17 October 2013

Week in Instagram- Part 5

Why hello there!

I think we all know the drill well enough by now to have guessed what time it is (either that or you've read the title of the post)! Yep it's that time once more for me to shamefully fill your computer screen with overly posey pictures of myself (and American candy). So apparently I've been taking many a daily OOTD pic for you all as of late, which is very nice of me don't you think? Hey, quiet in the cheap seats, who said vain?

Saying that this week has actually been a pretty exciting if not rather daunting/tiring/unpredictable week and there have been many dramatic changes. The first and most important of these exciting events being the (slightly traumatic)  birth of my second nephew, I'm feeling old. So everybody say hello world to baby jack! He is a little miracle and I feel so honoured to have two beautiful little men in my life. Anyway soppiness aside for one minute, or is it that is the question as a few days ago and indeed today it's very self I was/am number 8 on the Bloglovin list of up and coming bloggers, have excelled my 100 followers target and reached over 10,000 views so I would just like to take this time to thank you all, each and every one of you from the very bottom of my heart for supporting me, reading my posts, clicking that follow button and over all being frigging awesome! I love you all and could honestly never have done this without you. OK so I now promise that the soppiness has gone, it's tucked up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and an episode of Dr.Who. 

  1. Yesterdays OOTD aka what I wore to work. Keeping it all black in some H&M skinny cords, Internationale body,Primark fishnet jumper and statement necklace. Lipstick is Mulberry by Sleek Make-up (aka my Pounland bargain).
  2. Again another work OOTD staying weather appropriate in the same black cords, Primark high neck tartan crop, fluffy cardigan and cross stud belt. Lip colour is MeMeMe cosmetics Cherub's Blush cheek and lip tint I received in this months Glossybox UK.
  3. That very same Glossybox! Unfortunately I wasn't balled over by the contents this month (read my full review/unboxing here)p.s. my chocolate tasted like Marmite!
  4. Yet another work OOTD. Staying warm in a Vintage shirt and Topshop (similar) fisherman knit combo. Paired it with some thick black tights, my all time fave Missbehaver velvet skater skirt and A New Moda 'Vickie Satchel'.
  5. Trying on outfits in my local Topshop was a huge mistake as I now NEED everything! It's a hard life.
  6. Reaching number 8 on the Bloglovin 'up and coming' fashion blogs list and not quite believing it! You guys are seriously the best.
  7.  Pulling my best pouty face whilst showing off my new green dip dye! Shirt is old school Topshop and Lipstick is Vevo Cosmetics Deepest Plum.
  8. Sharing my naked face and new green dip dye to the world. Just couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Bleach London colours. I used 'Sea Punk'.
  9. OOTD, my face wasn't co-operating so I cut my head off in my dressing table mirror. Wearing Topshop Kristen jeans and necklace, Asos backless body and Oh My Love Kimono.
  10. Probably one of my favourite OOTD's for this week. Wearing my Motel Rocks dungarees over my Rihanna for River Island bardot crop (old collection). Topped it off by tying my Primark fluffy cardigan in a 90's knot to match the scrunchie in my hair!
  11. Another day another work outfit this time I threw on a love label maxi skirt, New Look Jumper and Topshop necklace and clean leather jacket.
  12. Another of my favourite OOTD's. Showing of my new Primark coat!(click here for full OOTD post).
  13. My new loves aka my New Look cut out boots (Coltrane dupes) and the stunning Pretty Little Things Satchel I won on Instagram!
  14. I officially love American Candy, Tootsie rolls are seriously amazing.
  15. The prize in my first ever giveaway! A Topshop statement necklace and box full of my bargain beauty favourites.
  16. A quick OOTD picture before heading to watch Marvels Agents of Shield at my friends and plan their Halloween party. Wearing my Kristen jeans, Primark fluffy jumper, chain and crop. 

So that is everything for this week guys and gals. I hope you enjoyed this little look into my life, if you fancy adding me to your Instagram friends my user name is stonesgotstyle. Also let me know in the comments down below if you would like another Week in outfits- Instagram addition post based on these OOTD's and I will be happy to help! Also let me know down below if you've had any exciting news this week.



  1. The green looks so, so good on you - especially in the plait! And congrats on making it onto the bloglovin list :) xx

  2. Love your pictures even for a second time since I follow you on instagram!! All your outfits are Always lovely :)

  3. Love your dip-dye! I have mine dip-dyed but was thinking about getting blue on the ends :)