5 October 2013

She's Wearing a Scrrrruuuunnnchhiiiee!

Why hello again my fellow fashionistas

So I am back with a very overdue OOTD post for you all. I have finally been around someone who is able to take a few pictures for me (yey), granted they are in a rather dark and bland setting but an outfit pic is an outfit pic is what I told myself especially after not having posted any for so long! So please excuse the drab surroundings!

I have recently bought/received some rather exciting additions to my AW wardrobe and thought I would throw as many of them as possible on in one ootd to show you all. I supose I should start off with the most recent and well most noticeable item which is my amazing new coat from (can you believe it) Primark! I have been in love with this coat since I first spotted it in my local store a few weeks back however it had been tried on by several people (as you could tell by the rather large stack that had gathered next to the only mirror in store)and living in such a small town I was worried that everyone would have the same coat. However I decided to show my father the coat whilst strolling through town the other day, which looking back was probably a bad idea because as he is such an enabler to my shopping addiction! 

Now as much as I flat out adore this coat I do have two issues with it (aside from how popular I believe it is going to be)and they would be that 1, it's already started to pull which is not what you want from a coat you've only worn once! And 2, the fur collar is not detachable which I thought it was when purchasing as I'm an idiot and didn't check, I'm only annoyed as I had convinced myself this was true and would look lovely with other jackets (anybody else have to lie to themselves like this to convince themselves to purchase an item?). The Next item however I took absolutely no convincing to purchase as it was an insanely cheap £3 in the amazing New Look sale. And that would be this stunning plum coloured high neck lace crop. I decided to pair my bargain of the century with the velvet skater I wore in my last OOTD post (once again with a purple high neck crop, ever the original) and black tights (as always).  


Fur Collared Coat- Primark (recent)
Lace High Neck Crop- New Look (sale/similar)
Velvet Skater Skirt- Miss Behaver
Cross Studded Belt- Primark (sale)
Cut Out Boots- New Look (recent)
Studded Satchel- Pretty Little Thing
Scrunchie- Primark
Lipstick- Vivo shade 'Deepest Plum' Via Tesco

Of course (like in my previous ootd...I like wearing the same 
things OK!) I popped my Primark studded belt across my waist. To keep with the black and gold theme I added my let's face it, favourite purchase ever aka New Look cut out boots (Coltrane dupes to me and you)that you may have seen many bloggers wearing and which finally came back into stock (ready set go!) I am not even going to try and explain how much I love them, they are perfect...need I say more? Also keeping to this them I gave my new satchel that I won from Pretty Little Thing via Instagram (wooohooo I love a good competition)it's first outing. I've been looking to get my hands on a smaller black satchel for a while now since I wear my white satchel almost daily and I couldn't believe my luck when I found this studded little beauty let alone when I won it so thank you very much to the people over at Pretty Little Thing!

P.s yes ladies and gentleman after many a year of taking the Michael out of my sister for having to wear those scrunchies due to her having an insane amount of it. I (as well as Miss Carrie Bradshaw) are going to have to eat out words as those once infamous 'sccrrruuunchiiesss' have once again come into fashion and one has unexpectedly ended up on the mop of yours truly!

So that is my outfit in it's entirety I certainly hope you enjoyed it and liked my most recent purchases. Don't forget to check out my first ever giveaway which is now live on my previous post. And also do not forget to click that follow/Bloglovin button to stay up to date with future posts/giveaways (got to love a shameless plug). Also let me in the comments below if you have purchased your coat yet or have any that you are eyeing up for AW!



  1. No way that coat is from Primark, its gorgeous! love your outfit! xx

    1. I know right I walked in saw it and was like OH MY I NEED! So glad my Dad convinced me to get it. My Primark just need to get the PVC A Line skirt now and I'm set :) x

  2. The £3 top is awesome! And no fear for the collar, you can always get a stitch un-picker and make it detachable - you could stitch some press studs on or a little velcro tab and voila! The coat looks great though!

    1. I Love it! Couldn't believe it was £3, the back is all lace too it's so pretty. Oh Laura I too afraid to! I daren't even unpick the pockets I have the worst luck with sewing anything! x

    2. Hahah the pockets are probably meant to be unpicked, usually with these things they stitch them up loosley so they stay flat :) do ittt! :)

  3. Daaaaamn you look amazing! Loving autumn OOTD atm, it's like it's too warm to fully embrace it, too cold to still be embracing summer. Love these boots too!

    Charlotte - www.blotandreapply.com xx

    1. Aww shucks thanks sugar :) Me too although I must admit I was boiling my ass of in that coat! x

  4. Can't believe that coat is from Primark, it's amazing! Love your outfit
    Lydia Rose
    www.lydiarosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

    1. Thanks lovely :) I know me neither it's so perdy I'm officially in love with Primark ATM! x

  5. Oh I love your outfit! You're so bang on trend but still have your own unique twist to it :-) xo