9 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hello you lovely lot 

So as you can probably tell by the very lovely header above that today I am doing the Autumn Tag! I was tagged by the insanely gorgeous (and witty and let's face it pretty incredible really, you should definitely go check them out, after reading this of course!)Lauren and Claire aka the fabulous duo Stylingo (anyone else getting slightly weirded out by my girl crush).  OK so bromance aside and although I am currently freezing my butt off I must admit that my love for Autumn is strong. Who doesn't, with the slow creep up to Christmas, the delicious smells wafting out of your local Starbucks and the urge to light every single amazingly smelling candle you own, Autumn is impossible to resist. And today I will tell you why, exactly my love for it will never cease.

Favourite thing about Autumn?

Well the points made in my opening paragraph aside I love autumn for a few reasons some normal some slightly strange (just hear me out OK). Firstly it is the month of Halloween aka the most frigging amazing holiday EVER which means that in my opinion it is the best! Secondly layering, yes being English born and bred has it's many perks number one being the ability to walk around in more layers then a Mille Feuille (trust me its an art form). I love strolling around in the entire contents of my tights and sock draw at once in an attempt to defy the weather and wear my favourite dresses and skirts. Number 3, constantly walking around with my hands wrapped around a hot beverage normally consisting of an item from the Starbucks Autumn menu (mmm salted caramel everything please). Now this next one goes along the same lines as the hot drinks, I am a perpetually cold human being my circulation upped and left many a year ago and I am now constantly freezing pretty much all year round which means that as soon as Autumn hits I am on a one woman mission to stay roasty toasty which also means that I live off soup! Mmmmm soup, soup a tasty soup soup a spicy carrot and coriander (ten points for anyone that's not going WTF right now). Yep I love me some soup, is that an odd reason to love Autumn?

Favourite Drink

Again I have a few and of course I have to again mention the Starbucks Autumn menu although I am pretty sure my favourite AW drink is technically from the Christmas menu and that would be a skinny peppermint mocha (the skinny may be futile but it makes me feel better anyhow). However again as previously stated I like to stay warm which means constant hot drinks and as much as I would love it to be, Starbucks just not possible 24/7 therefore I have another amazing drink to share...Options hot chocolate. You have not lived until you have drunk a Options hazelnut hot chocolate with a generous dollop of Baileys Irish Cream and lashing of whipped cream topping mmmm heavenly!

Favourite Scent?

Now this is my favourite scent in life in general, I honestly love it, it is my go to scent and has been for a few years now. That scent would be Tom Fords Black Orchid which is a stunning musky fragrance with notes of black truffle and vanilla. Aka it is sex in a bottle! I'm sorry I know I am not meant to say the S word but this is literally the only way to describe it!

Best Lipstick?

Ironically my best Autumn lipstick is Tom Fords Black Orchid! No I do not wear my perfume on my mouth, I am of course talking about the signature shade from Tom Fords rather incredible beauty range. Black Orchid is a stunning deep berry shade that is just perfect to complete a dark and romantic Autumn look. It's a little on the pricey side at £36 pounds however it is worth every penny as it is pure luxury from the hefty art like packaging to the stunningly creamy texture of the lipstick itself which may I add has the most scrumptious smell of coco butter.
A couple of cheaper berry/purple lipsticks that I love for Autumn are Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in shade 04 and Vevo Cosmetics Deepest Plum.

Go to Moisturiser?

Normally my go to moisturiser for every season is the Simple Rich Replenishing Moisturiser which I have been using continuously now for many years however I have recently been trying the Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream as it was what was on offer in my local Tesco's (a good reason I know haha). I have been loving the formula of this which to me actually feels much more hydrating then the richer Simple formula. 

Go to for the eyes? 

During autumn I am definitely a fan of more heavy/adventurous make up looks firstly because it's not going to fall off my face like in Summer and secondly because I tend to wear a lot and I mean a lot of black so like to liven things up with my make-up to prevent me from looking like a shadow. Recently I have been wearing Maybelline's colour tattoo in the shade On and on Bronze almost daily. I absolutely adore this shade and the formula is just so incredibly easy to blend. It also has the added benefit of being fabulous alone or as a base for different shadows.

Favourite band/singer to listen to?

Now I have a confession to make, in the colder/darker months I tend to get a case of the blues so I am mostly likely listening to something a little on the somber side. ATM I have not been able to take 'Turning Page' by Sleeping At Last which is of course from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack (say what you like I flipping love Twilight). The problem with this being that I am possibly a 22 year old spinster so this may not be the best idea. 
Now when I am not depressing myself with soppy music and a lack of Edward Cullen or any such sexy vampire presence I am more than likely listening to David Bowie's incredible new album 'Next Day' particularly track 1- Next Day or track- 3 The Stars (are out tonight) or my ultimate favourite movie soundtrack aka Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet mainly tracks 10- To you I Bestow- Mundy or track 11- Talk Show Host- Radiohead

Favourite outfit to wear?

As soon as autumn comes around I start playing with darker colours and different textures. I've currently been loving my velvet skater skirt from Miss Behaver with a high neck crop, statement jewellery and a dark lip like in my latest ootd post. I have also been wearing my fluffy Primark cardigan with literally everything! 

Autumn treat?

Now I again have a few different versions of my Autumn 'treat' the first being Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (which I found on offer in white chocolate at Asda yesterday...heaven) there is just something about the comforting taste of chocolate and peanut butter that makes these the perfect cold weather treat.

Now my fashion treats would be a new coat which I have already picked up this month from Primark. They honestly have the most incredible coats in ATM! I also have my heart set on a PVC/Vinyl skirt (or many) like this Fashion Union baby from my latest wishlist post. How beautiful can one skirt be!

Favourite place to be?

Hmmm now I am going to seem terribly boring now but my favourite place to be is probably snuggled up with a hot drink and the heater on in my front room watching a good old fashioned horror film with the pops!

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So that is it people just a few of my favourite things about Autumn.  Sorry about my waffling obviously I just have too many things to tell you all about. I certainly hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Autumnal items are or leave me your link if you do this post I tag you all!


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  1. WAHOO! We loved reading your answers you sexual lady! I've heard so many good things about the Tom Ford perfume, I must have it in my life.

    Sending big gay lesbian crush love your way!

  2. I like reading posts like this especially if it is about Autumn :Dxx