON BABY, that specialise in dying and given the current trend dip dying! Basically if your anyone whose anyone on the indie scene you would be spotted frequenting Bleach for those ever so on trend colourful dip dye's. Jealous yet? Me too. So imagine my excitement when they announced that they would be bringing out a range of products that us less than fortunate ones could use at home! Needless to say that I instantly fell in love and just knew that I had to try them out for myself, I only had one question though....which shade?

 Bleach have bought out a line expanding from bleach kits aka home dip dye kits, colour care (silver shampoos and toners), styling products and 12, yes 12 super cool colours ranging from Rose- a light baby pink to Washed up Mermaid- a vibrant blue. Now as many of you will know if you've been following me for a while I have been fluctuating between a normal dip dye and using Directions Lilac and Lavender dyes to create a lovely purple hue as of late. So being a creature of habit (and to be honest not fully believing in the power of Directions colour, I know controversial but it just washes out so blooming fast) I of course decided on purple at first and in particular Parma Violets- a stunning lilac shade. The launch day loomed closer and my mind was still firmly set on the purple, until a little voice, at first a whisper rang into my ears 'why not actually go for something a bit different?'  Different I thought hmm what an unusually grand idea! So my lets face it probably now very confused friends let me tell you that I did let this voice rule me and I chose a different colour, I chose.....GREEN! Or in Bleach terms 'Sea Punk' (anybody else picturing a puffer fish with a mohawk).

Now it may not look it in the bottle but Sea Punk is a stunning light green colour that I at first intended to mix with a small amount of blue to create a more turquoise hue however due to problems with my current funding (aka I blew my wages) I had to stick with just good old fashioned green. And I love it, I really love it, I feel like Elphaba! 

What you will need:

  • Your dye of choice
  • Shampoo
  • A bowl or something to pour some out onto.
  • A brush
  • Some gloves
  • A dye brush (to apply don't worry if not you can use your hands)

How I got my hair green:

Now Bleach recommends like with many other dyes of this type that you start of with naturally light or bleached hair. Now I am fortunate enough to already have bleached ends but if you haven't you may have to seriously contemplate this idea as your hair will need to be lightened for the colour to take.

  1. Comb out your hair to get rid of any knots.
  2. Shampoo your hair and towel dry. 
  3. Pop on some gloves to protect your hands (I don't care how much you love the colour you won't want to be walking around all week with bright green hands).
  4. Pour out the required amount of dye (for my ends I used 2 generous dollops, totally a measurement).
  5. Apply to your hair using either a dye brush or your hands.
  6. Massage into your hair thoroughly to ensure you've conversed it all evenly.
  7. Wait 15 minutes (I waited 20 for a stronger colour)
  8. Rinse out with warm water.
  9. Dry and style as usual.

I must advise you that I am not by any means an expert, this is simply both what the bottle said as well as how exactly I went through the process.

The Result/Review:

Please excuse my naked face this was taken just after I had dyed my hair. p.s. check out the Twilight top! (this picture does include a filter however the colour is true to life just a tad more vibrant).

Tada! So this is my new (as I like to call it) mermaid hair and I honestly could not be happier with the results. Now as I mentioned previously I have been using directions for quite a while now and I must admit that although I love the colours I simply cannot get along with it. I am not sure if it's just my hair as everyone I know raves about the dyes, however the colour simply does not stay in my hair.  Here is where the Bleach dyes come in as not only do I believe you get a better colour pay off but (and it has only been two days) but I feel as if the dye is sticking to my hair better and the colour has not faded half as much as it previously had when using Directions. 

That being said I would definitely recommend the Bleach products to everyone. I am a total convert and I have a confession to make...I'm already trying to pick my next colour! It's my new addiction I fully believe it is vital for me to have every colour!

Bleach london colours are available at Boots stores nationwide for the bargain price of £5!

So there we have it guys my first impression/review/How I dye my hair with Bleach London 'Sea Punk'. What do you all think? Would you go green, if not what colour would you pick? Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time!



  1. This looks brilliant Vickie, I never would have thought green hair could work on, er, anyone - but you have completely changed my mind! I need to investigate this brand, worried I'll get carried away and have multicoloured hair by Tuesday...

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

    1. Join me claire, join me in having multi-coloured mermaid hair! (I made a little rhyme). x

  2. I'll definitely be investing when I run out of directions (the pink is almost gone, let's all cry...) the green looks awesome on you though.
    Do you think one bottle would cover my hair? Feel free to tweet me a reply ;)

    1. Oh no it's the same with my lilac and lavender heartbreaking isn't it! I LOVE your pink hair! I can honestly not reccomend Bleach dyes high enough love them! x

  3. Ahhh this makes me want to get turquoise on my ends even more now!! It looks amaziing!! <3

  4. I love the green on you! It looks so cool and edgy and it really suits you! :)
    Can't believe I'm only just following you through your blog! Your blog is so lovely, I love it! :)


  5. Ahhh this looks amazing! You are such a cool gal ;)

    http://www.stylingo.co.uk xxx

  6. it looks gorgeous.. I quite fancy having a go, and it's such a good price. sounds like it's a good un x