28 November 2013

It's Love- The Cult Label Wishlist

Hello you little beauties!

I <3 The Cultlabel

Machine Gun Stockings
Silver Spiked Bra
3D Skeleton Skirt
Black Visage Tights

Today it is wishlist time once again (woo woo) and in the spotlight this week is the absolutely fabulous online brand The CultLabel! Oh my how can I even begin to explain the love I have for this brand. Well let me just say that it's reasonably priced, gothic and includes a hell of a lot of black and studs, if you've been here a while then you will know that obviously this is the clothing site for me. I only wish that it was a UK based brand :( wahhhhhh, well you can't have everything right. 

Now I thought I'd share a little about the brand with you, well as previously stated it is a non UK brand, actually like a few of my favourite shops it is Singapore based but will be setting up shop in Germany in 2014. It described itself (rather spot on to be honest) as distinctivly dark, wild, fun and girly all at the same time. They stock a range of hand picked items from around the globe as well as their own pretty awesome exclusive label of clothing and accessories. I seriously recommend you giving them a gander, trust me you'll thank me later.

A Few of My Favourite The CultLabel Items

So there you have a few (well as much as I could cut them down) of my ultimate favourite pieces from the site. I literally think I need to win the lottery now ( pretty please) so I can add them all to my wardrobe! I certainly hope you enjoyed my little wishlist, let me know what your favourite item/items are in the comments.


26 November 2013

November Glossybox Unboxing/Review

Hello lovelies.

So it is that time once again, the time where I regale you with the fabulous (or sometimes not so fabulous) items that have crept their way into my Glossybox. I must admit first off that I am rather impressed with the surprises it gave this month. Hoorah!

So let me prattle on no further and get straight into telling you what I got (admit it your impressed by my lack of babbling).

I feel that the whole vibe of this months box was skin/hand care which makes perfect sense given that these harsh winter months like to attack our skin and especially our hands! I'm sure I am not the only one out there that gets horrifically cracked hands and chapped lips in the chillier months? 
So let's start with the most subject appropriate item aka the Yves Rocher France Hand cream in Cocoa & Orange. And let me also start by saying that this actually smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange...yum! Second of all this stuff is super nourishing and definitely helping to keep those pesky winter cracked hands at bay! 
Full size product at £1.95 for 75ml available at www.yves-rocher.co.uk

Another hand rescuer is this amazing Rapid Dry spray by Elegant Touch which is an actual God send. Now if you've been here a while you will know that I used to be OBSESSED with doing my nails, they would literally be a different colour or pattern every couple of days. However now days I'm more likely to have nothing on my nails as I cannot stand waiting for them to dry. = Am I the only one that gets hungry as soon as I paint my nails?  Any how I've been meaning to start re-painting my nails and as soon as I saw this stunning nail colour by B. I just knew I had to slap it on my fingers right away! And that just what I did using the rapid dry spray to set it all, guess what it was flipping incredible my nails where dry in the promised 60 seconds and the wand on the polish is super chunky making painting your nails super speedy!
Both full size products, Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails at £3 for 125ml and B. Nail Polish £4.99 for 8ml both available at www.superdrug.com

Last but certainly not least is another item of make-up, the reason that I actually subscribed to Glossybox was to receive make-up items so any I do recieve is a very welcome surprise. However I'm not really a black eyeshadow wearer so doubt I will be wearing this religiously however I did swatch this and it is extremely well pigmented so who knows maybe I will be rocking some Taylor Momsen eyes sooner than I think.
Full size product at £16.80 for the full 1.48g available at www.emitemakeup.com
And finally leaving the best to last, oh my golly geese these Vichy Idealia Serums are sublime! They are soft and beautiful on the skin and actually work brilliant as a base for your make-up. Now it's pretty pricey at £29.50 for 30mls however I am definitely thinking of investing as a little Christmas present to myself as a little really does go a long way!
Luxury sample sizes, £29.50 for the full 30ml at Boots.    

So there you have it my loves what I received in this months Glossybox, now I wouldn't say it was a blow out box this month but it also wasn't a complete fail box either which is always good in my opinion because some times the boxes can kinda suck! As usual let me know what you got in your box and leaves me any unboxing/review links in the comments down below.  Also let me know what your favourite item is this month. 

24 November 2013

Smoke and Mirrors- How I Style My Sequin Jumpsuit

Hello all,

Sequin Jumpsuit c/o- Retail Therapy Fashion
Fluffy Cardigan- Primark (current)
Peace Symbol Earrings- Primark
Velvet Clutch- Vintage
Black Platforms- Next
Lipstick- Tom ford shade Black Orchid

So look how good I'm being my second how I'd style in three days! This time I have the honour of styling up this shamazing (sorry Nicole but it was the only way to describe the amazingness (totally a word) of this jumpsuit) full sequin jumpsuit from Retail Therapy Fashion aka one of my new favourite stores!

Now if you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen my Tweet mid X-factor asking my fellow bloggers where Tamera's full sequin jumpsuit was from as I NEEDED to get my hands on it. Obviously because the fashion community is so lovely I got a reply within seconds telling me that the jumpsuit in question was from Topshop Unique and was a budget stretching £350! Safe to say I do not have that sort of money lying around (If only I did). Therefore imagine my delight when Retail Therapy Fashion tweeted me this beauty (well actually the burgundy version of this beauty). At a more reasonable and actually pretty budget price (for a full sequin jumpsuit) of £45! RESULT!

However I did have one minor concern. How the hell do you re wear a sequin jumpsuit after the festive season? Well today I vow to answer that question and in true StonesGotStyle fashion it involves a lot of black. Oops!             

Pink Polo Neck Crop Jumper- Miss Selfridge
Gold Chain- Diva at Miss Selfridge (similar)
Studded Belt- Primark (sale)
Studded Satchel*- Pretty Little Thing
Gold Cut Out Buckle Boots- New Look
Lipstick- One Direction for MUA shade 'Rock Me'

So there you have it my loves, how I'd style this stunning sequin jumpsuit. The first outfit I wanted to show you all how I would typically wear the item out on the town (not that I do that often, what a bore) and the second I wanted to show you how I would make the look more casual. Basically the first outfit I would wear to a Christmas party and the second two I would wear on a cosy Christmas day! Who said you can't wear full on sequins in the daytime!

I certainly hope you enjoyed! As usual let me know which is your favourite look in the comments below, I love to hearing what you guys think. Also fancy styling up the baby yourself? Leave me a comment saying what you'd wear it with. 

Until Next Time!


22 November 2013

War and Peace

Evening all,

Why hello you lovely, lovely lot. No, today I am not here to discuss Tolstoy's classic novel nor am I here to dictate to you my views on the rather large subjects of war and peace, oh no. I am in fact back once again (if not very late) with another outfit post for you all. This time its all about this stunning printed t-shirt, well vest to be precise.  It is also rather excitingly the debut of my new camera (you like). Excitement all around!

Now if you follow me on Instagram (if not why not, ooh cheeky) then you will know that I recently received this stunning war and peace symbol vest from WTFUK's new A/W range of tees. The entire A/W collection is simply beautiful, I love, love love it all! However this War and Peace beauty has completely captured my heart with it's striking double sided motif and as soon as my eager little pupils set sight on it I just KNEW it had to be in my wardrobe.

WTFUK are an independent unisex streetwear brand based in my favourite city aka Manchester. They specialise in hand drawn and hand printed t-shirts such as the one I am wearing. Now you all know I love to support independent brands, especially when they are hands on in the process of designing and making their clothes and can I just say that the quality on these tee's is incredible. The fabric on the vest is thick and durable and let me tell you now that there is no way that the design is coming off for a long while. All in all I would say that this t-shirt is actually one of the best quality items I have in my wardrobe, FACT!

OK, so let's stop me gushing on embarrassingly about my love for this top (I do this far too often) and get on with what you really want to see...how I styled it.


War and Peace Motif Vest c/o - WTFUK
A* Printed Beanie- Primark (current)
Fishnet Jumper- Primark (current)
Studded Necklace- Primark (current)
Disco Pants- Topshop
Velvet Clutch- Vintage
Skull Ring*- La Moda
Studded Creepers- New Look
 Lipstick- Sleek Cosmetics Shade Mulberry


 Knitted Cardigan- Republic
Peace Symbol Earrings- Primark (sale)
Pleather Skater Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Lita's - Jeffrey Campbell via Office
White Vickie Satchel- A New Moda
Hair Colour- Bleach London Shades Sea Punk and Washed Up Mermaid (full post here)

So there you have it, how I style my War and Peace vest.  I tried to stick to the War and Peace Motif by choosing two similar yet apposing outfits. I certainly hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which is your favourite style, war or peace? 

Click this link to find out how you could win a Vickie Satchel of your very own!


17 November 2013

What I'd Wear to Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014

Hello you beauties,

Fashion Week 2014

Faux Fur Gilet- River Island
Fedora- 2Bstores
Mango Typography Sweatshirt- John Lewis
Jeffrey Campbell Oil Slick Litas- Motel Rocks
PVC Full Midi Skater Skirt- Missguided 
Silver Plated Ring- Zara 
Gothic Mourning Locket Ring- Etsy 
Studded Bangle Set- Mango 
Lipstick in Shard-  Illamasqua

So today I again have something a little different for your peepers to take a gander at in the form of a rather fabulous blogger competition! The prize? Only a blooming trip to Amsterdam for Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014! Told you it was fabulous!

Now ever since my very own peepers studied the pictures of all the bloggers at London Fashion Week 2013 and saw how much fun they had and how amazing the events and shows were that they got to see, enjoy and sometimes even cover that I have been desperate to get my bottom on a seat at Fashion Week next year. I also happen to have a strong desire to go to Amsterdam and always have done. So winning this competition (not to sound cheesy or anything) would be a dream come true (OK so there was a strong hint of cheese...oops). 

So anyways now that I have ever so slightly embarrassed myself lets go ahead with the job in hand. What I would wear if I got to go to Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014. And apparently that's A LOT of black. Well it is my signature colour and taking the advice from the top woman herself aka Elle Woods, why deny my signature colour! So starting of this fully black ensemble is my new favourite must have item aka this stunning PVC mid skater skirt by Missguided that you all know I love! I do I love it, I love it , I love it! 

Another thing I love apart from black and the amazing PVC skirt (I love a lot of things) is playing with texture and seen as this skirt is slick and smooth I thought I would contrast it with this stunning sequin sleeved sweatshirt from Mango which also adds a touch of the unexpected / an extra layer as I get insanely cold. Sticking with the same goals I decided to layer this faux fur gilet on top. I honestly believe that a black fur gilet is a wardrobe essential this AW and I cannot wait to get my hands on one!  Now I may want to play with texture but that doesn't mean that I can deny this skirt a chance to shimmy the day away in these stunning oil slick Litas aka the worlds comfiest heels, something I believe is important when on your feet all day attending fabulous events!

However we also have break the black up a bit, I mean as much as I love me a bit of black I think I may get lost without at least a hint of colour. For this I would layer up with chunky/gothic silver jewellery like these rings and bangles and of course I'm a lippy sorta gal and if I'm leaving the house I need me a showstopping lipstick on my pout. This stunning deep burgandy/brown from Illamasqua's last collection The Sacred Hour is stunning and a perfect 'red lip' to complement my vamp look.

Now we all know that I love a love a good Internet shop and I found all these items on one nifty little site. No more popping up endless new pages, I found all of the items I wanted and much, much more by browsing through Fashionchick.co.uk. Now that made things a little easier which means I have lots more time to ogle Johnathon Rhys Meyer in Dracula, oh yeah (don't try and tell me you don't do that too).

I hope you all enjoyed this post, check out the competition here and make sure you send me your link if you enter yourself I'd love to see what you'd wear. 

Until Next time.


14 November 2013

Give a Sister a Hand: Sugar + Style Pop Up Shop

Hello you crazy bunch

So today I have something a little different for you all. I have recently been introduced to an amazing independent, online boutique called Sugar + Style which sells a stunning range of on trend vintage style bags, clothing and accessories. 

 The brand was started by Nhuc at the impressive age of 23 with just £2000 and now 2 years later the brand is expanding, in the words of the lady herself "The online boutique began as a hobby but soon developed into an opportunity to build a sizable and sustainable business." And it certainly has, appearing in countless magazine style pages and growing more and more popular every day, never mind them also recently working with one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers Leanne Lim Walker (which lets face it is pretty amazing, I am not biased on that point at all). 

Now I don't know about you but I honestly admire people who chase after their dreams and make them a reality. I also love a good independent brand and trust me when I say that Sugar + Spice is a stunning brand that I believe will continue to grow in the future.

This my friends is where you come into things. In order for the company to expand and take the next step up the ladder, they are planning to open a pop up shop at Westfield. To do this they have created a Crowdfunding (Click here to view) page where fashion lovers like me and you can donate anything from £5-£99 and get this, receive a product from their site in return (well under the RRP too). For example donate £29 and you will receive a goodybag worth £40! You can even pick if you want a bag or clothing to be the main component in your bag! 

The store would also create an opportunity for Nhuc to hire a possible Christmas intern which means that a fellow fashion lover would start their assent to realising their dream too...and we all come full circle.

A Taste of the Brand:

Silver and Black

So there you have it guys my little heads up on an exciting opportunity to be part of a companies growth, complete with a few of my favourite items from the store. I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it's something a little different then we are all used to but I just couldn't resist the chance to help a fellow fashion enthusiast!

See you soon.


12 November 2013

Spice Up Your Life- Fashion Flashback

Hello you beautiful creatures

So today was meant to be the unveiling of not only my new camera but also a very exciting collaboration however I am actually a techno flop (that is a try hard techno phobe) and I cannot for the life of me figure out my camera! Therefore I thought I would create another Fashion Flashback post for you all (no camera required) and of course it is another 90s theme. This time in the form of my ultimate childhood fashion icons/all time idols 'The Spice Girls'.

Now the spice girls were a huge inspiration to me as a young girl, I definitely clocked many hours dancing around my room whilst singing into my bright pink hairbrush.  And what 90s kid can forget The Spice Girls Movie with Meatloaf's fantastic cameo as the bus driver, the bright fluorescent green VHS (how did they even do that), Spice Girl's platform trainers and nagging your mother to buy you the matching lime green Spice World puffa jackets?

Therefore in memory of those rather loud yet fabulous days of my youth where girls ruled and men were from Mars I  give you my Spice Girls flashback! Enjoy...

Spice up your life
Orange PU Dress- Fashion Union
Fluro and Black Crop- Bill+Mar
Rock'N Rose Wonderland Round Vintage Glasses- Lavish Alice
Union Jack 90s British Flag Crop- Etsy 
 Red Suedette Mini Skirt with PU Panels- Fashion Union 
Doublestomp Chunky Wedge Creepers- Heelberry
Silence + Noise Puffa Jacket in Silver- Urban Outfitters 

 Jeffrey Campbell Slingin Boot in Cherry Velvet- Motel Rocks

So there you have it guys a few of my modern day 90s Spice Girl style loves, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know who your childhood fashion icon/icons were in the comments down below and maybe I will do a sneaky lil Fashion Flashback post on them! Also press that follow button to the side (Bloglovin or Google+) to stay up to date with future posts. Some exciting things are coming up I promise!


8 November 2013

Bleach London Take Two- Turquoise Dip Dye

Hello Lovelies

So today I am back once again with another Bleach London post for you all. Now If you are a regular visitor to my little blog or you follow me on Twitter then you are probably aware of my intense love for the Bleach London products particularly their non-permanent hair colours. In my last post I dip dyed my hair using 'Sea Punk' which is a stunning pale green colour (Click to view the full post here in which I explain more about Bleach London)and don't get me wrong I blooming love my green hair however I did originally want my hair a little more turquoise, kinda similar to the amazing Sunbeamsjess (I seriously recommend checking out her youtube channel). Because of this I decided I would add a little bit of blue to the green to great said turquoise colour. Therefore as soon as payday hit I purchased myself another dye in the shade 'Washed Up Mermaid' a stunning, slightly green toned blue.

So I thought I would bring you along for attempt number two at my turquoise hair. To achieve this you will need:

  • Your desired hair colours (mine being 'Sea Punk' and 'Washed Up Mermaid')
  • A mixing bowl
  • Gloves
  • An applicator aka a dye brush
  • A hair brush
  • Some sectioning  clips (optional)

 How I apply the dye:
  1. First as specified on the bottle wash your hair with shampoo but do not condition. You can apply to dry hair however I have found the colour to be more vivid if applied when wet.
  2. Put on your gloves! Now this is a very important step unless you want to go to work green hands like a certain someone (any guess who?). 
  3. Mix your colours. To do this I added 3 big dollops of 'SeaPunk' and 1 and a half  to two dollops of 'Washed Up Mermaid'. I then mixed it all together with the application brush.
  4. Brush any knots from your hair and clip up into smaller manageable sections.
  5. Use the application brush to apply the dye to the bleached sections of your hair (if dip dying) or to your whole head if required.
  6. Ensure the dye is rubbed thoroughly into your hair and that all sections are covered fully.
  7. Wait 15-20 minutes. I suggest catching up on your favourite blogs or youtubers (my personal fave waiting techniques). 
  8. Wash off and condition thoroughly.
  9. Brush and dry your hair as usual.

The Big Reveal: 

So there you have it guys my journey to a turquoise dip dye. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful if any of you were thinking of using the Bleach London home dyes or just wanted to know how to home dye your ends a funky colour. Let me know if you prefer plain green or turquoise in the comments below you know I love hearing from you guys. 

Until next time.


6 November 2013

Missguided Autumn/Winter Wishlist

Good Morning, Good Morning (well depending on when you read this...let's just roll with it).

Punk meets Pastels!

Missguided wishlist part 1

Hello all, so now days my little Blog may be unintentionally inundated with wishlist posts and because of that probably does not require another such post for what...a year? However I have spent the last few evening feeling rather poopy and doing rather a lot of browsing through the fabulous pages of the Missguided website and I have come across just too many things that my entire future happiness now depends on me owning! Therefore, seen as I once again seem to be lacking in the money department (oh woe is me) I thought I would relieve some of my tension by sharing my beloved, must have items with you guys.

So seen as I've apparently gone all proper fashion Blogger today and created my wishlist in titled sections lets begin with section one: Punk Meets Pastels. I think it is a now pretty well documented fact that I am love, love, loving the PVC/Pleather/vinyl trend that has leapt straight out of the pages of the nations favourite erotic novel straight to the A/W catwalks all across the globe (even though I as of yet do not own any myself...gutted) and now I have a new favourite A/W trend to run alongside it...well actually juxtapose it beautifully seems more accurate. And that trend would be winter pastels! Especially those stunning textured pieces that keep popping up in beautiful 90's shapes and stunning pastel shades of baby blue, pink and lilac. Which also means that as soon as I saw these two PVC offering on the Missguided website I fell head over heels and don't even get me started on that amazing dusty rose faux feather jacket! 

I popped a few accessories in with these beauts in  the form of these amazingly ugly suede platforms which remind me of a grown up Wednesday Adams shoe and which I just LOVE (you all know I can't resist an ugly/chunky shoe). With them I popped on this amazing studded fedora that seems to have taken the Blogger world by storm and which again I just have to get my mitts on!

Falling for florals:

Missguided wishlist part 2

So this next, slightly small section is all about 'falls' offering of the ever constant floral trend (see what I did there). This autumn/winter florals have gone all grown up and decadent with darker, embellished pallets on grown up seductive ,fabrics such as lace and silk.  Think of it as the sexier, cooler older sister of those flirty summer prints. 

Now two of these items, the stunning embellished dress in the center and the similiarly beautiful kimono are items I fell in love with after seeing them styled to perfection by the amazing Lulutrixabelle in her latest ootd post (click this link to check her out, she is incredible). The other well let's just say that I had to share it's beauty with the world! 

A Deeper Shade of Blue: 

A deeper shade of blue

Last but not least I thought I would finish this (pretty extensive wishlist post) with a few of my autumn/winter essentials for you all in varied shades of blue. Now blue is not a colour I would normally wear, mainly because if I think of blue I think of my bff (she will hate that I have just put that muwahahah) Ashleigh who actually has her own specific, signature shade of blue. However this Autumn/winter blue has been everywhere and I must admit it has definitely started creeping up on my favourite colour list, sorry Ash!

Now let's start with the non blue item which would be this stunning faux fur gilet in black. I have been dying to get my hands on a black fur gilet this month as this long line version would be the perfect new addition to my wardrobe. So would this stunning velvet trapeze dress that you may have spotted on their latest advert and which is set to become a blogger favourite! I love it, I love it, I love it! Now these next items, which I must add are equally loved are these stunning blue/green tartan trousers (we all know I love a bit of tartan), a much more subtle take on the classic tartan print with the darker shades and perfect with a simple black t-shirt and my favourite vampy lip.

So there you have it guys a select few, trust me it is definitely a select few as If I did my entire Missguided wishlist we'd be here till next A/W! Missguided are seriously on fire this season and I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of these amazing pieces for Christmas (fingers crossed).  Tell me which your favourite piece or even section is from my wishlist or let me know what your lusting after from Missguided ATM in the comments down below, I love hearing from you all (p.s. how many times have I said love in this post).


4 November 2013

The Sunshine Award- TAG

Hello all

So today I am back with another TAG post for you all, once again I have been tagged by the absolute stunners Claire and Lauren over at Stylingo. I will save the compliments as I believe that if my flattery of them carries on they may run and call the police!Although I must say one thing, they are pretty amazing and you should definitely check them out!

The tag in question is The Sunshine Award and the rules go something like this:

  • Tell everyone 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions from the tagger
  • Nominate 11 amazing Bloggers yourself
  • Write your own 11 questions you'd like them to answer
  • Tell the lovely 11 that you've nominated them.

11 Facts About Me

  1. I am 22 years of age.
  2. I have a BA Hons Degree in Acting Professional Stage Practice.
  3.  I lived in Manchester for 4 years before moving back home to the very small and rather unknown Grimsby Town early this year.
  4.  I currently work in retail but have dreams of returning to Acting asap.
  5. I am actually in love with David Bowie, David Tennant and Laurence Olivier oh and Keira Knightley (girl crush).
  6. I have two older sisters Louise and Katie.
  7.  Shakespeare is my Homeboy! Yep I said it, I blooming love the man. My Favourite plays are Henry V and Hamlet.
  8. My biggest fashion inspiration is the 90's, my what a decade (the decade of my birth so always a good one).
  9. I am easily obsessed with things, movies and soft mints are probably my biggest obsessions though. I legit eat around one-four packets a day, does that qualify as a 'my strange addiction?'
  10. I like to read books for teenagers.
  11. I listen to the most eclectic mix of music known to man and find it extremely difficult to explain my musical taste to others. 
The More structured facts aka the questions. 

1. Which trends are you loving this A/W? 

As you all very well know I have been in love with tartan since the A/W campaigns and shows hit! I am still very much enjoying a bit of the ole tartan as well as velvet,90's (of course) pvc/vinyl/pleather (aka anything that looks like it should stay in the corner of Ann Summers, I'm blaming 50 Shades of Grey for this one).

2. …And which are you hating?

 Low heels, mainly kitten heels! I just, personally cannot stand kitten heels as you will see in question 8 I prefer my heels high and chunky.
3. Do you have any beauty bad habits?

I definitely do although I'm guessing these are all mainly bad grooming habits. Like not cleansing,toning and moisturising daily (I'm sorry, I do try but sometimes it just doesn't always all happen), taking forever to finally pluck my eyebrows and occasionally waiting a tad too long to wash my brushes! OK, TMI I may be a bit gross!
4.If you were a man, how would you dress?

 Easy, like a mix between David Tennant and Matt Smith's Dr. Who! All tweed jackets, converse and bow ties! Who else wants me to be a man now?
5.What do you think of tattoos and piercings?

 Love them! Unfortunately though being in the acting profession you can't really have a lot of tattoo's or piercings. I do really want a rose tattoo on the back part of my upper arm after watching The Beauty Crush's Tattoo video her's just look so beautiful. I also really want my septum pierced but I'm too much of a wimp so think I might just stick to this stunning fake from Regal Rose.

6.Who do you think is the best dressed celebrity?

 Mary-Kate Olsen all the way I actually (my sister would completely back me up on this)have a fully fledged Mary-Kate obsession...to me she is perfect! It's love, I think we could be best friends and share wardrobes! HEAVEN!
7. Would you rather never be able to brush your hair or never be able to wear makeup?
Funny fact, when Twilight first hit our screens I was/am a massive, massive fan (it was insane) and because of this I decided that to achieve the Kristen Stewart look I would not brush my hair for like 6 months until my friend forced me at Uni! So actually it's pretty easy for my to not brush my hair...I go for that one! Plus no one wants to see my naked face.
6. What makeup essentials are in your evening clutch bag?

 Lipstick of course because we all know I love my lippy and feel naked without it. A compact mirror and normally just my Collection concealer. I'm quite easy breezy (cover girl, couldn't resist) on a night out and apart from re applying my lipstick I don't really bother doing anything else, I'm too busy dancing.
7. If you could go back in time and give your younger self a makeup tip, what would it be?

To test my foundation shade on my wrist to get an actual legit match because let's face it I looked like an oompa loompa as a teenager!

 8. Ideal heel height?

 Big! The bigger the better, think hooker heels! However they have to be chunky platforms so I can actually walk without breaking my ankle. Que my love of Jeffrey Campbells.

9. What’s been your biggest fashion faux pas?
Hmmm I probably have two, number one would be an overall not dressing for my body shape. I was a pretty large child/teenager and I used to insist on wearing skin tight clothing...NOT a good look.  The other would be a bright orange Laura Ashleigh, denim two piece that my dad's then fiance chose for my church outfit. Hmmm nice.

 My Questions:

  1. You all know of my love of the 90's but what fashion decade would you like to live in?
  2. What are your three beauty must haves?
  3. What are your three most worn A/W items of 2013 so far?
  4. Coffee or tea?
  5. Who is your ultimate crush dead or alive?
  6. What are the top three things your lusting after at the moment?
  7. Lipstick or nail varnish?
  8. What is your ultimate favourite shopping destination? Can be online or an actual store?
  9. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  10. Favourite autumn/winter time movie?
  11. Who is your ultimate fave blogger?

And last but not least...I nominate:

  1. Rosie from Life and Louboutins
  2. Laura from Lost in Wonderland
  3. Charlotte from Charltom Wintale
  4. Laura from Laura Eliza 
  5. Shaz from A Pinch of Shaz
  6. Ana Elizabeth from Elizabeths Beauty
  7. Sandy from Candy Grime
  8. Hannah from Too Much is Not Enough
  9. Helen from Raggy Doll Raggy Doll
  10. Leanne from It's all the rage these days
  11. Charlotte from Lurch Hound Loves

So that's all for now my loves, I certainly hope you enjoyed it and that some of you got the Thumbelina picture reference (that's apparently what I think of if I think sun).  Thank you once again to Stylingo for tagging me and I look forward to every ones response. If you do this tag any of you then leave me the links in the comments below I'd love to read them.